What Each Zodiac Sign Should Take Away From The Full Moon In Aquarius

What Each Zodiac Sign Should Take Away From The Full Moon In Aquarius

The Full Moon in Aquarius was on August 15th, 2019 but we will still be feeling the zany effects. Aquarius brings the courage needed to show your individuality. Aquarius will represent the dream, the goals we aspire to because Aquarius is the philosopher and visionary. With this energy, we rebel towards everything that is holding us back from thriving. We need to accept the challenges, face them and fight back with our individuality. Make a statement with who you are but first empower and believe in yourselves. On a different scale, this energy can trigger ends to negative thoughts and new beginnings of positivity. Apply this and make a change to the world.

Aries — Good time to reach out and connect with friends as you are living it up during this Leo Season. You will contemplate the future now that the party moments will come to a halt when planets shift to Virgo next week.

Taurus — Finding courage in your work and craft has proven to be a challenge this season. Get the focus back by practicing a new mantra where you believe in you. Taking risks can be fun but faith is a must.

Gemini — Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box but make sure to back up your beliefs with some facts if you decide to present these thoughts to the masses. This is a good time to reach out to others and expound on what you are curious to learn more about.

Cancer — Facing those fears will be easier this time around during the Full Moon. The nightmares might feel like they have come to life but you have to keep your head in the game. Use those fears to channel them into a new project. You can get those benefits later on in the year.

Leo — Understanding the importance of your independence will come to play now as you try to extract yourself from the grasps of the hold others may have on you. A perfect moment to exercise your freedom and do things on your own.

Virgo — You have been pressured this year to retreat and lay low but this Full Moon energizes you and makes the energy you’ve grown accustomed to more bearable. Coming to terms with your flaws and strengths has shaped you to take on many things without any fear. You will finally be unchained from your self-doubt.

Libra — A time to enjoy yourself as you claim the spotlight in social events. You radiate confidence and are more magnetic than ever. Melt in this energy as you morph into a stronger version of yourself when Saturn shifts to Aquarius.

Scorpio — This Moon allows you to break free of anything that has been holding you back. It will force you to retreat and hibernate at home but this is not a show of weakness, instead, you will harness the great power for now as you prepare to unleash this to boost your career.

Sagittarius — We appreciate when Sagittarius feels inspired and decides to pontificate. Make sure not to throw your opinions at people. This is a good time to stop your self-doubt when it comes to your ideas. This is a time to tap into your studious side as Jupiter will incite some curiously and motivation to learn more.

Capricorn — Debt will cause some panic and fear during this Full Moon. Set new plans, read and educate yourself on how to best handle your money in order to thrive. The lessons learned now will greatly benefit you for 2020.

Aquarius — You’re the star of the show, the life of this Saturn in Capricorn party. We all look to you for guidance and now you will have your moment in the Sun this Leo Season. This Moon will take you to the next levels where you will achieve and succeed if you have faith in you.

Pisces — Many ideas will present themselves as you overthink and do not take action. Do not set yourself up for failure by presenting doubt in your plans. You have this. When the planets shift to your sister sign, Virgo, you’ll be re-energized and will feel the confidence once again. For now, take action with your dreams and have fun.

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