How The Full Moon In Pisces Will Impact Each Zodiac Sign

The Full Moon in Pisces will be gracing our lives on September 14th. Virgo Season is the opening of a can of worms. We are in the phase where we encounter what has been bothering us for quite sometime and this Pisces Full Moon helps to unleash it. It is interesting to see that Pisces can work magic and nightmares seamlessly. Ruled by Neptune, the sign knows no bounds as it forces us to dive into the surreal and take sanction in our dreams. Virgo represents practicality and Pisces wants what it cannot see. This Moon makes us feel as if we are trapped in a dreamscape that slowly manifests into a nightmare. Luckily, we still have that Earth energy but with Neptune in its domicile and the Moon close to it, we cannot help but feel as if we are being pulled into another galaxy.

Aries — A time of reflection and solitude as you decide to pick up the pieces or consider planning something you have either you planned on starting or taken apart. Get back to those projects you were passionate about and/or curious. Use this time to think and allow your intuition to guide you. Believe in your dreams/ambitions but do not succumb to those doubtful and self hating energies that can drain your confidence.

Taurus — This is a perfect opportunity to cut the chords with those people that have been deceptive to you. This Moon makes you very alert and although you might encounter some charmers who are snakes in disguise, be diligent and vigilant. Trust for you should be earned so do not let the facade seduce you. Practice patience this period and do not indulge as much because Venus will be in its domicile when she enters Libra.

Gemini — You will have to put a lot of hard work into getting what you want in the next six months when the Full Moon makes her appearance. Do not be fooled by what you see, dig deeper, analyze and do not work half way. If you must fulfill a project, put in 110% of the effort. It will feel like a tug of war as you find your footing between your ambitions and what you desire from within. Everyone must practice patience and scrutiny during this transit.

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Cancer — This will be a fun one for you as you seek mentors that will aide in your self improvement. There will be some inspirational moments where you’ll want to help others with the knowledge that you have attained. You’ll be intrigued by different people you meet during this transit who might appear as something more when they may not be what you envision. As much as we all want to escape and wear rose colored glasses, we need to first be practical about the choices we make and this applies to the people we meet as well.

Leo — Pisces energy will make you ponder and dig deeper into your psyche when the Full Moon arrives. This can be a tough ship to sail in, especially with Neptune already gliding through your Piscean House. Take charge and make sure to channel your bright Leo energy to get you through this. It can feel like a house of horrors but you have the mental strength to handle anything. A ruler does not get intimidated easily. Keep the crown on.

Virgo — This is your season and time to shine but you might put yourself in a rut with the self criticism. Give yourself a break and reconnect with people in your life. The Full Moon makes you more open to harmonizing friendships, to seek peace and show those who mean the world to you how strongly you can love. While everyone else is clouded by Neptune’s mysticism, your general practical nature will make you somewhat immune to this. All you have to do is open your heart a little more.

Libra — Your work ethic will be unmatched during this Full Moon. Be careful of those with the soft voices and sweet personas that might want to dump extra work on you. Stay on top of your game and watch where you step. With Venus entering your sign on the same day, you’ll feel very much at peace which will help you channel the Full Moon’s energy with a little Venusian flare. You’ll enjoy the pleasantries and the good vibes of Venus while working harder at your job.

Scorpio — Water energy brings you at a higher energy plane. With this Full Moon in Pisces, you will be thriving while the rest of the world dives into anxiety. You are in your element and will feel a surge of excitement, fun and creativity as you mingle and indulge in the exciting things life presents to you.

Sagittarius — Pisces makes a Square to your sign so it will feel like a power struggle with the Full Moon in that sign. There may be a bit of pressure in the work front and at home as you find ways to preserve your sanity. Luckily, Jupiter, your ruling Planet is still making its final months through your sign which will allow for you to shake it off. However, you should still hustle and work as much as you can so you can be honored for your efforts.

Capricorn — Your mind will be in a nervous state but you might feel used to this as Neptune continues to transit in the sign of Pisces. Creative flows are beneficial as you can easily gain more recognition if you are employed through Publishing or do any freelance writing. Capricorns will be more studious, analytical and will plan on how to get what they want. This season and the Moon will push you further than ever.

Aquarius — This is the time to find ways to save. With the Full Moon you will be more prone to analyzing your expenses and how to better them. Do not indulge in things you cannot afford and remember your strengths as well as your worth. Virgo Season allows for you to bring about much needed stability, so we have that in our favor. As a sign that is ruled by Saturn, you’re not afraid of hard work. Keep at it and don’t fall for the illusions.

Pisces — With this Full Moon in your lovely sign you might fall under the illusions of Neptune. Luckily, you can thank the harshness of your sister sign to help you break through the smoke and mirrors. Set the goals, fight for what you want and do not become susceptible to negative thoughts. Be critical, plan and move forward. If you have a practical idea or plan, put it into action. Take charge and fight.

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