This Is Your Valentine’s Season Horoscope Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Valentine’s Day should be a day to focus on self-love since Venus really encourages that. Remember the themes from the Venus Retrograde involving the self and how our emotional reliance on others was probably not healthy. We need to learn to be comfortable with us and who we are first in order to appreciate and continue to receive the love, care, and trust from those around us. Self-love creates an attraction to other forms of pure and true relationships, this is the gateway to clarity and success. When we focus on us every once in a while and our needs, it is a step towards progress and growth. I am not a fan of one-sided relationships where one party gives and gives But doesn’t receive some reciprocity.

Of course, I am not condoning narcissistic love but it’s ok to let your ego thrive every once in a while. The issue with self-sacrificing love is that people tend to walk over those who wear their hearts on their sleeves. Take a step back, enjoy the relationships you are in but learn that you too need care and support. You should start to take time for you and enjoy as well as appreciate your accomplishments and successes. Failures are steps that have helped us learn and grow, so remember those as well. You are here because of your strength and fortitude so this Valentine’s Day remember that you’re worth a million bucks.

Aries: With Mars shifting to Taurus, you focus on yourself and well-being. Financial matters will take precedence for the next few months and you will be a superstar at school or work. Bask in the glory. This Valentine’s Day you are surrounded by people you love and adore, so appreciate all you have around you.

Taurus: Now that Mars is entering the first, you might be more reactive and driven to get things done. You take your time with things because you enjoy seeing results. With Venus lighting up your mind, you will be in a more social mood, sparking up conversations and impacting others with your words. You might also interact with foreign people this transit or plan an unexpected trip.

Gemini: A time to focus on what is to come, to learn from the past and find the strength to move forward. With Venus in Taurus, expect some income coming your way. This Valentine’s Day if you’re not single, expect it to be romantic and private. Single folks might rekindle a romance or learn what they want in a potential partner.

Cancer: You are vibrant and more social. It is easy for you to take center stage as you gear up for the week. This transit will allow you to engage with more people that will impact your social status. Your relationships will take a more serious tone as you contemplate what comes next.

Leo: Valentine’s Day is a time to show off how great you look to your partner and if you are single, to friends at a party. Expect to be noticed and appreciated. You will definitely enjoy this because it makes you feel recharged. You will be popular and will focus more on you.

Virgo: A time to reconnect with friends and have fun on Valentine’s Day and for the next month. You will be inspired and philosophical as you interact with new people and make a new friend. This is the time to either travel, take a vacation or escape with a nice novel.

Libra: Lovely Libras will want to beautify their home. With Venus in Capricorn, you will want to make your abode as cozy and loving as possible. This is also the time to settle on any debts. This Valentine’s Day could be steamy or just filled with lovey-dovey romance as Mars enters sensual Taurus, making things extra exciting.

Scorpio: Relationships come to the forefront as this transit heats up for fixed signs. Valentine’s Day will be passionate and exciting for you. You know how to romance and your words will be more lovely and hypnotic than usual. There will be a lot of emotional growth for you this transit which will inspire you to change some habits.

Sagittarius: Luxurious items might catch your eye as you struggle to close the purse. Valentine’s Day you might splurge on loved ones or yourself. You will understand what self-love means with this transit. Work will be your main focus as you continue towards your road to success. Pamper yourself because you’ve earned it but don’t go too crazy.

Capricorn: Capricorns will feel more glamorous as Venus transits your Ascendant. There will be a drive to look more presentable, so don’t be surprised if you splurge for an event or get pampered since this is your time to look and feel vibrant. Saturn puts a bit of a cloud in your first but Venus gives you a little more excitement and with Mars in an Earth sign, you feel the energy shift.

Aquarius: Home will take precedence for you this transit as you decide to host some festive events or intimate gatherings for friends and family. With Venus in Capricorn, you feel relaxed and introspective. This Valentine’s Day you might want to retreat into your own world with a special someone.

Pisces: With Mercury in your sign, you might feel inspired to dream and connect with others. With Mars in Taurus you are dreaming about romance and love. You are in the spotlight as you become more charming during this transit since your season is looming about. This Valentine’s Day don’t be afraid to express your love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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