This Is What The Full Moon In Libra Will Bring To Each Zodiac Sign

This Is What The Full Moon In Libra Will Bring To Each Zodiac Sign

With Mercury Retrograde still kicking our butts, we should all look forward to the Libra Full Moon this month as we gear for Aries Season to finally enter and absolve us of this draining watery energy (no offense Pisceans!). Mercury will be conjunct transiting Neptune, making us feel extra migraines as we power through decluttering our minds and solving things from the past that need to be put to rest. Learn from your mistakes, make an effort to push forward and start anew. Of course, we do not need the New or Full Moons to inspire us to make changes (but they do help).

With the Full Moon in Libra we can learn to balance, to renew our relationships with others, to forgive to love and to start. This Full Moon is the perfect balance needed for kicking off Aries Season. The Cardinal energy will allow for us to feel stronger and more inspired in ourselves and beliefs. This year has felt a bit on the sour side and with our first Mercury Retrograde transit of the year, things just are not as smooth as we would like them to be. It is best to remember to keep our changes up, keep pushing through and to appreciate our friends, families and partners.

Aries – The Sun will rejuvenate you as you finally feel awakened. Aries Season is almost here and you can feeeeeeel the energy empowering you. With that, you will also experience a new outlook which the Full Moon will present to you. The overall theme for you would be to find harmony and balance between nourishing your independent side and not letting others take you for granted. The Full Moon in your sister sign will remind you that partnerships are lovely, but you cannot allow yourself to become consumed by people that do not want the best for you.

Taurus – You want to work for the money and you will get that paper when you put the effort needed. Saturn and Pluto are teaching you patience and diligence, not that you are afraid of anything that involves taking your time. Take advantage of what this Full Moon will bring. Perfect your craft, keep going and if you are discouraged, keep working at it. Patience is a virtue, so stop being impatient. The effort you put in now will become a huge reward for you.

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Gemini – Libra’s Full Moon is going to be an interesting one for you, Gemini. You will feel motivated to conquer the world and initiate some projects. This is the time to appreciate the wonderful gifts that life has provided to you (even if you do not see them now). If you are feeling bummed, seek friends or family, anyone that makes you feel happy. Or better yet, do fun activities by yourself. This is a period of self discovery for you and lots of love. Aries Season will bring lots of excitement to you.

Cancer – This Full Moon, you will be inspired to work harder, play harder and just reward yourself for all you have accomplished so far. This is your moment and you are unapologetic. Home to you will be either in your physical home or your heart. Cancers will showcase their strengths and power as they navigate through the hardships that they have faced and appreciate the triumphs and successes. The next chapter in your life is in your hands, take control of your destiny.

Leo – Aries Season will inspire you to take a leap and have fun. After all, this is the month of Spring Break and the dark and gloomy winter season comes to an end. Leo loves and lives for the party, so it is not surprising that you will find ways to thrive and relax this season. Even if you are not able to literally travel, you will be a riot to be around. Your charm will attract many to you as this Full Moon makes you even more charismatic and alluring.

Virgo – You have a vision and this season, you will continue to plan on that vision. Lucky for you, the Full Moon will allow for you to get those financial goals happening. The process may be tough, but you are not afraid of challenges. Focusing on new hobbies might help ease some of the pressures you may be feeling. Settling debts, planning for the future and refining your goals will take precedent for you now. You must also remember not to obsess and to remain calm.

Libra – With the Full Moon in your house of self, you will be focused on your identity and how those perceive you. The year could have felt overwhelming so far because everything has been out of sync for you with so many squares to your ascendant by Pluto and Saturn. Thankfully, this transit will allow for you to feel focused and ready to take on what is next. Pamper yourself, flatter yourself and believe in what you are capable of because the spotlight is on you.

Scorpio – Consider this transit the perfect time to focus on you. Scorpio, you might consider taking a break from the world or seeking those people who you are no longer in contact (that you actually like!). With this transit, you have to learn to handle the pressures people might put on you, either friends or co-workers. Finding a balance is key. Work can become an outlet to release some of the stress you might be feeling, but you will be shining there through all of Aries Season.

Sagittarius – For those Sagittarius that are basking in the glory of Jupiter being in their sign, I have some good news for you, the party is still going. Use the boost of optimism to seek more friends, meet new people and get ahead with your plans. Even when you might feel defeated, you know you are still invincible. With Aries Season entering, you will bask in more connections and a flood of insight as you work on things you may have abandoned before but now feel inspired to finish them now.

Capricorn – The Full Moon in Libra will help motivate you and you probably feel like you needed a little push, especially after the tough conjunctions to Saturn and Pluto on your ascendant. You are weathering the storm, Capricorn so this Full Moon will be a blessing in disguise as your career house lights up for the next six months. Conflicts relating to your career goals and paths will be smoothed out for you. There will be enlightening moments as you plot your next big move to more success. Remember to think happy thoughts.

Aquarius – The Full Moon will make a trine to your Ascendant, allowing for you to feel alive once more since your birthday season has just passed us by. As Aries Season comes with fiery energy burning through, you will feel ignited by the smooth aspect of this new phase. Get ready to be the showstopper in the social circles. Your mind is vibrating, your words are precious, and the world will be captivated by you. Keep that energy going for the next six months, Aquarius!

Pisces – With the Full Moon in Libra, you now may focus on being more strategic and taking more control of your inner sanctum. This is the perfect time to consider removing things that are no longer serving you when it comes to achieving your goals. If you need to study and plan more, go for it. If you need to regain most of the energy you have lost, meditate. Put your plans into motion now because the impact of the Full Moon will continue for the majority of the year. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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