This Is Where You Need To Focus And Invest Yourself In 2019, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This Is Where You Need To Focus And Invest Yourself In 2019, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries – Let go and let things be. This is your moment to rise up from the flames and take on every single challenge that comes your way. The tears are for 2018, the laughter and happiness for 2019. Make sure to focus on what you want and you shall see that the wonderful and beautiful things your heart desires will easily manifest. Believe.

Taurus – A new creative era will be entered, trust yourself. Whatever is meant to be will come easily, so do not try to force the outcomes or a situation to go your way. Do not push people or manipulate those around you. Practice patience and you’ll see how those answers will come seamlessly to you.

Gemini – Meditation will do you wonders in 2019 as well as getting more in tune with the world around you. Traveling can be on your horizon or just a new thought process will come to be. 2019 is the year where we learn to trust ourselves and what we are capable of.

Cancer – This is the time to focus on developing stronger partnerships and to get whatever business prospects you might have brewing going. 2019 is the year of expansion and riches, so connect and inspire others because it will help you in the long run.

Leo – 2019 will be the year of the Lion and everyone will want to hear you roar. The confidence of the Leo has been boosted and you are ready to take aim and action. This is the time for you to shine, enjoy the spotlight. Your words will impact, so think first before speaking.

Virgo – There will be a lot of work for you in 2019 but you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty. This is the time to show everyone what you are made of. 2018 might have made you feel as if you were being pushed back, but this was just part of the test for the New Year. Expect a stronger and braver version of you.

Libra – Exploring the world could be in your to-do list now and if you do not have the finances to take that trip, you can easily crack open a book and expand the mind. Learning is a wonderful thing to do in 2019 because it will help you grow and connect. This upcoming year, we will all be networking after the trials of 2018. Use your shine to make a difference out there, Libra.

Scorpio – This New Year, please leave the ego aside and make sure to watch your tongue. Your words bite and this is not the type of attitude we want to bring in 2019. The next year is about growth and expansion as well as healing those tough wounds. Be more mindful, courteous and humanitarian.

Sagittarius – Your main focus will be on how to fix the things that you own. You’ve learned a lot in the last two years because it has not been easy for you. Finally, it might feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Sagittarius is ready for the fight and the opportunities that await.

Capricorn – 2018 was a challenge for you since Saturn was welcoming you with open arms and her embrace was suffocating to many of you. Those were tests that you still need to learn but once you pass, you will be rewarded with great gifts that will extend to 2020.

Aquarius – You might feel like you want to crawl and hide from the world, but this is because you are just recharging the batteries before you have to take on whatever challenges the New Year may bring. This is the perfect time to be introspective, to read, to learn, to analyze and decipher. Dreams might be more important to you now as they will hold symbols that will guide you. 2019 will be the start of your metamorphosis for a powerful 2020.

Pisces – Social gatherings will take on new meaning for you next year. You will understand the value of friendships and families. Interpersonal relationships will come to the forefront and those who will not meet your standards will easily be cut off. 2019 will help you develop a sense of independence so that you can become stronger with the help of your best tools. Like Aquarius, you too will be going through a metamorphosis because the person you are now will be improved in the following years to come.

Here is to wishing everyone a safe and Happy 2019! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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