Here's Exactly How Each Zodiac Sign Can Survive March's Mercury Retrograde

Here’s Exactly How Each Zodiac Sign Can Survive March’s Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde on March 5th and will stay in retrograde until the 28th. We should all be used to this by now and the good thing is that it only lasts a month compared to transits that last up to TWO or more years. People stressing over this is quite amusing to me because it is one of those transits that happen the most. This Retrograde period is about growth, love, and healing. Old ways should be abandoned (or you should put the effort) and we should adopt healthy philosophies that promote being better people. Quick notes for each sign.

Aries—Take this time to relax, think things through and watch your tongue. You would not want anything you say now to follow you through the remainder of your birthday season. But do take a break from people who have been exhausting you and chill.

Taurus—You might suffer from miscommunicating with friends and family members or just everyone in your radius. Or maybe it’s just that no one gets how awesome your thoughts are. Either way, be as clear as possible with those around you so that you don’t get annoyed with the world.

Gemini—You might be frustrated since no one seems to get your ideas but this will prove to be a fruitful period of time for you. Accept your status as the wise one amongst friends, school or even work. Mercury gives you some much-needed insight while everyone seems to be frazzled.

Cancer—Considering taking a nice trip? Plan it now and go for it in the next few months. While Mercury is in Retrograde, you definitely do not want to take some crazy excursions. If you need to take a break, visit a museum, take up some yoga or work on that project you gave up on a while ago.

Leo—Tax season is coming up, so contemplate how you want those funds allocated. With Chiron and Mercury in such close encounters, you might feel a bit wounded this time around. Self-help books could become useful this time as you try to decipher dreams or just memories from the past.

Virgo—People might be put off by your disappearing act and might consider whether you value their friendships. Reach out, be that person that randomly appears during retrograde. Heal those old wounds and reassure the ones you love with your presence.

Libra—Mercury will add some frustration to your routines but you’re good at this, so it will not be such a big deal. Here you learn how to perfect things and redo them so that you will get the value months from now. Work hard and keep at it even if you aren’t motivated.

Scorpio—This is the time to relax and break free. To the artistic and creative scorpions, expect a lot of muses to inspire you. Your creative juices are flowing, and people flock to you this March. Social connections are highly likely as you make time to reconnect and steal the spotlight.

Sagittarius—Miscommunications at home can prove frustrating but this is temporary. This will help clear out the air and it will allow you to work on any family drama you have been ignoring. Take it easy, listen to others and take a book from Libra’s on this and practice being more diplomatic in your approach.

Capricorn—It is highly unlikely that you will be on time for anything this month. The world seems to be against you, or maybe its just time being complicated. Go with the flow, do not lose your cool. Mercury here will teach you some much-needed patience. Be clear, be concise and be patient.

Aquarius—This could prove to be a beneficial time for you as you see a surge of income from unexpected forces. While others might be losing their mind, you might actually benefit from this period as you get your finances in order and learn from previous spending habits and mistakes.

Pisces—You are on Cloud 9. Pisces Season may have started with upsets and disappointments, but you have noticed that things have stabilized and you feel Zen with the universe. Mercury has taught you acceptance, self-care, and love. This unconditional joy you may experience throughout the month will allow you to bloom and heal for Aries Season. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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