Here’s Your Zodiac Sign’s Horoscope For The Libra Supermoon

Supermoon: New Moon in Libra graced us on Saturday, September 28, 2019. This is much needed energy since it helps us to feel balanced or to strive for it. Reflect on what you have done throughout the year and make sure we are giving balance to the two areas in our life that seem to consume us. As an example, if we focus too much on work but forget about ourselves or home, we might want to bring that energy to balance and seek a meeting ground that will allow for us to manage both. You cannot waste too much energy on one thing because it can literally drive us crazy.

Supermoon: New Moon in Libra Horoscopes

Aries – Try to take it easy during this period, as you find a way to manage what Saturn is trying to teach you. The New Moon in your sister sign will allow you to have needed breakthroughs and adopt some of her diplomatic tendencies. Fighting will be something that you can still do, but you will benefit more from using your mind than your fists.

Taurus – With the Moon in a fellow sign of Venus, you will feel at ease as you experience the refined and stylish life. This is your moment to take things in, relax and expect the fruits from your intense labor. Working will be enjoyable now as you find the motivation to get things done and will be surrounded by a more mellow environment at work.

Gemini – You will feel your creative side intensify during this New Moon. Appreciate the gifts from this transit as they will allow for you to start and finish some projects you may have been considering. Take the plunge, have fun and be smart about it. Libra grounds and provides a balance even if it is an air sign. The fluidity of the Gemini will welcome the inspiration from this transit.

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Cancer – The major focus will be on the home front as you find ways to balance what you have learned from Saturn throughout the year. Learn the magic of diplomacy. You can get what you want without having to be domineering and controlling; many people will appreciate this from you. Power and control have been on your mind, but you need to learn to let go and not force things that are not meant for you. Libra is represented by the Scales. Rule with the mind and not with the heart.

Leo – It will be the perfect opportunity to get anything you have been hiding in your mind to find its way on paper. Your words will be serene, full of love and hope. Your friends will see you as a mentor and you will be ready to provide kind words of encouragement to them. The naturally gifted writers will express their talents through social media, poets, writers and other storytellers. This is the time to let those talents thrive.

Virgo – With Mars in your sign, you will be empowered to get things done, to be more critical, efficient and ready. Productivity is your middle name. This New Moon in Libra will allow for you to get the rewards from your efforts in the last couple of months. Keep working hard, strive for greatness and manifest the happiness and love you deserve (with a little extra cash).

Libra – It is your reign, you are the Emperor, the ruler and everything can go your way with a little hope and faith. Balance is something you strive for and the volatility of the New Moon will somehow give you that energy you have been striving for. Put the plans into motion, initiate and abandon fear. Saturn will want to restrict you, but you must break free and go. This is the time to experience, live and believe!

Scorpio – This is a magical period for you since Scorpio Season is closing in and Halloween is a month away. You are reclaiming your energy, setting boundaries and understanding that your power is potent. Scorpios this transit will be blessed with the magic of the Moon because you will be fearless. Establish your goals, dreams and hopes and let this be the start to the new era where you get what you want. Trust and believe in yourself, Scorpio.

Sagittarius – Your social circles will feel the oomph as the Moon graces you this period. It is a time to enjoy, to experience and to thrive as the Moon and Jupiter are in harmony in their respective signs, allowing a moment of clarity and serenity. Enjoy with others, experience this moment because you deserve it after the challenges you have faced in prior years.

Capricorn – It can be a challenging time for you as you still handle the cardinal forces doing a number on you, especially courtesy of your ruler, Saturn traversing through your ascendant. You’ve got this and you have been learning and fighting since the beginning of the year. The Moon here will make your achievements come into focus for the next six months. So if you have been feeling like slacking off, do not do it! Work as hard as you can but remember to not go to the extremes. Weekends are for resting.

Aquarius – A good moment to consider expanding your horizons, either with a good book or just meeting different people. Work will be more demanding for you, but you somehow know how to take it easy and go with the flow. Your serene nature and outlook on things will be quite beneficial to you this transit. Appreciating the beauty in the world and people will bring a calming sensation to a stormy year.

Pisces – How you manage your resources will present a great theme for you this time around. Luckily, none of the traumatic notions will be attached to it since the Moon will be in the same sign as Venus. There will be a calming effect as you brainstorm some new ways to prepare you for any financial situations that may present itself.

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