Each Zodiac Sign’s Comprehensive Horoscope For August

We have made it to August! Considering everything that has happened this year, August seems like a much-needed breath of fresh air of new beginnings. We are still dealing with the pesky Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter transits, but Leo Season always bring excitement. Being a Fixed Fire sign, Leo Season will allow for us to focus on stability while allowing us to feel the joy. Leo is ruled by the Sun, a promise of confidence, success and hopes. The motivation keeps going thanks to the fire qualities and there is a need to keep fighting, not only to win but to claim our place in the world. Creative energy is abundant for us all, so take the opportunities to create magic. Venus will be in Cancer, showing us a new face of love that is deep and grounding. Mercury will be in a fire sign, letting our communication be bolder and more impulsive. And finally, we enter another Earth sign, Virgo towards the end of the month on the 22nd. Virgo will be grounding and stabilizing, adding to some of the themes we saw in Taurus Season. Let this month sweep you away because it has a lot to offer us during these chaotic times.

Aries – It has been a while since you experienced a dose of fire energy, so this will be a welcoming season for you. Mars is currently in your sign, making a nice trine to the Sun making you feel more inspired and motivated to take action with confidence. This is a great period to exercise your creative prowess and get projects rolling. Things kick off with the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd, making you more connected to people through social networking. You are on top of the world with this transit, getting recognition and closing some cycles from earlier in the year with peace and tranquility. Mercury finally enters the sign of Leo on the 4th, saying so long to the long reign of Cancer and making your communication livelier and more exciting. On the 7th, we finally see Venus leave the sign of Gemini, after a four-month transit and enter the sign of Cancer. This will make you want to splurge on things and make your home pretty. Expect a period of friction but overall peace and tranquility with family. The Hermit Reversed is your card for the month, making you want to reach within and ask yourself some questions. With Venus in Cancer, take the time to meditate, bring harmony and reflect.

Taurus – Your focus will be shifting to the home front during this Leo Season, bringing up opportunities and project you can complete at home. The month begins with the Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius on the 3rd, causing some tension with your sign, as you struggle to bring balance with home and work. Lessons now will be on time management and patience. We are all looking forward to Venus moving into the sign of Cancer on the 4th, making you excited for a new beginning when it comes to your outlook and connection to others. Venus will bring confidence and beauty to your words and mannerisms, a favorable time for you as well as exciting. On August 15th, you might feel the shift when Uranus starts its Retrograde, bringing some of that anxiety and thrills into your live as you begin to reevaluate who you are and what you are going to do! It is fitting that The World is your card for the month with Uranus going Retrograde and your identity being center stage. Do not panic! You should take things easy because slow and steady always wins the race, even if you feel like you need a change.

Gemini – One of the major events this month is that Venus is no longer in your sign but will enter the sign of Cancer on the 7th. Those lessons during the Venus Retrograde should have taught you a lot about yourself and the relationships you have with friends as well as potential romantic partners. Your card for the month is the King of Wands, showing that you are ambitious and motivated for what is to some, which is a great sign. This Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd, shows that you are ready for the next phase, as you close out some cycles, gain wisdom and begin to apply what you have learned to your day-to-day life. Your ruler Mercury will enter the sign of Leo on the 4th, adding more of the energy you are used to and once more showing that you are in command of your thoughts and goals. This will be a very favorable period for you as you get to move and begin new goals fearlessly with more wisdom.

Cancer – Exciting beginnings for you this month due to a major event happening which is Venus entering your sign on the 4th, which might inspire a treating yourself mentality, as you reconnect with your power, self-love and confidence. With all of the Cardinal struggles, this Venus transit will feel like a godsend, adding motivation and confidence. The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd, will serve as a time of reflection, as you weigh in on your confidence and goals. Similar themes might repeat towards the end of the year, but for now you will bask in the excitement that Leo Season has to offer. Uranus will be Retrograde starting on the 15th, making things feel unsettling with your friends circle. Expect the unexpected with this transit. Your card for the month is the Two of Pentacles. There might be choices that need to be made regarding finances, this could be related to a project or job. Maybe you might be feeling overwhelmed, so this can be a great time to focus and take things easy. Mercury’s shift into the sign of Leo on the 4th, will be connected to the themes of the Two of Pentacles since you will truly evaluate the state of your finances now.

Leo – Interesting to see that the Six of Swords is your card for the month. With all of these water transits and a new burst of fire energy, you are finally feeling the shift in energy, getting out of a standstill and ready to move forward. This month opens with the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd, having you ponder your relationships and the impact that they will have in your life moving forward. You are closing these chapters and applying those lessons. Mercury’s shift in your sign on the 4th gives you much more confidence and tenacity but it would be wise to watch what you say because your tongue will be sharp this transit. Venus entering Cancer on the 7th will be a pleasant time for you and a moment to relax and reflect. With this Uranus Retrograde transit on the 15th, you might want to reevaluate your status with your job as well as the responsibilities you have at hand.

Virgo – Virgo Season is only several weeks away and you are ready for the changes that are coming. The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd will have you focusing on your well being and it will make you feel right at home since this energy is what helps you thrive. This is bringing you back to basics, planning and fixing up your routines. When Mercury enters Leo on the 4th, this will begin a period of introspection for you, as you measure what you have to say and might be a little reserved with friends and family. Nevertheless, when Venus enters the sign of Cancer on the 7th, you will be connecting to the Queen of Cups energy, which is your card for the month. You are ready to give your heart out and put yourself out there. Your reserved energy will make you more alluring and romantic to others since you will be emotionally in control. When the Sun enters your sign on the 22nd, it will be the initiation period for greater things to happen. Expect lots of joy this month because you have been waiting for a change.

LibraThree of Swords energy will be prevalent for the month of August as you recover from some heartaches and begin the rebuilding process. Saturn’s transits have not been easy, but you have the handle on things. This Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd will bring a period of delight as you await the culmination to some complex topics from earlier this year. Mercury will enter the sign of Leo on the 4th, making your voice heard and feel empowered. Be careful what you say since it will be monitored by many. There will also be the long-awaited Venus sign shift from Gemini into fellow Cardinal sign Cancer, putting you center stage. Expect some surprises with this transit since you may receive some recognition for your hard work. When the Sun enters the sign of Virgo on the 22nd, it will allow for you to retreat and you will enjoy this period of rest since it will provide a break from all of the tougher transits you’ve endured.

Scorpio – Your sign will excel during the month of August since all eyes are currently on you. This Leo Season will have folks looking at your merits and potential. There will be many admirers, especially when Venus enters fellow water sign Cancer on the 7th, creating a trine. Feel the allure and the mystery because people will be buzzing about you. The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd will have you bringing the focus back to your home front, analyzing your course of action for later this year. Mercury is finally out of fellow water sign Cancer and when it enters Leo, you will feel it’s benefic qualities a lot more. You will be in a position to radiate and achieve more success. Your card for the month is the Two of Wands, showing that you are in power and control, ready to take the lead and show everyone just what you are made of. The unstoppable Scorpio reign will continue full force when the Sun moves into the sign of Virgo on the 22nd, allowing you to take center stage with your friends and making more connections through social media (hopefully you are social distancing!) and getting more focused to succeed and make you dreams come true.

Sagittarius – It has felt like quite the journey for Sagittarius this year. Expect a favorable month with the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd, bringing you mental clarity and the keys to unlocking some themes you have questioned earlier in the year. Your card for the month is the Knight of Pentacles, forcing you to take action and what better time to do so during the Full Moon. Mercury enters the sign of Leo on the 4th, making you more willing to take on and explore some more issues and topics you have been curious about. Get the pen and paper ready because your mind will be inspired. Venus will finally leave Gemini, so you will no longer have to deal with the ghosts of your dating past, as well as revisit some tough moments with people you no longer consider friends. Venus in Cancer will show you how to value the world around you and will force you to make changes in your life. The Sun’s entry in fellow mutable sign Virgo will put you center stage on the 22nd. All eyes are on you for the next month, so work hard, stay strong and keep the optimism flowing.

Capricorn – August promises to bring forth some exhilaration for your sign. The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd is a needed guidance to bringing about more stability and grounding in your life. Your card for the month is the Knight of Swords Reversed which ties with this airy Moon which will take you back to basics, allowing for more financial freedom. While the Knight wants to rush, you should take it easy and make moves only when you are comfortable and secure enough in your decisions. Mercury will be in the sign of Leo beginning on the 4th, adding an element of surprise and ties to the themes of the Moon. You are in a period of transition and you will definitely feel the shift. Venus will be in the sign of Cancer starting on the 7th, marking a period of reflection regarding romantic partners from the past and present. This can add to an intense month ahead, especially with Uranus going retrograde on the 15th. Expect some joy and excitement in romance as you will be full speed ahead for the fun you have been longing for some time.

Aquarius – A huge month for you, especially with the Full Moon in your sign on the 3rd. This is a period of transformation and understanding as you brace yourself for what the end of the year has to offer. For many Aquarians, this month will make you reflect on the Saturn transit in your sign. Pieces of what you dealt with will come back in flashes, preparing you for what is to come 2021. Your card for the month is the Two of Swords, focusing on decisions you have been putting off. Do not worry, because Mercury will be in Leo on the 4th giving you the confidence to make a choice after you have evaluated all of the options. On the 7th, Venus finally leaves fellow air sign Gemini and shifts into the sign of Cancer allowing you to step your game up by focusing more on your wants and needs. Uranus will be going Retrograde on the 15th, causing some tension in the home front. Expect some of the unexpected, as you discover new revelations or even ponder a possible relocation. This is a month that will be interesting and exciting for us all. Just make sure to go with the flow, relax and have fun.

Pisces – We finally make it to your sign dear Pisces. This month begins with the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd, bringing you a much needed resting period as you get ready for the next phase for September, big culminations are awaiting you, this is only the start. Venus will be making a trine with your sign since it will be in Cancer on the 7th, which can spark a creative awakening for you. Uranus will be Retrograding on the 15th, which can add a bit of anxiety to your communication. Take it slow and easy, pace yourself and don’t get too carried away if you want to debate others. Channel this energy into creating exciting piece. One of the greater transits this month will be the Sun’s entry in your sister sign, Virgo on the 22nd. The value of friendships, family and romance will be prominent themes this time of year. Thinking about love and romance? You will feel more inclined to open your heart up, especially with your card for the month being, the Four of Wands Reversed. This can still be a period of celebration and joy if you are willing to take the steps.

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