What 2020’s Full Moon And Lunar Eclipse In Cancer Means For Each Sign

2020 will bring about the first Full Moon which is a Lunar Eclipse in the year in the sign of Cancer on January 10th. Eclipses are a time for much needed transformation and change. Whatever is not serving you will be removed or there will be a new mentality when it comes to viewing it. Relationships will evolve and this means either romantic or just one on one since Cancer is a very connected and nurturing sign. The Capricorn Stellium is currently destroying and rebuilding, so it can be a pleasantry to have this water sign provide some guidance as we see our worlds restructured.

Aries – The eclipse will light your home, and this means that any unresolved issues may surface but you will be offered the opportunity to bring peace. With Mars in Sagittarius, you will have the tools to bring solutions and will not be afraid to vocalize what you want. Taking action during this transit is favorable as it will ignite those who have been in a slump. As always, you should try to be cautious with what you say and focus on bringing peace and reflection to your life.

Taurus – Growing is on your mind as you reflect on what has happened in the previous year and try your best to make sense of what this year has in store for you. The Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer brings clarity and positive visions that will serve as guide for the next several months. You will also be on the go as you take short trips to many different places during this transit. Learn from these experiences and use your focus as well as inspiration to keep developing your craft.

Gemini – 2020 will bring focus on your values as Saturn shifts into the sign of Aquarius. With the Full Moon in Cancer, you might question your accomplishments and failures. There will be some adjustments needed in order to see a greater change in the future. Take this time to analyze and focus on how you are going to carve your path moving forward. Letting go of possessions and even people that no longer serve you might also help bring a new perspective.

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Cancer – The Lunar Eclipse in your sign will be a potent time for you since it will kick off karmic events and transformation. Normally, the effects last for several months or up to a year. This is a big way to kick off the year and the focus will be on your self-discovery. Consider this your “I” moment and how the problems that you have faced or will face will shape you. Focus on what makes you happy and on what you would love to accomplish and get to work.

Leo – January will be a period of rest and reflection as the Full Moon will make you want to be a bit of a hermit. The hectic pace that everyone is feeling will make you even more inclined to escape and to just stay in your own little world to reenergize. It might feel like a contradictory energy with Mars in Sagittarius sparking joy and action but this Full Moon bringing you calm and peace. Find the balance that will best serve you for the next couple of months.

Virgo – It will be a great time to reconnect with friends and meet new people as this Full Moon in Cancer makes you a social butterfly for the next couple of months. For those Virgos who have felt as if they were in a slump without any fun, the times are changing. Be prepared for a year filled with excitement, adventures, and inspiration from new friends and potential lovers you meet. Enjoy this spark of excitement while it lasts.

Libra – As in most of my readings for you the last coupe of months, your hard work will come into focus and this Full Moon in Cancer will put you at the center of it all. Expect the pressures and the happiness that will come with this transit. The test has been tough for you, but with the hard work that you have put in, you should receive gifts. To those who have slacked, there is still time for redemption. Focus on what you want and you will definitely get it.

Scorpio – With the Lunar Eclipse you will be inspired to start a new journey. You will crave this transformation, to shed yourself of your old skin and to look at the world in a new light. Either travel is on the horizon for you, you will find a new mentor or there could be a new opportunity to learn something new. Going back to school is an option, but with Mars in the sign of Sagittarius you might be analyzing just what you are willing to spend on. You could also be potentially thinking about an investment that will contribute to your spiritual and mental growth.

Sagittarius – It might have felt like a very constricting couple of years with Saturn making you reevaluate your possessions and your place in the world. With the Full Moon in Cancer you will be inspired to make changes regarding what you have of value. Do not be afraid to dream and to share whatever your hopes are. Spend less and save more because you will need this insight as you progress through the Saturn transits. The guidance of this Full Moon will help you with that

Capricorn – This Lunar Eclipse will have you reevaluating all your past relationships, especially if you are single. For those who are in current relationships, this transit can either strengthen or crumble all that you have built together. This is the perfect time to be honest with what you want in your future and what will benefit you. Reflecting during this time will allow you to see how you have also wronged others. So be true to yourself and work on what needs to be changed.

Aquarius – With the Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer, you will be encouraged to be more focused on you. This New Year will have you thinking about methods of self-improvement both physically and mentally. It will be highly beneficial since Saturn will soon be transiting your sign this year. Finding activities that will help relax your mind, such as meditation or yoga can really make an impact and change your mood.

Pisces – This will be a time of joy for you. What has been stressful for you will now be resolved. This Lunar Eclipse in fellow water sign, Cancer will jumpstart your year. You will come together with the people that you love and bring joy into your life. Doors will be opening and meeting new people will bring you peace of mind. The loneliness you might have felt will dissipate as you look forward to the new adventures and changes in your life.

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