What The Scorpio Supermoon Will Bring For Each Zodiac Sign

The Supermoon in Scorpio on May 7th. This is a Full Moon and a big one that will have the collective gasping for air. We are all pushed to letting go and to start new chapters and phases in our lives fearlessly and unapologetically. The first step is acknowledgement and then we can move on from where we are and embark on this new journey. With the Sun still in the sign of Taurus, we are focusing more on our physical, mental and emotional health. This is a good time to reach out to others, to seek help if we need it and to not be ashamed of releasing. Greater things are in the works, as long as we have the focus and strength to keep powering through the changes happening throughout the World.

Aries – You are ready for the changes that are to come. This Full Moon in Scorpio has you tackling issues from the past. With the Venus Retrograde several days away, you might experience a flood of emotional hurts resurfacing. Do not worry, this is your moment to release and to close old chapters. After this, you will learn to heal and bounce back. Let the tears roll and evaporate because tomorrow is another day and your moment in the Sun is still to come.

Taurus – Considering all of these Retrogrades happening in the month of May, remember your moment is now, to make shifts, to let things go and the Full Moon in Scorpio has you questioning the past, the present and your future. Look to those areas in your life where you need to make adjustments. It might feel like you are losing sight of your goals because you hate changes and this all might make you second guess yourself. Use this Full Moon to come to terms with what you really want and keep your eyes on the prize.

Gemini – A major focal point for you now is your emotional well-being. This Venus Retrograde will be a doozy and you will already feel exhausted by all that is happening and what is yet to come. May is a very important month for your sign. These Retrogrades will put you back on track, rework what needs to be managed and face whatever you have avoided (especially in love). Like most of the signs, you will have your “A-ha!” moments when Venus goes direct, and the New Moon is in your sign.

Cancer – Evaluate how you can bring appreciation and excitement to your life during this transit. The Full Moon in Scorpio is a reminder to bring more enjoyment to your life even if it feels like a chore these days. You will become more appreciative for the friends and family that surround you, and the confidence will provide some healing energy. There is a lot of growth, healing and expansion for you after this.

Leo – There will be a moment when you need to center yourself. This Full Moon in Scorpio will help you take charge, create an environment that will be suitable to your emotional needs and there will be time for you to take a break from the chaos. Taurus Season will help you more forward, and the Full Moon will help you focus on aspects of yourself you need to strengthen. Take the time to bring the focus back to you and allow yourself to feel centered.

Virgo – With the Full Moon in Scorpio, you will use this time to prepare for what is next in your life. You will use your astuteness and analytical prowess to bring back control. With this new energy, it will be easy for you to start your goals, in a good and practical manner and grow. This year has been riddled with challenges so far, but you will be ready, planning and looking ahead. For now focus on bringing harmony and peace.

Libra – During this transit you will be evaluating yourself. What you need to do is not become your worst critic. Remember your achievements and successes. Focus on getting some goals started and pending projects completed. This is a time to focus on bringing more order and structure into your life. The Full Moon in Scorpio is a powerful transit for us all. Use this opportunity to tap in your greatness.

Scorpio – The Full Moon is in your sign, exposing some parts of you that you did not want to face. This is also the perfect opportunity to witness your growth and how much you have done and achieved. You will be on Cloud 9 if you get the recognition you have been waiting for due to all the hard work and effort you have put in the last year or so. Courage and power will be your mantra after this transit.

Sagittarius – You will want to retreat from the world with this transit, opting for the comforts of your personal space and not connecting to others as much. Treat yourself with a break, meditation or simply enjoying a good book. Everything might feel overwhelming for you during these transits so make sure to bring the best to help you feel great.

Capricorn – There can be a new way of viewing close relationship with the Full Moon in Scorpio. You might see some friends leave from your life and new ones entering. This is a moment of evaluating these connections and to make certain you want to see the end of things. Of course, if you feel the need to repair broken friendships or bonds, you can always reach out and start anew.

Aquarius – Here you bring the focus and center back to you. It might make you a bit uncomfortable, as you take on more responsibilities that will make or break your reputation. The Full Moon in Scorpio demands a more mature person out of you. If you were not willing to embrace this before, Saturn in Aquarius will push you also. Come to terms with doing more, which can help in the long run.

Pisces – With the Full Moon in Scorpio you will be more introspective. Here is the sign that will spark some very interesting things for you to research. Given the current circumstances in the world, you might be inspired to find new challenges through studying things that will help you reshape your goals and foundation. This is a period where you can reach the next level in your evolution by uniting the current state of the world with the higher mind.

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