Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect During This Turbulent July

This month has several retrogrades in motion as we all come to terms with our new normal. The Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th marks a new period where we all feel an awakening to do more and be more focused. Mars has entered the sign of Aries, motivating and pushing us to get what we want but it will also need to keep those temper tantrums in check. Cardinal planets are helping us to take action and with these transits causing squares or tensions, we need to find a way to stay grounded when everything seems to be moving too fast and beyond our control. There is a Mercury Retrograde happening this month and things will ease when Mercury goes direct on the 12th telling us to handle ourselves and our emotions with much more intelligence. The New Moon in Cancer on the 20th touches on sensitive themes regarding family, we will want to focus more on home and those who we love dearly. Finally, the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd, bringing us back to fire energy and most importantly our confidence. This year has been filled with tests and challenges, but we have endured and learned. This Cancer Season makes us grow, connect and be more compassionate with others.

Aries – This month Mars enters your sign from June 17th through January 6th, 2021. Mars in Aries is a very important transit for you since it will force you to make changes. Your card for the month is the Four of Wands Reversed, this is still a positive card that shows that this is a change in the works connected to all of the shifts in planets this month. There will be delays in achievements, but you will be recognized for them as time goes by. Saturn also makes it’s return in the sign of Capricorn, getting you in tip top shape to face the upcoming challenges for the next six months relating to work and status. You might want to give up, but with Mars in your sign, you will power through it with a clear focus on getting where you want to be. Make sure to keep calm when you want to explode. When the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd, you will feel excitement and joy since this Season makes a positive aspect to your sign, inspiring your creativity and bringing back that fulfilment in ego and power.

Taurus – This month Saturn goes back in the sign of Capricorn, letting you breathe peacefully since that square to your sign will reappear later this year. For now, you will be back to feeling motivated because slow and steady always wins the race. Your card for the month is Strength and this will be essential to get where you plan to go for the remainder of the year. The Full Moon on the 5th will bring back some inspiration that you tapped into earlier this year. This is a time to reconnect with what drive you and motivates you. Mars has changed signs to Aries, making you feel frustrated as you try to channel that ambition into getting something done. Do not fret, you still have that drive thanks to Saturn, but it will be at your own pace. With the New Moon on the 20th, you will get that boost of confidence with a new project in the works. The Sun’s entry in the sign of Leo on the 22nd will initiate a new era for you as we mark down the final months of Summer and get ready for what the fall will bring in the next few months.

Gemini – A very favorable card appears in your reading this month with the Ace of Swords. Get ready for the motivation that this period will kick off for you. Venus is still in your sign, but you have dealt with the tougher sides of this with the Retrograde. You have worked on yourselves and the lessons that Venus wanted you to learn. For those who did not benefit from the lessons of retrograde, be ready to repeat them. Overall, this should be a period of growth. Cancer Season adds on to the theme of changes that are to be expected for the upcoming months. Saturn is in Capricorn now until the rest of the year, allowing you to redo and experience once more the tougher parts of your chart, coping with trauma and finding ways to heal. Nevertheless, you are stronger and more prepared now to deal with the conflicts and topics from January 2020.

Cancer – A major transit for you this year is Saturn’s return in the sign of Capricorn, creating an opposition with your sign. Once again, you have to deal with pressures from relationships and your own independence. For the next six months, you will repeat those themes from earlier this year, however, you have the tools needed to care those challenges. The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 5th will be adding additional importance to this Saturn transit, making the energy heavy for you. With the Knight of Swords appearing in your reading, this shows you are at least motivated to tackle anything, but exercise caution. Another stressor will be Mars in Aries, making you reflect on your position in the world and the progress you have made. This is overall a good transit, even if it creates a square with your sign because you will be driven to get things done. The New Moon in your sign on the 20th is another awakening for you and it will feel like a karmic beginning. Expect positive things with this as you reclaim your power.

Leo – This month will have you reflecting. Saturn finally leaves Aquarius, releasing the pressures on your sign. You will enjoy the Saturn in Capricorn transit since you will be ready to deal with it this second time around. There will be a focus on work and you are ready to take on the challenges because this journey will continue until the end of the year. The Full Moon on the 5th will add more pressure and importance to this Saturn transit as the themes now will be important until the end of the year. Your card for the month is Four of Pentacles, showing that you will be more concerned with maintaining stability. It will be important for you to be cautious with your resources and energy this time around as you begin to settle in with what Saturn has planned for you for the next six months. Mars in Aries will keep you motivated and it will want you to get to the top. The Sun enters the sign of Leo on the 22nd, reigniting your passion and ego. You will be feeling more in your element as you get ready to take on the world with a smile and confidence.

Virgo – With Saturn’s shift back in the sign of Capricorn, you will be ready to get ready to work hard and focused. This Full Moon on the 5th will have you take out your pen and paper as you begin to look at your planner to make any changes necessary to get where you want to be. This Saturn transit is important for earth signs since you will now get that push needed to get everything done. With the Seven of Pentacles appearing in your reading for the month, you are in a place where confidence is brewing thanks to Saturn’s reappearance in Capricorn and you are ready to put in the work. Mars entered the sign of Aries earlier this week, adding a focus on building and restructuring from a financial as well as your foundation and ego. These are themes that will persist until 2021. Get ready to deal with closing out issues from a few years ago as you now have the mindset to heal and make peace. The Sun enters the sign of Leo on the 22nd, a time to rest, recharge and get motivated because next month all eyes are on you.

Libra – Saturn’s ingress in the sign of Capricorn will once again open up a can of worms you had to deal with earlier this year. On a positive note, you are ready to handle everything and you have the confidence needed to keep going stronger than before. Your card for the month, the Ten of Wands reflects this, that the journey is tough but you are the one that is capable of dealing with it all. This Cancer Season, you will be learning a lot of Saturn related themes regarding power, control and finding how your sign of Justice will allow for balancing the power dynamics that are in your life and career front. Mars in your sister sign, Aries will keep you motivated for the next six months, allowing you to take on a different approach when handling stressors by utilizing those around you to build stronger teamwork dynamics that will surely get you to the top. The New Moon in Cancer on the 20th has you planning for your next adventure as you prepare yourself for a period of more work and responsibilities. Leon Season begins on the 22nd, a time to build on relationships with others to continue your path for success.

Scorpio – Cancer Season brings all of the elements needed to get to the path of success for you. It all begins with a change in mindset motivated by the New Moon on the 20th, bringing you to new heights as you begin to focus on how you want the world to view you. This is a month of creativity, as we all cope with some emotional traumas that need to be healed. Of course, you are a water sign and are able to navigate these waters with ease and finesse. All eyes are on you. Saturn will no longer be stressing your sign since it will return to Capricorn this month, giving you room to breathe when it comes to handling some drama at the home front. You are now ready to deal with the blockages Saturn in Capricorn imposed on you earlier this year; communication is freer, and you can express yourself without doubt. Your card for the month is the Queen of Pentacles, reclaim your throne and power when Leo Season begins on the 22nd, your time to lead and command will arrive soon enough as those in power ask of you to take the reigns on some projects. This is also a good time to rekindle your love with ego because things always seem to flow better when we believe in ourselves and out capacity.

Sagittarius – This is a month with a lot of momentum for fire signs as seen with the Chariot, which is your card for the month. Get ready for some unexpected changes that aim on the positive side of things. Mars has entered the sign of Aries, adding on to the themes associated with this Major Arcana. You have determination and drive, especially with Saturn entering the sign of Capricorn once again. Focus on stability and your foundation are themes that will once again keep you on alert. But the pressure eases with all that you have handled throughout this transit because you are just repeating situations from earlier this year. The New Moon in Cancer on the 20th will have you reconsidering your financial situation as you begin planning to make things more stabilized. With Venus direct, you are on your way to manifesting more material success as she finally makes an exit from Gemini and into Cancer next month. Leo Season begins on the 22nd, initiating a period of much needed joy and creativity. You will be inspired as Jupiterian topics will come alive for you, getting you into a new mindset to stimulate more growth and opportunity for the months to come.

Capricorn – We finally make it to the star of the show, Capricorn. This month will have Saturn’s ingress back in your sign making you feel more nervous than usual and the Full Moon on the 5th will add to that energy. This anxiety is reflected in the Eight of Swords, a card that shows you need to take it easy. It is a great thing that Saturn is back in your sign, finishing off this transit that has been going on since 2017. You will see all you have achieved and the inner growth you have made. This Cancer Season, especially with the New Moon on the 20th, will have you wanting to strengthen your connections to friends, family members and business partnerships. You are on your way to a transformation especially with Mars in Aries squaring your sign, letting you know you need to shape up, make changes and continue to put in your hard work and efforts on goals and dreams. Do not give up when the going gets tough, keep fighting at it because you have come a long way. Only you can cut the binds and the chains that keep you down in your mind. Release and fight on.

Aquarius The Hierophant is your card for the month. A period of growth, learning and mastery is in the works as Saturn leaves your sign and returns to Capricorn. The Full Moon on the 5th has you questioning where you are and how far you have come along, as you might feel content with all that has happened and all you have learned so far. Venus in Gemini is giving you a wonderful and pleasant aspect to your sign, adding to the comforts and joys that Venus has to offer as well as a burst of creativity and passion. With the New Moon in Cancer on the 20th, your focus will be on excellence. Before taking on any new tasks, be sure to plan things out so you do not become overwhelmed with what you have pending. The Sun enters your sister sign Leo on the 22nd, adding on to the need to be a mentor and to grow from uniting with others. You will see the value of friends and family during this transit. There can also be a new period of romantic pursuits if you are single and ready to embark on a new relationship.

Pisces – This month promises to be the period where you will experience the beginning of some much-needed enjoyable moments with the Ten of Cups appearing in your reading. Saturn in Aquarius was probably a challenge for you or an interesting transit. Either way, this was a period of learning where you are and what you need to make changes for the next two years. A Saturn transit in the 12th is not easy, as it can be a period of isolation and loneliness. With Saturn returning in Capricorn and the Full Moon on the 5th, you have the opportunity to reach out to friends and family and find ways to stay connected. Focus on your health and goals as well. Mars has left your sign and is now in Aries, prompting you to work hard for yourself and to rebuild the ego by maintaining financial or material stability. Make this a transit where you work smart for what you want; reach for the stars. The New Moon on the 20th is a good period to find joys and do things that make you happy. When the Sun enters the sign of Leo on the 22nd, expect to feel motivated to focus on some self care as well as fulfilling your paths to success. You can easily achieve your ten of cups, as long as you continue to put in the effort and take care of yourself.

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