This Is What You Need To Understand About Uranus Moving Into Aries This 2019

This Is What You Need To Understand About Uranus Moving Into Aries This 2019

So far, 2019 has been riddled with surprises and planetary shifts that has everyone feeling mostly anxious. Mars in Aries is catapulting our dreams, fears and anger, New Moons on the horizon and now Uranus has stopped its retrograde. On January 6th, 2019, Uranus went direct in the sign of Aries and will enter Taurus on May 15th, 2019. This revolutionary planet going direct and in the sign of Aries asks for you to be more confident in acting wherever the energy is prominent in your natal chart. Break free from whatever has been holding you back; expressing those fears will not make it any better for you because it is just best to accept this powerful energy.

The following represent Uranus signs or the Houses that they are located in your natal chart.

Aries (Uranus in the First House): This is the time to liberate yourself from old patterns and ways. When the planet was retrograde, you were challenged to come to terms with the changes you needed to settle from within. Your new self is ready to shine through to the world. This is your moment now that the sign will shift to Taurus in a few months. As you prep for Uranus in a fixed sign, you will learn to value yourself and worth. Of course, make sure not to become impulsive when it comes to issues relating to your purse strings. 2019 will force you to learn what it means to value yourself and others.

Taurus (Uranus in the Twelfth House): For the last several years, the planet of Revolutions was hidden on your subconscious. You may have dreamt of your goals relating only to the wildest ideas. This might have made you scared or frightened. When the planet shifts back into Taurus, you will experience a breakdown in your world because you are stable and do not like changes. However, this is a good thing. You will learn to trust your intuitions and yourself in this next phase. This next transit will give you the confidence needed to break free from the status quo.

Gemini (Uranus in the 11th House): Here Uranus makes you think more and connect with like minded folks. Gemini, you are the revolutionary thinker and like to impress those around you with your wit. Before Uranus shifts to Taurus, you will understand the importance having a tightly knit group of friends around you to rely on. Later this year you might feel like you want to use what you have learned to help others and make changes. 2019 will only help to elevate you mentally and spiritually.

Cancer (Uranus in the 10th House): The planet will have its final days pushing you and making your accolades known. Your ego will be boosted and you will start to connect with more eccentric intellectual types (that can be infuriating at first). The lessons you have learned from this transit will allow you to get out of your shell and to embrace those around you. 2019 shows how you will be more comfortable claiming the spotlight in a more humble way. Making social changes through the loving and nurturing side of Cancer.

Leo (Uranus in the 9th House): Leo, you love making an impact and the spotlight, so these months before Uranus shifts to Taurus will prep you further with improving your social graces. The Aristocratic side of yours has excelled in this transit. Your mind is vibrant, you are able to connect with others spiritually and intellectually and now it is your turn to take on the spotlight when Uranus moves to a Fixed sign.

Virgo (Uranus in the 8th House): There were lessons learned during this transit; old wounds were dug up from the deepest points in your mind to be confronted in a new way. This transit has allowed you to learn how to deal with challenges and how to navigate through hardships. When Uranus leaves Aries, you can utilize these tools to learn more or to teach others in methods that would be considered not practical. Virgo, you have a tendency to doubt yourself but now you feel more empowered psychologically to take on anything and anyone that gets in your way.

Libra (Uranus in the 7th House): Dear Libra, you have weathered the storms with relationships either romantic or friendly. Looking back you will probably notice the people that have come in and left your life in a blink of an eye. Those friends who did not serve you are gone, those lovers who did not meet your needs are a memory. Reflect on how you’ve evolved through this transit and how you will continue to work on you. Uranus taught you that to thrive you needed to learn independence. The next step is to apply this for the next evolution, that will push your boundaries and contribute to your transformation.

Scorpio (Uranus in the Fifth House): Work has probably been challenging or extremely interesting for you during this long transit. These changes managed to teach you the need for connecting with those around you and how to work peacefully with the most complicated people. Diplomacy was a challenge and hopefully you mastered it. Your work ethic has changed during this transit and you have become more in tune with what your body needs. New methods of caring for yourself and new habits might have been learned. Remember to focus on yourself and stress management as Uranus shifts into your Seventh House later this year.

Sagittarius (Uranus in the Fifth House): Creative juices were possibly flowing here as you struggled to find a method to break free from the monotonous day to day practices. You pushed boundaries, you broke hearts or wore yours on a sleeve. You lived and learned but now it is time to get serious and prep for hard work. The next phase will pose challenges but this should not make the optimistic Sagittarius worry one bit. Life throws you challenges and you always manage to bounce back.

Capricorn (Uranus in the Fourth House): Anything relating to home during this transit has made you stressed or uncomfortable. You either moved out of your home, redecorated or bought your own place. Responsibilities have been challenging this transit as you have managed with issues brought by family and close friends. Things will ease up now that Aries is leaving and Taurus is entering. This is your time to breathe in 2019, so chin up.

Aquarius (Uranus in the Third House): For those interested in publishing or work in the publishing realm, expect some boosts in communication and intellectual stimulation. Your thoughts might become more grounded and not in the typical Aquarian nature that Uranus might inspire since the sign is shifting into conservative Taurus. Your intellectual pursuits will shift to practical home settings. There will be new methods to improving your day to day life and those in your family. It is possible you might take on the more paternal or maternal role at home, giving guidance to loved ones as you prepare for the changes that will transpire once Uranus changes signs.

Pisces (Uranus in the Second House): Either you learned to let go of people and things or you were careless with what you owned. Nevertheless, you learned from mistakes and you learned to value what matters in your life. The Uranus in Aries transit brought forth chaos and potential tears but you survived and now will be rewarded with appreciation and wisdom. This helps when the sign shifts in the next few months to Taurus, which will sextile your Ascendant and will give you a boost of confidence in your actions and words. There might be a concern with how the world is impacting you and you’ll be more driven to learn about societal changes. Either way, a transit through the Third shall be exhilarating. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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