What To Expect From Mercury Moving Into Aries Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What To Expect From Mercury Moving Into Aries Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Mercury finally enters the sign of Aries on April 17th. After the fun (not really) times brought about by the Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, we allowed ourselves to fall into an illusionary mindset by practicing avoidance of pending issues that desperately needed to be resolved. For those fortunate enough to have worked through and learned from it, they came out stronger this Retrograde period because they understood the value of cutting out things and people that no longer are providing any favorable impact in our lives and most importantly they practiced the art of letting go. Pisces energy likes to cling and hold, they will apologize for things that are not good for them because they see the beauty in the ugliness and want to find the best in everyone and everything. With Aries, we cut ties and chords. We are not held back by anything because we focus on what works for us. Mercury is interesting in this sign, conversations point towards action. There could be times when we are ruder and may lack empathy, but this can be empowering to those who do not have the courage to just say no. Here is how the shift in Aries will impact your houses this period:

Aries: With Mercury in your sign, you are more vibrant, intellectual and have a tendency to put that foot in your mouth. Watch what you have to say because, with Mars in Gemini, your words can sting harder or provide encouragement to others. You can be the motivator and champion we all need with your insights, or you can be the enemy. Choose wisely.

Taurus: Mars in Gemini, it will allow you to consider your financial prospects where you take the initiative to do things right and work on getting yourself out of debt or financial headaches. Mercury in Aries, you may be compelled to go out there and treat yourself or to make yourself more focused and putting plans in action to get what you are dreaming about rolling.

Gemini: This is the time for you to engage more people with ease because Mercury in Aries makes you a star in any social setting. You take the lead, solve problems and have the charisma to charm everyone to sleep. Mercury makes a sweet aspect to Mars, which is in your sign, so don’t be surprised if you get things started through group ventures and all of your goals start to play out.

Cancer: Mercury in Aries will bring some really good things at work as long as you think before you speak. This transit gives you ideas needed to put plans forward at work and this could even impress those above. This could be favorable in the long run. Mercury making a nice aspect to Mars in Gemini taps into your subconscious, allowing you to work on some new projects that you may have literally been dreaming of. Trust what you have had in mind and make it come true with your words.

Leo: The Aries energy will make you feel enlightened this transit. It is a good time to consider higher education or travel since Mercury is in a fellow fire sign. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, you already feel creative so this transit will put the intellectual aspects in whatever projects you may be working on. This will be a beneficial time for you as it promotes spiritual and intellectual expansion this period.

Virgo: This transit has you dealing with issues you have been avoiding for quite some time. It can all be healed through working through it alone or seeking people you truly trust to help. The spotlight may become overwhelming as you are praised for the work you have done so far. This could be a moment when you find appreciation for those you love as you ascend to a more important and public role.

Libra: Your words this transit will make you more lovable and adoring. Speaking from your heart to those you love will be common during this transit. If something has been bothering you for some time, you’ll get the push needed to share it. Your fears will subside this transit, as you take on any challenges. Remember, use your words wisely since Mercury is in impulsive Aries.

Scorpio: Work will take priority during this transit or areas involving your health. This would be the perfect time to start meditating to help guide you through situations you may have found to be overwhelming. The financial setbacks you may have been dealing with will be resolved when you take the time to plan things out. Overall, take a break if you can or make time to meditate and relax. Breathe.

Sagittarius: Mercury in Aries makes you feel alive. Your creative energy will benefit during this transit so those in the arts or those who like to write will enjoy the impact of this transit. Put the creative energy to use because the beneficial rays of Jupiter can get things rolling for you. Keep your chin up and keep pushing.

Capricorn: There could be a lot of discussions with family members as Mercury in Aries pushes you to converse more or the overall theme for you this transit will be relating to home improvement. Mars in Gemini will cause some disturbances at work and with Mercury shifting to Aries this can either involve you taking a stand at work or watch and see how everything plays out. You control the chess board.

Aquarius: Mercury in your house of communication makes you think and travel more (travel domestically or pleasant short trips). This is the time to have fun, be more creative, reconnect with friends and have a good time making lasting memories with them. You will get some answers you want since your mind will feel powerful during this transit. Enjoy!

Pisces: Pisceans might be somewhat excited to see Mercury getting out of their sign. Those transportation issues will now stop and you have more time in your day to get things done. Mercury in the sign of Aries will put the focus on financial gain and success. You may be compelled to do research or plans to help you. With Mars making a good aspect to Mercury, you can use your knowledge to change your home decor. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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