What Each Zodiac Sign Can Look Forward To From The New Moon In Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus will be on April 22nd, 2020. Get ready for some stability, romance and creativity to burst through us. During these dour times, we need some form of inspiration and enlightenment and this New Moon provides just that. Taurus Season is a good follow up to the movement that Aries Season was able to provide. We saw the influx of information and the effects of the Jupiter and Pluto conjunction, providing a harsh reality clouded with darkness and hurt. A change in seasons, to earth will set the foundation we need to build more solid ground in our lives. Hopefully, we can see the world begin to truly stabilize from the COVID-19 nightmare. Brace yourselves for the journey that the New Moon in Taurus will bring as it helps us to bring back focus to what matters and gives us the tools to make plans that will help us become more efficient in the long run.

Aries – Stability will be on your mind during this New Moon transit since Taurus is all about having things in order. You are swiftly moving away from the impulsivity of your season and finding some much-needed grounding sessions. Use this New Moon to find the drive to set your plans in motion. You already have the energy, the courage and now you need the direction to go.

Taurus – New Moon in your sign gives us all a lot of the calm we need after the storms provided from the last several months. You will be reignited and ready during this transit because you are driven to make things happen. Your sign is about self-care, love and foundations. An awakening begins with your sign as we brace ourselves for the changes that are bound to happen. Your transformation will happen as well, all you need is trust, courage but with Uranus in your sign, you have that boost to keep going.

Gemini – This is your dormant and relaxation phase. With this New Moon in Taurus you might be treating yourself in order to destress and bring some relaxation until we get amped for your season. With Venus currently in your sign, you already might be feeling very Venusian. This transit grounds all of us and you might benefit more from it than most. Take it easy and go slow before we speed things up in May.

Cancer – Appreciate this New Moon transit in a Venus ruled sign because this really resonates with everything you enjoy already. You will be more connected to your home base, to making changes and bringing forth some harmony in your environment. We cannot connect with people due to isolating and quarantines, but social media will allow you to stay in touch. This will be an easy-going transit for you.

Leo – Here you await your crowning moment, your time to shine in the spotlight. With this New Moon transit, give it a go and do not be afraid. Aim for the top, believe in your dreams while putting in the work. If you have been in the slumps so far, his New Moon transit wants you to elevate and to begin to feel more like the Leo you show to the world.

Virgo – Venus ruled Taurus will bring you with much insight during this New Moon transit. This transit will bring you to connect with something you have wanted to learn more about. The times have made us want to become more in tune with spirituality and you might be brought to this path, searching for answers. Your investigative side might see this as a fun opportunity to research paths to greater harmony.

Libra – This New Moon transit will bring a calming effect to some feelings that may have left you unnerved. As Taurus is focused with stability, you might want to take a look at finances or find ways to keep the purse closed for as long as needed. You will be more resourceful now, creating plans that will help you in the future. This will be the time where you set your goals for the next year. Venus is your ruling planet, so trust that you will feel some of the benefits from this transit.

Scorpio – Remember that Venus is in Gemini, so have some fun, take it easy and do not stress out. This New Moon transit will allow for you to come to terms with the status of your current relationship status. Work through healing the past in order to get going in the future. Of course, try to bring that stability for your current relationship (if partnered) or the next one that will come your way.

Sagittarius – With this transit, you will focus on you and how to bring a healthier mindset into your life. The stresses of the world might be bringing you down but with Venus in Gemini, you might see some fun moments along the way. This New Moon transit helps you to regain your focus, think things through and to set boundaries to help you thrive and focus on being stronger while giving it your all on projects and goals.

Capricorn – The New Moon in Taurus bringing you some relief while the planets in your sign begin to break away momentarily. Take this opportunity to recharge your batteries, take it easy and bring some of your creative energy to a project or just to entertain family or a loved one near you. We might be isolating or in quarantine, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay disconnected. Reach out to friends and family on social media to add additional joy and happiness.

Aquarius – You feel the grounding energy in your immediate environment with this New Moon. With Saturn and Mars currently in your sign, things might have felt like they were frustrating and stagnant, but the intensity is breaking apart. The New Moon calms and brings a wave of clarity to you, as you reconnect and get thing going. Take the initiative at home or plan to make some renovations to make your surroundings even more pleasant.

Pisces – A rush of excitement might strike with this New Moon transit which may even be quite the inspiration for you. Things will begin to flourish as you feel the excitement surrounding you. There could be a moment where you are inspired to travel, courtesy of books, music and meditating. You do not need to leave your apartment to escape to another country or dimension. Feel the grounding energy this transit by escaping through writing or reading.

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