What Jupiter’s Move To Capricorn Means For Each Zodiac Sign

On December 2nd, Jupiter will leave optimistic Sagittarius and will be in rigid Capricorn. With the Saturn and Pluto already in Capricorn, Jupiter joining them will be a much-needed reprieve. However, this does not mean that we will have it easy. A time to focus on how our actions are impacting our lives. Saturn wants us to rid ourselves of the old ways and Jupiter wants us to learn and be better. Jupiter in Capricorn can bring endings to many things that will pave the way towards much needed new beginnings. Saturn and Pluto will clean up the house and Jupiter will get rid of any residue. We have to be open to the energies here because they will be able to bring about transformation. Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) will continue to face their challenges, but they will feel empowered to go through. Everyone will feel both the good and the bad of these transits, but we all have to make the effort to benefit from the good and learn from the bad so that we don’t repeat them during a Retrograde. Trust, have fun and enjoy the upcoming gifts that the new decade will bring.

Aries – Jupiter in Capricorn comes in with a bang for you as you begin to kick-start your vision regarding who you want to be and how hard you are willing to fight for your dreams. This will not be an easy transit for you considering that Saturn is still in the sign of Capricorn, but it will bring a much-needed break that will allow for you to recharge and power up. Set your intentions, conjure up a plan and go for it without any fear. Aries is a sign that is willing to fight for what they want, and this will help you achieve the impossible during this transit.

Taurus – You will have the gift of wanting to explore more. With this transit, you will be open to new beginnings, new attitudes and a more flexible mindset. Use this opportunity to expound on things you want to master by learning more through books, mentors or even watching some visual content. Although this can be quite a new and you might be a bit apprehensive to vie into these waters, trust that what you will learn will open up new gateways and doors in the next 12 years of this cycle.

Gemini – Jupiter in Sagittarius was a fun ride while it lasted for you. You may have met interesting people that had the power to broaden your horizons, but now you are reverting the focus back to you with this new transit into the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter in Capricorn will allow for you to navigate into the realms of your mind and it will help you create order in the financial sector. The abundance that Jupiter will bring during this transit will bring new opportunities to gain more, but the temptation to let go or spend will also be conflicting. Mastering balance will allow for a successful 12-year cycle.

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Cancer – A moment to meet the people you have desired. Jupiter in this sign brings you closer to people you will meet in the next 12 months. They will feel sincere, driven and they may even light up your world in the process. Jupiter here brings some challenges because you might suffer from some optimism, but it will be needed since you have endured enough of Saturn. Trust that everything will play out the way you want it to and do not be afraid to open up your heart.

Leo – This is quite a lovely placement in my opinion and in transit, it will power you through and keep you working hard and being motivated. The environment will feel somewhat pleasant at work. People will come to you for advice and you will be motivated enough to offer help. With Saturn here, there could be moments where you feel that your social life is going down the drain but fret not. You will have lots of fun and everywhere you go, the excitement will follow. With Venus also in Capricorn, you might feel more motivated to do more work and but yourself more things as rewards.

Virgo – Jupiter here will bring joy and excitement in the next 12 months, but it can be a double-edged sword if you decide to hop right into a relationship. Capricorn forces you to pause and get things done first. Make sure you have worked through any issues before leaping, but we know Saturn will allow you to come to your senses. The benefits here are also tied with experiencing new people, events and a rise in creativity. Be wary with the choices you make now, because they might feel incredible at the moment, but you could regret them afterward.

Libra – As a Cardinal sign, you can benefit from a Jupiter placement in one of the big 4. In the sign of Capricorn, you will feel the benefits at work and in the safety of your home. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone in 2020, but it is all good since we know you need the break. This is a good time to take into account all that you have accomplished and all that you can still do. Work through your plans, fight for what you want and make sure to have the game-winning move that will allow for you to reclaim the throne at the top. 2020 is looking bright, you just have to make sure to put the fighting spirit into what you want.

Scorpio – Your impact next year will be felt with Jupiter in Capricorn. This can be a moment where you rise above and show people just what you are capable of. Words will have more of a meaning to you and your motivation will allow for you to get what you want. During the Jupiter in Sagittarius transit, you built on yourself and claimed what was rightfully yours. In this upcoming transit, you are putting into practice what you have learned and have set out to get more. Trust that you will come out winning and everything you want will flow naturally for you.

Sagittarius – Saturn in Sagittarius wrecked your spirit and shook your heart, soul and now you are trying to recalibrate even if Saturn is now in Capricorn. The wounds are still fresh but with this transit, you will now regain some sense of control to pursue what you want and keep fighting off challenges. The foundation for what is to come starts in this transit because you have worked hard for what you have will see these rewards manifest before your eyes. As the sign that is ruled by Jupiter, activate its power by believing that 2020 is yours to claim.

Capricorn – It seems unfair that Saturn is still in your sign, rocking your world and creating a darkness in a time that you should be seeing the light. On the bright side, you are in your element. The Children of Saturn will know that what they have and what they dream of will always be fought hard, so this is no different. Jupiter in your sign will definitely bring you much-needed luck, but it will be in the form of Saturn, it is slow, it makes you focus and forces you to be patient. Keep working hard, keep your eyes on the prize and you will reach the top.

Aquarius – Another wonderful spot for Jupiter in my opinion. Jupiter in Capricorn will alleviate any fears for you in the upcoming year. It will build you up so that nothing can tear you down when Saturn is in your sign. Accept the gifts that will be provided to you because they will be in secret and after the transit, you will wonder what even happened. Jupiter here cuts out what you no longer need and although it is not known, towards the end you will see how much lighter things feel for you. The best gifts are kept a mystery, you’ll see.

Pisces – This transit will be exciting and filled with much to learn. Here you will encounter many people who will teach you a lot. Happiness will be achieved through connections because these interactions will lift you up, especially for those who have felt like they have been neglected. Jupiter in Capricorn will awaken you to your own creativity and capabilities. Who you are at the beginning of this cycle will break down and become born again towards the end. A much-needed transformation is on the horizon, trust that it will bring you with knowledge and success for the next 12-year cycle.

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