This Is What Each Zodiac Sign Can Look Forward To During Leo Season

This Is What Each Zodiac Sign Can Look Forward To During Leo Season

After a tumultuous Cancer Season, we find our footing this Leo Season. We learned, we are still working on us and we have accepted the pain in order to grow. Growth was the general theme of Cancer Season, but it related to emotional growth and some self-love and care. That was the time to purge what was not serving you. We tend to forget that because it is a Water Sign, Cancer represents Cardinal energy. This was the opportunity to take off, to not be afraid of the challenges ahead and to start anew. However, now we enter Fixed Energy in Leo. This is one of the best seasons of the year because you have that needed ego boost. Leo and Taurus energy represent the “Treat yourself” mantra. Learn to love you, respect you and do not be afraid to do you! Take charge this season, be bold, be brave and be open to love.

Aries — Leo Season helps you reclaim your throne and with these pesky transits, you’ll most likely feel the ongoing battles in the home and work front. As Mars, Venus and Sun shift signs, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to take on challenges presented your way. This is your moment to step up to the task, especially those who have felt their energy dwindling. Leo Season wants you to fight but in a graceful way, not the Martian way. Either way, you should still watch your tongue, because it can come out harsh and forceful this time around as you feel unrestrained. Still, you should focus on practicing kindness and thinking before you speak. Appreciate this moment to allow yourself the freedom you need to take some self-care. A weekend getaway might do you wonders if you feel tensions flaring

Taurus – Your focus this month will want to reconnect to your roots, and you will shine brightly because of it. Taurus will be staying put this month, preserving their energy in order to work up their big plans for the upcoming months. With the New Moon in Leo back in July, you (hopefully) asked the right questions and received the answers you have waited for. Now you will put in the work and get your game face on as you pace back and forth in your domain where you are naturally the Emperor in charge. Mercury’s peskiness might present some challenges to you (and everyone else) in terms of forming a reliable plan. The structure will be changing constantly, which can lead to some frustrations, but you’ll get it together. Once you get things rolling, you might see the fruits of your labor later this year.

Gemini – It will be easier for you to express yourself during this season. You are already known for your quick wit and undeniable charm, but Leo Season magnifies it. People will listen to you more as you have more of the ego to back it up. Your social life remains as enviable as ever as you continue to meet more people and reconnect with others you may have lost touch with. With all of this fire energy booming, it seems like the perfect opportunity to get your creative ideas out there for other people to appreciate. Who knows, you might even attract the eye of someone connected enough to give your creative career a boost. The main lesson we all should follow this time of year is to trust and believe in ourselves. That’s what makes the Leo spirit wonderful.

Cancer – As a Cardinal Sign, you will be feeling like a weight as been lifted after powering through your birthday month. Sure, you may be used to this energy already, but it might have felt more restricting because of Saturn’s opposition to your sign. Everything fun and exciting might have felt minimalized as you still recover from the pressures of this entire year. Fret not, Leo Season is here to make things brighter and much more exciting for you. Cancers have matured and grown a lot during these transits, and now it is the time for a quick break. Your projects will see the fruits of your labor as you witness more opportunities popping up on your horizon. While the world might feel like it is in flames, as least you will have a nice present in the form of more money or easier access to increase your finances. Enjoy, give yourself a much-needed break and remember not to tear yourself down. Patience is a virtue, practice it,

Leo – The Sun is in your sign and you will feel the energy bursting through you which will annoy people and make them envious. Your season has arrived and with Jupiter in the same element, you are feeling yourself. You have been working hard and will continue to work harder, however, this will not keep you feeling gloomy. As a fire sign, you know how to act like a celebrity, and none of Saturn’s transits will stop you from manifesting your happiness. Remember, that this is all about you, so if you know what you want, do not let anyone or anything stop you from getting it. This is your time to believe, to fight for what you deem is right and to love unabashedly.

Virgo – With Mercury Retrograde’s shadow phase still going on, your words might be lost on others, so make sure to be patient as you wait for your messages to be understood. In time, you’ll see that things will be easier for you as the signs prepare to shift to yours before the end of the month. Once again, you will find yourself in a more meditative spot as 2019 has been somewhat of a low key year for you. With Jupiter bringing more a joyous and harmonious position to your home, you might be more accepting towards this energy that has kept you grounded. Virgos are not afraid of hard work and if it means compromising a social life to build on what you are passionate about, it can only bring you happiness. Leo Season will shower you with the compliments you have earned and the respect from others.

Libra – You are not one to shy away from attention, especially when it puts you in a good position. With the Sun in the sign of Leo, you are more magnetic than the norm and have more confidence in yourself as everyone wants to suddenly be around you. There is a presence to Libra this season as the fire signs link up to give you that glam vibe and the mental prowess to boot. Popularity is within your grasp as you begin the shift towards the end of this year move more into your favor. Cardinal Signs have faced the challenges, but you always know how to bounce back stronger than ever. Your energy may not be as loud as your sister sign, but we see you and we know you’re there being regal in your own right.

Scorpio – A Scorpio always commands respect and because you are a water sign, people generally seem to forger this until you step up and reclaim your spot in the limelight. Leo Season brings you into focus and people will notice your successes, achievements and your failures. The New Moon in this sign has opened the gates to what you will experience in the next couple of months, but don’t fret or be in fear. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get your prize, to move higher in your career and to learn how to be more comfortable in the spotlight. Money is your game and you will get it as long as you tap into that Lion’s energy and work, strive and claim what you deserve. This is a powerful time for Scorpios so keep doing you.

Sagittarius – Sagittarius accepts the fiery energy whenever it is accessible because it makes them stronger. You thrive on challenges but when the going gets tough and you lose track, it can really push you towards a downward spiral. Those who are blessed to be this Ascendant sign are still recovering from the punching bags of Saturn in Sagittarius, so this bursting joyous energy in fellow fire will make you feel alive and reborn. Leo Season brings you back to your archer roots as you envision what you want, set your mark and shoot your shot. The adventurous spirit will come through as the Sun, Mars and Venus give you the much-needed fearless energy you have been craving for in the past.

Capricorn – it is a conflicting time to be a Capricorn as you struggle through the tasks that your ruling planet has brought forth so far. To add to your ongoing drama, Leo Season can be a blessing and a curse. You will be dealing with your financial setbacks and planning to focus on how to grow from it. These are all lessons needed to grow and expand, which is the energy you will experience next year. You understand what it means to restrict and control, but things have not been going in your favor. Learn from these lessons now as you gear up for fellow earth sign, Virgo soon enough. One of the redeeming things about this year is that you now know how to survive all forms of challenges, which can only help make the next few years exciting as you apply the lessons you have learned to succeed even more.

Aquarius – With your sister sign bringing everyone to their feet and showering them with positive vibes and energy, you obviously will feel this impact as well; probably even stronger than everyone else. Here you see the warmth and kind flow that surrounds your life as you become more appreciative of the blessings you may have received. There are looming challenges ahead as your sign prepares to experience the Saturn lessons but for now, you are happy enough to accept the love and joy that this season brings. The New Moon taught you the importance of bonds and how having people around you to help when you need them is a blessing. Cherish those who bring you happiness and joy because it will bring you prosperity and further your successes.

Pisces – Very much like your sister sign, this period of time has made you want to retreat and focus on you and your betterment. These transits have taught you to mature and appreciate more those in your life who have stuck with you. Leo Season will make you work harder and be stronger as you take on more challenges and responsibilities. You will receive praises for the work you have put in. On the flipside, if you have slacked hard, you may suffer the consequences. To those Pisces folks that have worked hard, congratulate yourself by taking a nice treat yourself day because you deserve it. However, you will continue to work hard in order to see any good outputs. Do not stop the hustle and remember to wear your crown, even at work because that’s the way you get to become a boss.

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