What Each Sign Can Expect From The Full Moon In Virgo

The Full Moon in Virgo will be on March 9th, 2020. Finally, we can bring a lot of order to this Mercury Retrograde which has felt like a destabilizing force for most of us. While we have repeated, reviewed and revised topics that had presented to us earlier this year, now it’s the time to get back into focus, prioritize what is in our best interest and finally take those steps forward to craft a clearer future. Of course, this does not mean that you will find the answers and all will be well, there are still many challenges ahead, but for now, we will know the best way of getting there. This Pisces Season, with Neptune adding a layer of confusion and the Capricorn planets, making a harmonious aspect to the Pisces planets this transit, it might feel like a push and pull effect. We try to create our structure, but we might self destruct. This Full Moon will be our saving grace, taking us back to the basics and reminding us of what our goals are and what is worth our energy in the long run.

Aries – This Full Moon in Virgo reminds you of what it means to be an Aries. You are getting ready to embark onto greater things as your season approaches and you say goodbye to old habits and break away with the past. Aries will be focusing on them, their goals and their overall future this time before things begin to move forward. Prioritize what is best for you to succeed.

Taurus – An exciting time for you with this Full Moon in Virgo as well as Venus in your sign. You will feel like you hold a lot of optimism when things just felt a little sour. Embrace the creative energy that will follow you through this transit, prompting you to take some action fearlessly and finally get what you have longed for to become a reality.

Gemini – This is a good moment to sit back, relax and take it all in. Everything might feel scattered for you as you find ways to prioritize and ground yourself. The Full Moon in Virgo will remind you of the importance of returning home, of finding solid foundations and your motive here will be to strengthen and continue to build.

Cancer – It can be an extremely exciting transit for you as you explore new horizons and go within to search for some answers. Friends can be a guiding light for you as struggle to find your footing due to the chaos that Mercury Retrograde has caused for you. Appreciate the guidance of this Full Moon because you will learn the power of organization and multitasking.

Leo – Opportunities will open up for you during this transit, as you become more aware of the changes that need to be made financially in order to further your success in the future. As much as you want to bring yourself stability through material possessions, you must also recognize that for true gains, we must be aware of the spiritual needs that will help us in our development. Do not become too greedy or restrict yourself, especially since Saturn in Aquarius will be opposing your sign, providing constraints.

Virgo – The Full Moon is in your sign kickstarting a new beginning for you and the rest of us. A cycle in your life will finally be resolved, as you make amends with the past in order to move forward. Bring the focus back to you. Take the moment to appreciate yourself and forgive yourself for any past hurts. With these new beginnings, you bring an end to the negative and welcome the positive energy that will allow for your growth and healing.

Libra – Challenges that you have faced from situations you feared of letting go will begin their concluding stages with the start of this transit. Your views on things will change and you might even develop a more optimistic outlook. Use this transit to recharge and give yourself some TLC. A weight begins to lift with the Saturn in Aquarius transit coming in the next few weeks.

Scorpio – The Full Moon in Virgo might make you a social butterfly, as you meet and greet others that you have lost touch with. It will also bring a close to a toxic cycle with people that have served as negative influences in your life. A great moment to make changes to those negative patterns in your life as well as you gear up for Saturn’s entry in Aquarius this month which will prompt you to bring the focus back to home starting from within.

Sagittarius – A moment in the spotlight for you with this transit. You will not mind the attention, as you get everything you may have outstanding sorted for yourself. Hard work will not be a problem for you this transit since you will be busy manifesting what you want for the next several months (and years). There will be a great shift for your sign coming soon, making you brainstorm how to create more success and magic.

Capricorn – With the Full Moon in Virgo, you will be inspired to take on some new learning opportunities that will inspire your creativity and financial goals. There will be much inspiration for you on the horizon, so put it to the test. A lot of the stress and anxiety will be alleviated for you with Saturn moving away from your sign and powering through Aquarius (briefly). Bring the joy back in your life and welcome the excitement that will surround you with this upcoming Aries season.

Aquarius – You are working through unresolved issues that have caused a blockage in your life. This Full Moon in Virgo will be a stabilizing force, helping you to uncover some answers that will allow for you to grow and keep moving forward. Saturn is only several weeks away from your sign, so take this opportunity to brainstorm how you will continue on your road to success for the next three years.

Pisces – More magic for you this season, your season as we finally get ready to move to the next chapter that the year has to offer you. You have triumphed, gained valuable personal knowledge and now will be your time to accept that you can still enjoy and have fun for the next months to come. This Full Moon in Virgo will rekindle your love for yourself and those around you. Enjoy the bliss.

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