What The July Eclipse Season Means For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What The July Eclipse Season Means For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

On July 2nd there will be a Solar Eclipse and a Lunar Eclipse on July 16th, 2019. Eclipse Season is here with us. Shedding the old self and waiting for the new you to rise. Cardinal Signs will be feeling this the most, especially during this Cancer Season. Accept the signs, wait for the transformations and expect to reflect a lot on what has happened this year and what you are expecting for the next six months. Inner trust and love are the general themes of this transit since the sign of Cancer represents power through love and reflection. Think, experience and do not be afraid to feel.

Aries — As a Cardinal sign you have felt the struggle this year since Saturn is still in Capricorn. With this eclipse, your home life will be experiencing some changes but nothing that should incite panic. There will also be some challenges regarding your goals and career path. Trust your instincts and stick to the plan, if you do not know yet, you’ll definitely get those answers you seek.

Taurus — It is time to be in tune with yourself. Opportunities could be on the horizon as you discover your talents and hone them. This eclipse season in the sign of Cancer will allow for you to embrace changes and you will definitely be more vocal. Your voice will be heard and will have zero fear when it comes to self-expression.

Gemini — During this Solar Eclipse you will come to terms that things must change when it comes to finances. Planning is key here as well as understanding. You might feel that your worth might be connected to what you own or how well your financial status is. That should not be the case, you are more than that. With Venus also transiting in the sign of Cancer, you will also feel moments where you will want to treat yourself. Practice self-control.

Cancer — Eclipses in your birthday era will probably incite some anxieties but fear not. This is the time for a much-needed regeneration as you begin to understand what you want in life and what makes you wonderful. Take this energy since it will feel very Aries in nature because it is on your Ascendant. You have been through a lot but hopefully you have learned the lessons. Be confident and don’t be afraid to feel and letting go.

Leo — As the Solar Eclipse transits in your dreamscape, you will get some much-needed insights that will allow for you to plan and resolve pending problems. Take this opportunity to relax and retreat from the impending chaos of the world. What seems to be awful now will be irrelevant in months to come. When the Lunar Eclipse hits, you’ll feel recharged through routine and work, so indulge in the tranquility that the moon will bring.

Virgo — This Eclipse season, you will be more social which can be strange for you since you probably have been spending time by yourself for the majority of the year. This transit you might lose some friends you have neglected but also make some new and powerful connections. Part of growth is learning from your past mistakes. Make amends with those you have ignored and if you need to let go of people, do so.

Libra — This is a powerful moment in time since you will feel the spotlight is on you. As a Cardinal sign you need to think before you act since this transit will magnify everything you do. With Saturn in Capricorn, it can feel harsher if news comes to the light or some social mishaps happen. Practice patience, prepare yourself and remember to be as diplomatic as possible. Saturn will reward your efforts and this eclipse will too.

Scorpio — Feel the excitement this eclipse season as you see the magic happen for you. Travel and higher learning could be on the horizon for you but given that this is happening in the sign of Cardinal Cancer, expect a mentor with lots of maternal traits ready to guide you to success on your new path.

Sagittarius — With the Eclipse in the sign of Cancer you’ll be concerned with issues that have followed since 2016 and persisted in 2018. This should be your year to finally put things that have plagued your mind to peace. With Venus in the sign of Cancer, it should make this transit bearable for you. By the time we enter Leo Season, you’ll feel rejuvenated and fulfilled. Have courage and find the strength to handle these obstacles because you can do it.

Capricorn — Another Cardinal force that has experienced the challenges brought about this year. With Saturn in your sign, you’ve been feeling the pain and the struggle but at the same time, you are getting stronger and more self-aware. This Solar Eclipse will alleviate some of the pressures as you begin to focus on others. Cancer Season teaches us about strength and love; make sure to express that love to the people in your life.

Aquarius — You will have a change of heart in regard to matters of routine. There will be a much-needed shift that will allow for you to reach your true potential. We are all learning to trust ourselves more but you also have to make sure you learn to trust others (a little bit). Sometimes we can succeed and thrive on our own but there are moments when we need some teamwork.

Pisces — This Solar Eclipse will bring about excitement to your life. You have experienced some low key months but now you’ll see that things will take a shift. Get ready to connect with new people, feel a bit of optimism, especially with Jupiter making some squares to your Ascendant and know to trust yourself, which is the general theme of this transit.

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