What Each Sign Can Expect From 2020’s Juno Retrograde

The Juno Retrograde happened on February 8th, 2020 in the sign of Libra and it will go direct on May 26th, 2020. This will impact Air and Fire signs. I debated posting this during Valentine’s Day but did not want to cause any panic. A Juno Retrograde will bring to the forefront issues with established relationships. This does not necessarily mean romantic; it can also impact friendships and other interpersonal relationships that have been on the rocks. In the sign of Libra, we will all focus on bringing balance to the situation and making sure it is implemented moving forward. There could also be issues that echo independence and freedom. Either way, we will all learn a lot about ourselves, our love languages and our ability to sacrifice all in the name of love after this transit.

Aries/Juno in the 7th House – You will be greatly impacted by this Retrograde since it will fall in your house of partnerships. This does not mean that your relationships will end during this transit but it will bring to light any issues that you have been keeping to yourselves. Allow this period to enlighten and teach you about what you want in a relationship in order to reach its full potential. For those who are single, you will also feel this energy with close friends. You too will understand the importance of respect and balance since this is what the sign of Libra tries to teach us. Focus on stabilizing the energy between both parties and if you are expending more than they are, bring it to their attention and do not be afraid to discuss. Whatever ends during this period, will serve to help you grow more.

Taurus/Juno in the 6th House – You and Libra are both Venus rules signs. The impact of the Juno Retrograde will highlight your work environment and the relationship you have with colleagues. If things have been rocky for you, now is the time to make amends and bring about peace and order in order to help things to continue flourishing for you and those who are in the same workspace. Try your best not to ger caught up with petty drama during this time but focus on stepping up to your role as leader. The Juno Retrograde is here for several months, inspiring you to bring some diplomacy into your everyday life. If you have been the source of the chaos, reel it all in and do not let your anger take over. This is a great period for learning and growing as you come out of this with new insight and more positive perspectives relating to your dynamic with others.

Gemini/Juno in the 5th House – The Juno Retrograde might be a bit of a downer for those who want to find something more solid with their casual romantic pursuits. Do not worry, this is a trial run of what you will be expecting for the Venus Retrograde and you will learn a lot about love in the next year. For many Gemini’s this period of time will be here to teach you to grow, to experience and to learn what it means to truly love and commit. There can be setbacks, but nothing worth fighting for is easy, so just try and keep your head in the game. Your opportunity for growth and change is right around the corner when it comes to the romance department. It will be an interesting year and an eye-opening experience to see just where you are in terms of approaching partnerships. How you view commitment in the long term and how hard you are willing to fight for those impossible connections.

Cancer/Juno in the 4th House – It all comes back to home with you as the Juno Retrograde brings a focus to the connections made at home or to the space that you consider to be most intimate. This is a perfect time to reconnect with family, friends and others that you have pushed away. Creating harmony, the Libra way will provide you a sense of progress when it comes to connecting. The Retrograde will want you to go back to your roots and might make you feel like a bit of a homebody. To the married folks, you will have to find resolutions within your personal environment. Any issues will be dug up by the retrograde, so be prepared. Again, this is not a negative thing, it will serve to enforce a bond and to help find ways to strengthen it. You will have immense courage and faith after this transit.

Leo/Juno in the 3rd House – Juno here wants to have someone to share their thoughts with and will become silent during the retrograde. Remember, that in order to get to the root of a problem, you need to discuss and share because it is the only way for partners to grow. Libra wants us to hear our partners and be respectful of their desires. This also applies to friendships. We need to treat everyone with respect, especially if they have not harmed us in anyway. Retrogrades are a moment in time that allow us to focus on an issue and learn from them. Vocalize your hurt, your truths and reassure your partner with your words. This should not be an issue for the aristocratic Leo, but it will take a lot of pride for you to show your vulnerabilities and weaknesses to others.

Virgo/Juno in the 2nd House – A Retrograde in this house will make you reconsider your position in the world, identity and worth. How much do you value yourself in these relationships? Are you putting too much energy or are you being selfish? You will be focused on your stability and any threats can push you to the point of ending a relationship. Virgo likes to analyze and dig for answers even when everything is absolutely fine. This retrograde should not be a moment of paranoia for you, so do not go looking for issues in a situation that is has no problems. Instead, make sure to think about how you are feeling and your happiness. Libra wants us to find the balance, but the Aries side wants you to think about how happy you are and what you can do to expound on it.

Libra/Juno in the 1st House – The Juno Retrograde will be in your sign. No need to panic since this is just a period of evaluation in your interpersonal relationships. If you have been a bit of a pushover, now is your time to find some qualities that your sister sign, Aries will applaud you for. It is your moment to take control, discuss issues that you might be having with your partnerships and bring about plans to fortify this union. On the flipside, this is a period of time in your life that makes you think of the wonderful qualities your partner has and you will respect them more for it. The Juno Retrograde can bring ends as well as create stronger ties. You are the master of balance and understand the philosophies of unions. Trust your gut in determining which side of the coin you are on.

Scorpio/Juno in the 12th House – This will be a very intense retrograde for you because it will bring your detective skills here in order to break away from those potential romantic partners who are not worth your time and effort. In this house you will have less of a propensity to forgive because what is ended here, has no power to return. The Juno Retrograde will open your eyes to what truly matters when it involves intimate partners. This is also a great position for an evolved union with a partnership that builds upon trust, love and hope. Your partner, if they have the best interest in you, will help you find yourself and grow even in the toughest times. With Mars entering Capricorn, your investigative skills will be unmatched, as you decide whether those you are dealing with are truly friend or foe.

Sagittarius/ Juno in your 11th House – Here you might experience friction in your friend circles as well as with those who you meet. Make sure to bring harmony and not promote divisiveness. You will see those who are loyal to you as well as the ones who do not have the best interest in you or your accomplishments and hopes. Juno in Libra retrograding will teach you to approach situations involving your closest friendships with grace as well as disconnecting from those who are no longer being positive influences in your life. The ones causing stress and pain, you will have less tolerance for. This is a moment of forming even tighter bonds with people you have had years of friendships with as well as establishing boundaries with those who are no longer on the same wavelength as you.

Capricorn/Juno in the 10th House – A Juno Retrograde here will highlight those relationships through work and career. Your connections might be diminishing, or you might feel like you do not have a greater hold on them. With Mars entering your sign, you will get that extra push needed to keep powering through and show those in positions of power just what you are made of. Juno here can also depict that you might be in a position of control and will need to be more peaceful to your fellow co-workers. On the flip side, your passive nature could be pushed as you become more tempted to take on more aggressive tendencies to show just how capable you are. Remember to center yourself because burning bridges is never a good thing to do in a work environment. Practice diplomacy and be patient.

Aquarius/Juno in the 9th House – It will be an interesting time as you apply your ideology into your partnerships. There can be a great focus on expressing your freedom or wanting your partner to conform to your philosophies when it comes to most matters. A Juno transit here wants to break free but remain connected through a spiritual connection or mentorship. You will want more from your partner, an expansive quality that will make you want to change your perception. Communicating to your partners your wants and needs can be the first step in this. Choosing the route to escape and break away might not be the best solution because it will leave the matter in the air.

Pisces/Juno in the 8th House – You are the eternal dreamer and love as well as romance always manages to bring some joy into your life. This Juno Retrograde impacts you in a way that will relate to overcoming some unfinished business relating to past or current partnerships. These links can be associated with deeper ties, so many of you will experience this with romantic partners and how your relationship currently stands. You may have resorted to utilizing power tactics to take the reins in a situation. Be sure to understand how the power dynamics are working for you and if there are any negative qualities that need to be changed, such as manipulation or lying (with either you or your partner) this is the perfect time to make changes right before the Venus Retrograde. These are all lessons that will help us become better partners.

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