What The Full Moon In Capricorn Means For Each Sign

Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn will happen on July 5th, 2020. This transit will impact all of us for the next six months. Eclipse season is powerful since it can close old chapters and create much needed new ones. This is our moment to recharge, close the doors to the pain of the past and to keep moving forward. Cancer Season is Cardinal Water, allowing us to make changes by first becoming more emotionally intelligent. Get in touch with your more sensitive side, cry it out and heal. We are growing this transit and with the Full Moon in Capricorn, it can push us all to heal but take action for more improvement in our lives.

Aries – A period of awakening with a newfound perspective on what it is you might be planning to do. Keep your cool during this period with Mars currently in your sign making you prone to let your anger take the lead. Restructuring now will allow for greater abundance in the next 6 months. Keep working hard for what you want.

Taurus – You will receive some spiritual insight this transit with your changes in perspective. There is still much growing and learning to be done, but the Full Moon transit will be enlightening for you. Trust your path. As a sign that knows what it wants and how to go for it, this is the perfect opportunity to apply your mantra. Establish the path you want to take, learn and go for it before the next Full Moon transit.

Gemini – Venus is still in your sign, bringing some balance to the energy of this Full Moon transit. You will not feel consumed or burdened by the themes attached, instead you will glide through it with confidence and grace. A focus on your transformation but with the beauty of Venus, you will thrive and will persevere.

Cancer – You are dealing with a period of transformation and how you relate with others. This transit brings light to some questions you have been avoiding but you will have the answers needed to progress. It will be a transit filled with reflection and pain. Nevertheless, you learned and grew from the lessons and are ready to take on the new paths that await.

Leo – Get ready to take on more responsibilities with this transit. You will be glad to get your mind focused on things that can help you build up to where you would like to be. One of the biggest lessons for this Full Moon transit will be to know your limits so that the stress does not consume you. Meditate and release to keep yourself motivated and stronger.

Virgo – This lunar eclipse marks the beginning of a new path for you. You have gone through a lot of ups and downs and self-discovery with these transits in the sign of Capricorn. Now you will decide what brings you happiness, what motivates you and if you need more fun in your life to balance the work with. Think things through Virgo, this is the time to pursue your happiness.

Libra – Preserving peace and harmony at home will be prominent in this transit. You are going to want to be more connected with your roots but your presence will be needed since you will take on the leadership role in the family. This transit allows for you to bring order and balance. As a sign ruled by the scales this will be a walk in the park.

Scorpio – Building the confidence needed to come out and shine brightly will be a theme this transit. Believe in your abilities once again and what you are capable of. You might be inclined to touch base with those at home, especially siblings or cousins. This Full Moon transit makes it easier for you to make peace and to bring harmony to your domestic life.

Sagittarius – You have the opportunity now to create a prosperous path with stability after this transit. These are the repeated lessons that Saturn has tried to instill in you since 2017. If you have understood you can generate abundance, if you are still in the learning phase, this transit will serve as another guidance and reminder.

Capricorn – This Full Moon is in your sign and this is very important for you. The battles you have faced since 2017 will now begin to take a turn. You already know how to take charge, lead and be the master of the game. With this transit, you need to rebuild your confidence to give the next round a go before year’s end.

Aquarius – A period of reflection and a time to concentrate on what and where you aspire to be in the next several years. Take the opportunity now to ground yourself and focus on self-care. This will be an insightful transit that can awaken parts of you, making you more connected with the spiritual as well as your creative side.

Pisces – It might feel a little cold out there, but this transit can bring a little warmth into your world. The important thing we have to focus on is connection and you might be craving that now. This energy will make you want to be more goal-oriented and to find your way into the top through those folks who will help and stand by you every step of the way.

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