Here Is Your Zodiac Sign's Comprehensive Horoscope For June

Here Is Your Zodiac Sign’s Comprehensive Horoscope For June

The Sun in Gemini this year will have us feeling more communicative and there will be flashes of deja vu as we experience an odd Mercury Retrograde type of vibe. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the messenger or the planet of communication so we might feel like there is an overload of information. It is the Summer, so everyone will obviously be happier and excited. However, the New and Full Moons will make us feel a little more nervous and peaceful. Finding our balance will allow for more personal and spiritual growth. It is a time to take things easy and to not let our impatience dictate our futures.

Aries— A moment for Aries to connect with everyone during this Gemini season. With Mars in the sign or Cancer, you will experience some shift in the home front as you focus on getting more hands on with decorating duties. At work you will be more driven than before as the energy from Mars, it won’t be easy but you are not one to stop when things get tough. This is a month that will make you feel lively and more prone to celebrate with others. You will be focused on your style and how others see you, so you may be more inclined to spend more. Be cautious when it comes to your finances because you will regret it later on.

Taurus— You will relish in the fun and excitement that this Gemini Season will bring. Beauty is a major theme for you as Venus is your ruling planet and it is currently sitting comfortably in your sign. With the Sun, New Moon and Mercury in the same sign earlier in the month, you will benefit greatly from the information you will be receiving which will contribute to your planning stages as financial issues may be brought to light. Make sure to take it easy and focus on the goal. Patience is a virtue after all. Expect to be in the spotlight this time around and with transiting Mars in Cancer, you will feel the urge to travel or explore.

Gemini— This is your time to shine, Gemini as the Sun, New Moon and Mercury are in your sign. You will feel more vibrant and filled with new energy after all of the Cardinal energy has been dominating us this year (mostly from Capricorn). Gemini will focus on themselves, their needs and wants. It will be a time to work harder than before as Mars is in Cardinal Cancer, making us all focus and hustle especially when it makes an opposition to Saturn. Your creative side will flourish this time around, you will be more popular on social media and your birthday season will be filled with lots of love and harmony.

Cancer— There could be moments when you feel frustrated and angry since transiting Mars is in your sign. The frustration stems from the challenges you may have faced earlier this year that are being brought to light. Work has been filled with somewhat pleasant moments that will help succeed and have a good peaceful time with coworkers. With the Sun, New Moon and Mercury in the sign of Gemini, you will be more in a dreamlike state and will experience premonitions. The connections you will make with creative types will help inspire you more during this season, so make sure to socialize when you the opportunities present themselves since it can help boost your creative side.

Leo— Leos will benefit from Gemini Season since it will put them in the spotlight. Your social life will be vibrant especially after the New Moon has graced us all. With Venus in the sign of Taurus, expect to make people jealous of you as you will thrive during this transit. Everyone will want to know what you do, where you are going and what you have planned. Keep your plans to yourself to avoid any negativity your way. Let them admire and talk about you but make sure to keep your cool and grace.

Virgo— For many Virgos, Venus in the sign of Taurus might be a godsend. You will appreciate the Venusian energy as it makes a nice aspect to your sign. With the Sun, New Moon and Mercury in the sign of Gemini, you will have the perfect opportunity to shine. You will be praised for your hard work and dedication. New friendships with Aries types will pop up this time around and you may have an easier time to make friends and preserve them. The Summer makes it an easy time to meet new people and focus on self-care. You deserve the vacation and the breaks, so make sure to have fun even when you’re working harder.

Libra— For many Libras, the Cardinal energy with Saturn in Capricorn and Mars in Cancer will make you more motivated to work hard for a goal. Start a project you have been contemplating or dreaming about. This season will fuel your mind, giving you the energy needed to brainstorm. With the plans you create now, you can expect to see some magical returns. Like Scorpios, you too will be dealing with leisure and travel, especially for those Libras in the third decan. Some might be inspired to go back to school or read up more on a new trade that they might want to learn or pursue. Trust yourself and take the leap.

Scorpio— Travel is on the horizon this Gemini Season. You will experience some joy and pleasure this summer as the Sun, New Moon and Mercury are all providing that boost. Scorpios have been working hard this year, so take the opportunity to treat yourself. Transiting Venus in the sign of Taurus will provide some tranquility and comfort with those you love. It will also provide you with the Venusian energy needed to give yourself some self-love and care (you need it).

Sagittarius— Lucky Sagittarius will continue to experience the fun streak since Jupiter is still providing some excellent insight and happy moments. With the Sun, New Moon and Mercury opposing your sign, you will feel the need to connect more and seek a balance in most relationships. Make sure to not be selfish, to find a balance by listening to others and not trying to get your way. Gemini Season makes you more vibrant as many people will flock to you, creating the perfect opportunities to socialize and maintain the spotlight. Expect an increase in income or material things as your hard work will pay off.

Capricorn— With Mars in the sign of Cancer, you will expect some ups and downs with the people in your life. This could be a period to contemplate and consider who is problematic and how you can find ways to keep them at bay. As always, you will be working hard for what you want, but Gemini Season inspires Capricorns to put in more effort than normal. It must be the summer break that slows everyone down but makes you want to maintain your momentum. With Venus making a strong Trine to your sign, you will feel more alluring and beautiful. Social settings will have you feeling more empowered to reach out and socialize.

Aquarius— There can be some turbulence with work during this spontaneous season as you try to reach peace in the chaos. Luckily, with the Sun, New Moon and Mercury in Gemini, finding solutions to questions will be much easier than before. It will be easy for you to socialize and have fun as well. Family takes a big space in your life this time around as you will experience lots of harmony at home. Spend time with those who have provided guidance and find ways to express your love to them.

Pisces— You will be more pensive as the Sun, New Moon and Mercury enter the sign of Gemini. It would be a period to confront any challenges in the home front, as you analyze and meditate things that need changing. Friends will serve as a pillar this period, as they will motivate you to stay cheerful and happy. Pisceans will receive some insight on how to grow on their own, how to be more independent and how to trust themselves more. Gemini Season will provide more answers to those answers you have been looking for.

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