What Each Zodiac Sign Should Prepare For This Scorpio Season

Scorpio Season is the time of letting go, cutting chords and thinking about you. This is the season of the Phoenix Rising or the Emperor coming back to reclaim their throne. Pick your battles wisely because those who have wronged you will be exposed by the light. The New Moon in Scorpio will grace us on Sunday, October 27th, 2019 and it shall definitely set the tone for what we will be expecting during this Mercury Retrograde. Unresolved issues will return to bite us in the ass. This is your time to focus, claim your prize and be fearless. The Scorpio is patient, observant and ready to wreak destruction on what you value the most. Why? Because Scorpio values loyalty and when that has been compromised, they want you to learn your lesson. Be cool and patient these upcoming weeks. If you have been wronged, you’ll get the last laugh and if you’re causing drama and hurt, you’ll be laughed at. Prepare for the battle but make sure to win it with grace.

Aries – Scorpio Season will be your time to feel motivated to take action. With the New Moon in the, you’ll have to accept some challenges and learn to officially let go. Take the losses, accept what little you have won and consider it to be a learning experience. Like the Scorpio, the Aries rises up like the phoenix after you have faced the darkest hour and have faced the toughest demons. While everything might feel like it is collapsing around you, there will definitely be a light at the end of the tunnel, just make sure not to deviate from your plans and focus on your goals.

Taurus – Your relationships will be brought to the forefront as you debate cutting chords or remaining in the same situation. This is a time of testing as you will see who will be up to the challenge of preserving your friendships. The energy this season will be heavy and with Mercury retrograding in the sign of Scorpio, you will also be able to meet up with those people that you have kept in the past. Prepare to make some tough choices regarding your independence as well as how you are able to handle co-dependent situations. The New Moon presents you with the opportunity to come to an understanding of your situations and you will feel empowered to reach answers you have been searching for.

Gemini – This is your opportunity to step things up if you have slacked off. The new Moon in Scorpio allows for you to take charge regarding what you want. A new sense of freedom will be felt as you earn the keys to change your destiny and fight for your calling. If you are in your desired field, you will work harder and show your superiors what you are made of. To those in school and are motivated to be at the top of the class, you will be relentless in pursuing your dream, assuming that you are filled with passion and desire to get to the top. The fearlessness will be brought about by this New Moon. Embrace the energy and see the gifts that you will receive afterwards.

Cancer – Finally, this will be an enjoyable time for you in the midst of what feels to be chaotic. This does not mean you will not feel the endings associated with the New Moon. For you, the ending of pessimism and the beginning of a better and brighter way of thinking. Enjoy the moments that will be presented to you because your optimism can bring about positive things in your sphere. This is a great moment to meet up with friends, have fun with them and to experience the moment you are in this point in history. Your creative abilities will be through the roof, so take the moment in and express yourself without any remorse or fear.

Leo – Your heart will be in the place where you feel the most comfort and joy. This New Moon pushes you to be surrounded by those you love and care for, to seek guidance in these cloudy times and to find your own truths. This will be a good time to practice some introspection and even take up some meditating to cope with everything you have faced this year. Remember, 2020 is only several months away, so it is in your best interest to take care of yourself, spiritually and physically. Leos will especially benefit during the retrograde, because you will be minding your business away from the drama. Take things with ease until Sagittarius season rolls in because that is when you’ll be back in action, thriving and feeling like you are in your prime.

Virgo – Your mind will be racing this time around as you feel the pressures of Mercury Retrograde and the New Moon wreaking havoc in your house of communication. Your thoughts might be in a dark place but you can always shift that to something better. Scorpio energy will allow for you to bring an end to the thoughts that have tortured or burdened you and pave way to better ways of communicating and thinking. This is your moment to feel empowered, especially for those who felt as if they lost their voice. You are sharper now, wittier and will take more chances. Traveling opportunities might come but not pan out since the retrograde will present obstacles and delays.

Libra – Saturn continued to make havoc but Scorpio Season will bring that calm after the storm. You know where you stand in the world, feeling slightly more confident in you and what you can accomplish. This is the moment you feel “flawless,” as you still are feeling the highs from your season. Given what you have gone through this year, you need this grounding period to appreciate your strength. Being resilient and continuously being graceful even through the hardest times is something that has people in awe of you and a quality that will being about some haters. Be patient as this New Moon may allow you to feel some doubt. Stay strong, fight and be courageous.

Scorpio – Finally, it is your season, the one we have all been waiting and dreading. Mercury Retrograde will be in your sign as well as Sun and Venus. You may feel empowered by everything because this is the time for your divine justice. Whoever has wronged you will come back to humiliate themselves once Mercury kicks in full gear. You feel beautiful, inspired and ready to take on the world. However, you might still feel the melancholy and the aches that the holiday season will bring about. Keep your chin up, believe in yourself and make sure to steer away from the drama during this retrograde period because you will then repeat it for the course of the next months. Don’t bring that negative energy to 2020, release and let it go.

Sagittarius – This Jupiter transit seems to not be in your favor for many archers out there. The idea is to continue to cling onto hope, even when you feel that everything has been lost or your dreams have all been shattered. The New Moon in Scorpio allows for you to truly think on what has happened to you this last year. You have grown, prospered and yet, everything you fought for seems to have crumbled. Fear not, archers, you will always have Jupiter on your side, inspiring and bring much needed hope. The greatest lesson you have to keep in mind is that life is forever forcing your evolution and as a Sagittarius, you will learn and find ways to transform as the pressures of time release you.

Capricorn – Your friends will serve as your saving grace during these times. You may experience some tough emotional setbacks, but you will find a way to keep it moving and getting things done thanks to the support of your close friends and family. This holiday season, you will learn to appreciate those who have done so much for you and that you have neglected. With Saturn still in your sign, it may feel like these upcoming months will be the loneliest for you as everything that has been planned goes the opposite direction, thanks to Uranus rocking your world. The New Moon will provide the people in your life to guide you during the rocky path for the next several months.

Aquarius – Gifts, recognition and praise are within your reach as we watch the planets all shifting into Scorpio. Take this energy and keep hustling, even when you feel your energy is depleted, keep dreaming even when there is no one there to cheer you on. Scorpio energy allows for you to succeed in what you want and get the praise that you rightfully deserve. Appreciate the joys and splendor that Jupiter will continue to bring before it moves into Capricorn. This is your time, enjoy it and keep doing you, regardless of what the world thinks.

Pisces – Surprisingly, you are suited to handle this overpowering energy. Pisces might indulge in the next month with all that will be happening. You will be learning a lot more and will find new methods to grow from the lessons that you have been taught throughout the year. The New Moon shines a light on what you may consider to be new goals that will allow for you to reach your next transformative phase, mentally and spiritually. Those who want to serve as guides for you during the next couple of months will help you evolve and mature. As we watch Saturn and Pluto coming closer in contact, you’ll benefit a lot from your newly acquired knowledge.

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