What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From The Full Moon In Aquarius

The Full Moon in Aquarius is happening on August 3rd and this is quite the powerhouse transit with the Moon making a Square with Uranus, making us all reconsider our plans and goals. We will also see this as a prelude to what we will be expecting later this year when Saturn returns to the sign of Aquarius. Topics from this Full Moon will return like a déjà vu. This can also be a very emotional time for many of us, balancing our wants and dealing with uncertainties that may continuously pop up. The lesson here would be not to lose the focus since Saturn will be going direct next month with Jupiter and these will be the final chapters of the infamous transits in Capricorn. The year has been riddled with challenges, but we have all made it this far. After all, it is Leo Season, an exciting time that will help us reclaim our confidence and appreciate the happiness that the world can bring.

Aries – A focus on your identity, goals and philosophical pursuits will be highlighted this Full Moon with an emphasis on friendships and your social circles. Your ability to move forward and achieve will be greatly impacted by how connected you are to others as you might even adapt a “quid pro quo” mentality to get what you want. Romance might also be on the forefront for you because once the work is done, you might want to have as much fun as possible. With Mars having easy aspects to the Sun and Full Moon, and Uranus creating havoc, let the emotions flow through but try not to get too carried away with the excitement.

Taurus – What you wanted earlier this year will begin to manifest now in terms of your goals and future prospects with regards to career opportunities. This Full Moon in Aquarius transit demands that you step up and reclaim your control if you have not felt at ease in the last few months. You can get your crowning achievements as long as you put the effort and the final touches to something you have been working on for the last few years. All eyes are on you this transit, but you do not mind it. With Uranus creating a square to the Moon, you can feel confused or emotionally drained, but this is temporary. Keep your eyes on the prize and get going.

Gemini – As a Gemini, you welcome this shift in energy and with Venus only a few more days in your sign, you are going to make the best of things. This Full Moon transit will have you seeking for truths and answers about you and your motivations for the remainder of the year. You can feel those cycles closing, especially the toxic karmic ones revolving partnerships with Venus shifting signs. It will be a creative time, filled with anxiety, fears and a little hope when you get focused and allow yourself to be grounded again. You might want to embark on a mental journey for more self-discovery after this.

Cancer – It will feel a little hurtful to deal with this Full Moon since it might open some old wounds you need to revisit after that Saturn in Aquarius transit. Right now, you are in the evolution stage and this Full Moon will allow for you to be more courageous about decisions and your future. This will be a good time to focus on grounding yourself and making sure to be practical regarding your expenses and your partner’s. If Saturn in Aquarius did not teach you much, this Full Moon will shine a bright light on the old unhealthy patterns you may keep repeating and how you must make changes to grow. Get ready to dive in and search within.

Leo – How you view yourself and the relationship you have formed with others will be center stage this transit. It can be a little unnerving, especially with the Full Moon squaring Uranus, getting you to doubt everything or have a sense of confusion. Try not to be too impulsive or get carried away by what you think is right and what the actual truth is. This is a time where you will want to be objective about your relationships and whatever is not serving you in your best interest should be reconsidered. Be analytical during this transit, especially with Mars in Aries, still pushing and giving you those detective skills. Find your center and focus. Most importantly, be diplomatic, kind and do not lose your optimism.

Virgo – Many Virgos will be throwing themselves into activities that bring them joy and comfort during this transit. Make sure to bring a self-care routine during the Full Moon because this will translate into themes you will be repeating later on this year. You are already undergoing a change in values and ideals but this Full Moon will bring a little shock to the equation, as you reconsider everything you have worked for or feel the need to impulsively change your direction. Stay focused and grounded, even when you feel everything is moving too fast for you to control. The Full Moon will help ground you and bring some form of relaxation through work and or study. This is also the perfect opportunity to bring harmony and relaxation into your routine.

Libra – Air signs will enjoy this transit since the Full Moon in Aquarius will make a trine to their signs. You are fine with welcoming a little romance in your life, as the transit makes you feel connected to your partner and to those who are single, you might be inspired to find someone while Venus does its last run through the sign of Gemini. It will be a good and pleasant time, with a focus on partnerships, especially with Mars in Aries highlighting that area of your chart already. Take things with ease, bask in the excitement that this energy has to offer you and have fun.

Scorpio – Success calls to you during this Full Moon transit, prompting you to let go, move forward and abandon fear. This Leo Season you will be at the top of your game because you will feel like the conqueror, especially with Mars in Aries pushing you to keep going full speed ahead with everything work related. This transit connects the Moon, which will be at the lowest point of your chart to echo the highest one and the easy aspect to Mars will only help give you the inspiration needed to not doubt yourself.

Sagittarius – You can experience the awakening with this Full Moon transit in the sign of Aquarius, bringing you inspiration and confidence when it comes to expression. Utilize this period to get those creative juices flowing since the Moon will be in a favorable aspect to Mars, giving you the boost of energy needed and motivation to complete what you have started. This transit will also have you wondering which areas of education you might want to pursue in terms of growth. It can be a period where you reflect on your spiritual needs and enlightenment.

Capricorn – An emphasis on your stability, friends, family, and environment will take center stage during this transit. It will push you to become a mastermind when it comes to allocating and financial planning. You are sensing that these themes will probably repeat themselves at the end of the year when Saturn enters Aquarius. Once again, you have the tools needed to act and take control. Saturn in your sign has taught you the patience needed to get what you want. Another caveat of this transit will be your relationship with feeling excitement and fulfilment. Allow joy in your life because you do deserve breaks. Do not shy away from happiness, even when you feel beaten by these transits.

Aquarius – The Full Moon in your sign will have you more knowledgeable about your plans and goals from here on out. Those questions you might have pursued will most likely be answered now that you are not afraid to take on center stage. Trust your intuition this period as you begin to see cycles closing and new doors opening. The faith and perseverance you have in you will greatly impact the steps you take moving forward; it will contribute to your future successes. Confidence, power, and control will be ongoing themes that will persist when Saturn re-enters your sign later this year.

Pisces – Energies during this Full Moon transit will have you more reserved and into hermit mode. Utilize this period of time to rest, get your finances in order and to focus on your goals for the remainder of the year. You will be feeling the pressure this Leo Season with loads of responsibilities and this Full Moon wants you to find the balance between working and how you prioritize yourself. Make sure to seek a balance, especially with Neptune in your sign, making you more in tune with the subconscious which can make you feel physically drained as well. Bring the self love and care to your life.

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