This Is Each Zodiac Sign’s Comprehensive May Horoscope For 2020

The month of May begins with many new chapters and beginnings. 2020 has been riddled with unpleasant surprises and we are all still adjusting to how these changes will impact our future or what the future has to offer to us. The changes in the Nodes from the Cancer and Capricorn axis to Gemini and Sagittarius shows that we will now be concentrating on new themes that will make us more cautions in the long run (depending on where they fall in your chart). Mars is changing from innovative Aquarius to dreamy Pisces, slowing down that Martian fire and making us second guess ourselves when we want to take action. May 13th brings us the Venus Retrograde, so if you have witnessed a lot of changes in the dynamics of relationships, it will be magnified during this period in time until Venus goes direct. Jupiter will also go retrograde on the 14th, bringing back focus to the areas in life we need to learn from and bring adjustments for much more positive changes. This is a month of navigating, adjusting and focusing on stabilizing for the upcoming months. Things have felt like they were slowing down, but Aries Season brought some movement into our lives and Taurus Season will bring planning and action that will hopefully bring about much-needed stability. Foundations are built now that will help the collective in the future. Saturn in fixed Aquarius has shown us a glimpse of what we will be expecting in 2021. The year is not over, and we have a lot of tests to overcome but this Season will ignite our passions and excitement. It will let us get centered and focused. For some, there can be a beginning of love and romance. We gain a new appreciation for the good energy and people that surround us such as, family, and friends. People that will continue to bring harmony into our lives even when the world continues to spiral in new directions.

Aries –The passion you felt during your season will begin to dwindle as your ruler, Mars enters the sign of Pisces on the 13th. This will be a resting period for you, as you feel your energy levels drop momentarily and you will take on a more passive approach to decision making. Your season brought the intensity that we all expected. There were highs and lows, but the lessons learned were that there could be changes and hope for us to come in the future. With the shift to Taurus Season, you will focus on bringing stability into your life and become hyper-aware of your spending habits. Financial planning now will be of great service to you especially after the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th fueling that momentum to get things resolved, managed and finalized. Saturn will be going Retrograde, making late decan folks ready to go back and revisit some paths that were blocking them in the last several months. You have learned some lessons; you have built your armor and now you’re ready to face some of those Saturn in Capricorn villains that you could not handle the first run around. The Jupiter Retrograde on the 14th makes you long for something more and provides some more reflection. This is a period of introspection for you, as you come to terms with ego and structures, main themes you have focused on for the last 12 years with Pluto also in that sign of Capricorn. It is fitting that the Hierophant is your card for the month, making you tap into more of the philosophical themes revolving power and control. You have been put to the test in the last three years, defining your place in the world and now you are ready to use what you have learned to teach others.

Taurus – We have finally made it to your very anticipated season and your fixed energy will allow for all of us to bring some much-needed stability into our lives. The world is changing and although it might bring you a sense of anxiety, you have felt the shift with Uranus currently in your sign since 2018. Uranus has settled in your sign and we have felt the friction and uncertainty this year. Nevertheless, you still want to go strong. The Nodes of destiny are going to move also, bringing that focus to your comfort and possessions for the years to come. The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th keeps things exciting in your personal relationships, as you contemplate strengthening or releasing those in your life. There could be big business moves or new partnerships blossoming that will help you get ahead. Another big shift this month is Saturn going retrograde, which is a big relief for fellow fixed signs since it will move away from Aquarius and find its path back into the sign of Capricorn. Do not worry, Saturn in Aquarius will return later in the year and it will settle there for the next three years, so do not start your victory chant yet. With Mercury in Gemini on the same week of the 11th, your focus will be on Taurean related things that relate to your comfort and personal needs. If you feel tired or stress, take a breather since no one will be judging you. After all, it is your month to shine and relax. Your card for the month is the Two of Swords. There will be many opportunities coming for you, but you will need the confidence to take charge. Do not second guess yourself when you want to dream big, go bigger. This is a period of trust and new paths, so use those horns and keep powering through.

Gemini – This is a huge month for Gemini placements (especially personal ones), as you begin to experience the Venus Retrograde which will highly impact you. This Retrograde has redefined what it means to date, to connect and experience the power of technology. Mercury will be in your sign on the 11th, making you feel in your element. You have control of your words, power and this will be reflected in the way you carry yourself. Mercury this time around is breezing through all of the signs, but it will be comfortable in Gemini and with Venus there too, it is bound to bring a lot of surprises and changes. Creative folks will experience a renaissance of their own with a double dose of creativity and inspiration courtesy of your sign. The Jupiter Retrograde on the 14th will be a nice break for you, bringing some form of comfort to troubling issues from the past that have gone unresolved. Answers will appear for you now and with ease and clarity. When the Sun enters your sign on the 20th and the New Moon right after, it will be activating an intense stellium in your sign, enhancing everything about your best qualities and putting you center stage. This is your moment to shine, with the Sun making you more alluring and Venus helping you as well. The Three of Swords is your card for the month. With all these potential relationships appearing for Geminis during this Venus Retrograde transit, many of you (especially single folks) will be contemplating what you want in relationships and who fits the criteria. This can also be a reflection on how you relate to people and what changes you need to make in order to not go through any heartbreaks.

Cancer – May promises to be one of the most interesting months and luckily, you will be handling the tougher areas of this from a meditative mindset. The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th will be an awakening for your creative side, promising period to make something you are passionate about or if you had already focused on something in 2019 and have gradually built on the project over the last six months, you will see its fruition now. With Saturn beginning to retrograde on the 11th, you will have to prepare for those lessons that have helped to shape and transform you for the last three years. Relationships come back to the top of your list as you try to navigate through them once more. The dynamics you have with lovers and friends will be ingrained in your mind from July through December when Saturn finally exists Capricorn. The Jupiter Retrograde helps to bring harmony and new methods of thought and with Jupiter and Pluto no longer dancing a forbidden dance, you will be feeling more optimistic as this planet goes through a second run, retracing its steps from earlier this year. Mars entering the sign of Pisces on the 13th makes a very smooth aspect to your sign. This is not the type of drive you would have opted for, but it does bring you more at peace with any new spiritual path or guidance you might be willing to embark on. Pisces does not have the fury of Aries, so this will feel more ethereal for many. Your card for the month is The Lovers. You will revisit the lessons from Saturn in Capricorn and will be tested regarding what you have learned. Try to dissolve the bitterness inside because it will stunt all your relationships and limit your inner growth.

Leo – An exciting month for you with many planets moving in Gemini. Venus, Mercury, Sun and New Moon will all be activating your energy as you reconnect and rejoice with all of the fun you are about to have with family and friends on social media. You enjoy the spotlight and you will be the center of attention with these transits. However, the intense moments will appear with the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th, this will be a period of changes and letting go since Scorpio is about transforming and releasing. There will be many personal transformations happening in your home and in your own heart. On the 11th Saturn will take some time to head back from Aquarius to Capricorn. This will provide some relief to personal signs in Leo, since you will no longer have to worry about inner challenges revolving the self until Saturn goes back in Aquarius later this year. However, you will still experience a lot of learning and growth while it is still in this sign. Use this to make some changes to help you become a better person, to focus on your healing and not to let the setbacks stop you. This Saturn transit will help you get stronger after it is complete. The King of Cups Reversed is your card for the month, which advises you to take things easy. Approach any conflict with a cool head and take your time before making any decisions. You want to make choices from a place of logic and not rely purely on emotions. If you are reacting to something too intensely, take a step back and come back to it when you have cooled off.

Virgo – We have made it to your sign which is also Mercury ruled, so this will be a very intriguing time for you. What you do now matters with Sun, New Moon, Mercury and Venus in the sign of Gemini. It might feel like this is a point in time where you will face some new challenges and many will want to see you crash, but you will elevate and transform after it. Mars will enter your sister sign, Pisces on the 13th, beginning a new chapter in your relationship house. This can be a moment where you might attract people filled with vitality and who will cloud your world. Some might second guess these folks since they might not appear genuine, especially when the conjunction to Neptune intensifies, making them more glamorous to you. Stay on your toes, especially if you want to embark on a new business partnership since not all appears as it is for this transit. Saturn will begin to retrograde starting May 11th. Some of you might sigh since this brings back the challenges you have been facing for the last three years regarding enjoyment and connections with others. Take it easy, do not stress yourself too much and go with the flow. Saturn will go back in Aquarius later this year, ending the slumber for many of you. By then we can all (hopefully) begin to live our lives with much more enthusiasm and excitement when things mellow out. Your card for the month is The Knight of Cups. This is a good because you are cool, calm, and collected. There is excessive charm emanating from you which will help you reach climb higher and get farther this year for work or school.

Libra – Many Libras will experience excitement in the month of May (I know, shocking) because this is both a Venusian Season and a Mercurial one. You relate to your fellow Venus sign, Taurus and you will enjoy the luxe moments that the transit has to offer. Your only issue will be to cut back on the spending since you might be in treat yourself mode. The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th will curb any excessive expenditures but keep you reasonable enough to make some much needed plans for the future. You will be filled with daydreams and motivation to achieve more when Mars enters the sign of Pisces on the 13th. Your goals will be on your mind and you will work relentlessly to get some of those things on your list checked. Saturn will begin to retrograde back into the sign of Capricorn on the 11th, but it won’t be in Capricorn until July. However, you might feel a little dread since topics you had to deal with earlier in the year revolving home, will come back to pester you. No worries, you will have an easier time now since Mars is no longer in Capricorn and Jupiter/Pluto are not wreaking as much havoc. Sun, New Moon, Venus and Mercury are all in Gemini, adding much fun and excitement to how you connect to others and relate to them. You are in it for growth and learning during this transit and will be excited to take on new projects to enhance or build your skills. The Seven of Pentacles in the Reverse is your card for the Month. Keep on powering through because you got this! Nothing is out of reach for you and you are motivated enough to get what you want. There is a lot of promise if you are willing to put in the work. Do not stop.

Scorpio – With the Full Moon in your sign early on in the month, it is no surprise that Death is your card for the month. You are experiencing a period of transformation, with Saturn briefly in the sign of Aquarius, prompting you to make some uncomfortable changes. Saturn will begin to look back and retrograde on the 11th. This will be a sign of relief when it makes its way back into the sign of Capricorn in July. The issues from earlier in the year will come back at play as you have gained enough insight to tackle on those challenges until Saturn heads back in Aquarius later this year. The Jupiter Retrograde on the 14th begins another new chapter that will contribute to how you relate to family and take on a more diplomatic and peaceful role. This adds onto the lessons from Saturn in Capricorn in a more expansive way. On the 13th, Mars enters fellow water sign, Pisces, bringing some excitement into your life. This can also be a fabulous creative period that will help you channel your emotions into a project that can become fruitful for you. We are all entering an introspective period of time and this for you can be meaningful, especially with the Full Moon in your sign, prompting you to reevaluate your identity, your purpose and to find strength in this. The Sun, New Moon, Venus and Mercury in Gemini will be building up on your sense of identity and self. Some topics that might have been tough for you to face will feel easier to tackle now that Venus will be Retrograde on the 13th. This is another moment to rebuild what was lost and to focus on strengthening and stability.

Sagittarius – With the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus all in the sign of Gemini, this can feel like a karmic time for you. You will learn a lot about your past relationships with friends as well as lovers. If there was a power struggle going on, you will now evaluate how to create and maintain harmony in these relationships moving forward. To those who would give away too much of their power in relationships, you now will learn how to get respect for your future ones. The Venus Retrograde will present a period of growth and learning. It is with these transits that you will break yourself down and learn what you need to do to invite growth, love and harmony back In a way that will make you feel calm and not riddled with anxiety. The Saturn Retrograde begins on the 11th and it will bring back some concerns regarding your financial management. However, Saturn officially returns to Capricorn in July, giving you plenty of time to recalibrate and plan. Jupiter is still in Capricorn and the Retrograde might bring you more of a calming effect since it will move further away from Pluto before rejoining it towards the end of the year. This will be a bittersweet and nostalgic month with the Six of Cups in the Reverse showing up in your reading. Because of the Venus Retrograde, you might come in contract with exes, reminiscing about the past or even old friends who want to reconnect. Do not let this put you down but remember that life goes on and breakups happen for a reason. Learn and grow from your experiences but do not let them stop you from living your best life.

Capricorn – Just when you thought Saturn was out of your sign, it will begin its retrograde motion on the 11th. More of the challenges from earlier in the year will present themselves as you prepare for the third and final round before 2021. These three years have made you evolve in ways you never imagined. You are stronger and more prepared now to tackle whatever comes your way since Saturn has managed to tear you down but build you back up again. With Jupiter currently in your sign, you have benefitted from the optimism that this period can bring to you. Go with that energy and keep powering through. We will experience the Sun, New Moon, Mercury and Venus all in the sign of Gemini this month, you will feel more pressure to do better, to be at the top of your game and to prove your worth. You will also be very focused on maintaining your routines to enhance your health, especially with Venus still in Gemini, ready to retrograde on the 13th. This Venus Retrograde can also put you in touch with people from the past including romantic partners. Remember, this does not mean you need to rekindle old flames, this should be a period of reflection and growth. But your energies will most likely be put into perfecting your craft and getting more recognition for the work you have accomplished thus far. Mars will enter the sign of Pisces on the 13th as well, making your words sharp and your drive stronger. Be patient, think before you speak and make sure to think of creating peace, harmony and avoid conflict. The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th, puts your relationships on the spotlight as you think of who has been there for you and who you no longer want to associate with. Be diplomatic if you cut the cord. Nevertheless, you feel victorious with the Six of Swords showing up in the month’s reading for you. You enjoy the momentum and the promise of work. These challenges will not be able to stop you because you have the patience to keep going even when everyone has counted you out.

Aquarius – Saturn will prepare to exit your sign on the 11th giving you a little breathing room as you can go back and reflect on what you have been learning in the past couple of weeks. However, Saturn will officially leave your sign in July, but make its way back at the end of the year. Still, the Retrograde will be a hidden blessing for you since it will give you time to regroup and rethink what needs to be done for 2021. Sun, New Moon, Mercury and Venus will all be in Gemini this month, bringing focus to yourself and reigniting dreams and passions. This Venus Retrograde might help boost your confidence, as it gives you new sets of tools to take on the world. Beware of the exes that might reappear or try and get your attention. Play it cool and think one step ahead. Friends from the past might also reappear over social media sending some friend requests. Nevertheless, this month should be about your self-care. It is a time to cater to you and to focus on the things that give you happiness, which is essential during these times. Make it a priority to care for your needs and to be kinder to yourself. Jupiter will be going Retrograde on the 14th and making you want to retreat in your own little world. This is an expansive and relaxing period that will give you some peace as long as you go with the flow. Jupiter can also provide healing and a desire to learn more about your hidden thoughts and dreams. The Page of Swords in the Reverse is your card for the month which adds on to the theme of retreating to a safe place. You might not be too keen on expressing yourself, but you will still be up to have fun and enjoy connecting with others.

Pisces – One of the more interesting transits for this month is Mars entering your sign. You are here to work hard and play harder. When more responsibilities are thrown at you, you will tackle them on fearlessly with only one goal in mind, and that is to be victorious. Mars’ intensity slows with your sign, but you are still driven to achieve in your ethereal manner. Saturn will retrograde on the 11th, bringing back a focus on the friends that have parted ways with you and the ones who are still close. Reach out to the ones you have lost contact with, if you are still in good terms, especially now with the state of the world, where we feel a need to follow up with others to make sure they are ok. Sun, New Moon, Mercury and Venus will all be in the sign of Gemini later this month. This brings a focus back on the home front where you might feel inspired enough to make changes, by spending more on beautifying the home. Either way, you will feel at ease and relaxed as you allow peace and harmony to rule your inner sanctum. While this Venus Retrograde might make you feel like a bit of a homebody, you might get some people from your romantic past to reappear in the form of a text or a winded email. Remember, this is a period of letting go and you are not forced to rekindle any old flames. Use this moment to bring to perspective the things that matter to you and let the troubles and drama from the past remain there. The Fool is your card for the month, and you are ready to embark on a new journey. With the changes and transitions happening this year, you are mutable water, so that means you can flow easily with things that bring change and disruption. Know that you are resilient and your ability to navigate through life by learning and adapting, will help you achieve greatness.

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