What Each Sign Can Take Away From The New Moon In Sagittarius

The New Moon in Sagittarius makes its appearance on November 26th, 2019. The battle continues as we handle Mercury Retrograde’s shadow period. Luckily, this is happening during Sagittarius Season, one of the most important times of the year because it is right after the challenges of Scorpio Season and the grounding energy of Capricorn Season. Here is the time we can pick ourselves up, move forward and bring out that confidence that was abandoned in Leo Season.

Aries – Claiming your power and control as the New Moon begins to give you that energy needed to have peace of heart and mind. The Full Moon in your sign caused some new insights and knowledge that was a hard pill to swallow. With this energy shifting, you will learn more and finally remove the obstacles that have been blocking the road ahead.

Taurus – The New Moon in Sagittarius brings a sense of relief as you stop obsessing over financial issues and take new methods to improve them. This is a Moon of action, trust and confidence. Your plans that are set now will bring you luck and good fortune. Appreciate the gifts that this Jupiter transit will leave before the sign shifts to Capricorn on December 2nd.

Gemini – You have probably had a very interesting year meeting new people with interesting personas and qualities. Now, with the New Moon entering this sign, you will feel like you have to make a choice about the type of people you want in your life for the next decade. Venus, Sun and Jupiter in this sign might make it feel a bit cloudy, but with all the vibrancy and pleasant energies, you might not want this transit to end.

Cancer – A time to reflect on all the hard work you have put through this year. You will feel your rewards coming in thanks to this New Moon as well as the Venus and Jupiter conjunction that will provide some nice gifts before Jupiter transitions into Capricorn. It will be a pleasant time filled with less stress and some relief on your end. Plan accordingly for some much needed rest and recovery.

Leo – This New Moon will open you up to new experiences, hope and an abundance of much needed optimism. Before Jupiter does its last rounds in the benefic sign of Sagittarius, you will feel the pleasantries associated with it during this holiday season. Prepare to shine brightly, to be more extroverted and to claim your crown. Use your inspirations to start new things that will help you flourish.

Virgo – A blessing in disguise can be associated with this New Moon in Sagittarius. You have gone through some rough patches in the last few months and now it is the time to have some grounding into your life. There will be a lot of analyzing for you as you think back on your choices. Stay firm with what you wanted and do not let fear make you think back on them. Take it easy and do not be afraid to hide away from the world to do some inner healing.

Libra – The power of this New Moon will have you bring up all forms of thoughts, but you will have answers to themes that have been prevailing your life since September. It might feel like a bit of déjà vu, but this is just Jupiter getting ready to depart from Sagittarius. Get your mind in order, feel open to explore new horizons and whatever has been stressing you out, put down in paper and review during this shadow period.

Scorpio – Jupiter and the New Moon will provide you with gifts right before they move onto Capricorn. Appreciate the knowledge you have acquired in terms of self-love and growth. The abundant energy of Sagittarius will manifest into more material things for you as well as a potential increase in wealth. The Jupiter and Venus conjunction empowers and enlivens you. Bask in this energy before December 2nd but you will feel the effects months from now as well.

Sagittarius – It might feel like a bittersweet moment, as your ruler moved into strict Capricorn. Many of you might have felt that this Jupiter transit was not as hyped up as it should have been. Don’t fret because this New Moon will provide you with clarity, guidance and a gift for your struggles this year. Everything that happens is for a reason and think on how powerful you have gotten. Continue to be optimistic as you become acquainted with this new version of you. Luck is still on your side, so rejoice.

Capricorn – You are just weeks away from experiencing some shifts in your energy when Jupiter moves into your sign. The New Moon on the 26th will provide you with guidance and push you to think about yourself for a bit. Capricorns have endured this past year with losses but now it is the moment to experience much-needed gains. The message here is to retain your optimism, as things will get brighter. The New Moon shines a light in the dark road you have been following. Happier times wait for you.

Aquarius – Aquarius enjoys a little fun and excitement and this New Moon puts you in center stage and embracing your element. You love being the face of a movement for change and this energy allows you to go forth and lead. You are transforming into someone you feel comfortable in and if that is not the case, this transit will make you feel more comfortable in your skin. The expansiveness of Jupiter will make you feel like the philosopher, ready to express their voice to the collective. Take the leadership role and power on.

Pisces – Sagittarius opens up your eyes and heart and this New Moon will brighten up your future. The Jupiter and Venus conjunction both inspire you and ground you enough to make a choice and to figure out what you want to do in life and how you want the world to view you. Take in the joy and love this transit will bring you. It has been a year of feeling hidden, but you will shine brighter than before and ready to take on the world.

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