Exactly What To Expect From 2019's First New Moon In Capricorn

Exactly What To Expect From 2019’s First New Moon In Capricorn

New Year, New You.

New Moon in Capricorn, new time to get things into overdrive for the next year. The sign of Capricorn is usually synonymous with hard work and patience and many Capricorn Suns, Moons and Rising will definitely understand (even those with Capricorn planets on the Ascendant might relate to this too). Overall, things are just not that easy for the sign ruled by Saturn especially those that can have an impulsive side to them. While many might cringe at starting 2019 with a New Moon in this sign, it’s actually a wonderful thing. We can get things moving, we can start to believe in ourselves including our dreams and we can finally get shit done.

Last year we experienced retrogrades and eclipses that might have made us all feel sleepy and drained. The intense burst of energy we may have gotten was when Mars was exalted in the sign of Capricorn back in 2018 before it went retrograde. Mars in fixed Aquarius made us all a bit groggy and did not allow us to go in full force because we lacked the stamina and drive needed to achieve. This can also explain why the Summer felt stressful and never-ending. By the time Mars shifted out of Aquarius is was in dreamy Pisces, making it even harder for us to find our footing. However, Mars has entered Aries and we can now feel awakened after a sleepy December. The strenuous and vigorous nature of the Aries sign immediately made me want to start new projects and end the ones I was currently working on. January 1st felt intense because the energy was unexpected, especially after dealing with Retrograde planets like Mars and Venus. Venus Retrograde in Libra and Scorpio enhanced our paranoia and made js cut ties with people that no longer fit into the complex puzzles of our lives. 2018 was about letting go, finding your independence and learning to love yourself.

This is why the New Moon in Capricorn is an exciting time (even if it can be overwhelming and at times scary). Here we are tested to see just how much we can tolerate. Those lessons we learned last year are being put to the test now, but we will feel empowered with Mars being in relentless Aries, encouraging is to keep pushing forward until we have met our goals and pursued our dreams fearlessly. Venus will also shift out of the clutches of Scorpio and allow us to feel more alive, especially when the conjunction between Venus and Jupiter happens, we will all be rejoicing over how pleasant things are and how good it feels to be alive and loved.

The Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will feel the challenges of Saturn but they will also have Jupiter, Venus, and Mars helping them not fall into despair. There will be a push and we will feel compelled to experience moments of optimism. 2019 seems like the time to aim for the brightest of Stars because Jupiter can push you to work for the impossible while Saturn teaches us how to further improve ourselves in order to meet more challenges along the way as we grow older. Saturn rules time, so remember to take into account the hardships you have faced because this experience has helped you to become stronger even if you feel weak and at your lowest point. Aries, you will feel the Martian influence the most here since it’s transiting your Ascendant. You are driven, having fun and getting things done. A lucky time for you especially when you might be feeling pessimistic at work. Cancers might solidify their work relationships this month or they might want to cut the cord with friends who are not responding to their needs. This is the perfect time to evaluate what makes you happy at work if you know it already, awesome! Keep doing you. Libra will feel the need to connect with others and seek stronger people or influences in their lives. You might want to make renovations at home during this New Moon or might even get the urge to move. Capricorns, Sun and Saturn are in your sign and while things might feel stressful, keep your chin up. Saturn will reward you and this new Moon will give you the courage needed to keep going. You need to trust yourself and cultivate the self-love. You’ve got this!

Those with Fixed energy will power through this month as well. Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. This is a time to take a breather and learn from your experiences and the lessons from last year’s eclipses. Your challenges will happen around 2021, so there is still time to prep and plan before Saturn shifts to Aquarius. When the Sun enters Aquarius later this month, there will be a burst of optimism when it makes an aspect to Jupiter, so keep your chins up because it’s going to be a fun (but bumpy) ride. Again, Mars will also help with driving you all to get to where you want as well. This New Moon will help you all succeed and plant the seeds needed for future projects so do not give up if you are feeling hopeless. Taurus will feel Saturn’s heavy weights of responsibility, so they will continue to work and grind until they make it to the top. Leo will be driven to go back to school or learn some new skills. Staying healthy might also be a huge priority this year (new workout plans). Scorpio might also want to meditate with all of the stress relating to work. This is the perfect time to connect with friends and express yourself through creative venues. Aquarius might feel like they want to hide from the world. Your dreams could be important now and the Moon might highlight them. Like Scorpio, your words will be potent now, so if you are a writer or are in school, this is a great time to feel the mental sparks activating.

Finally, Mutable signs will feel the challenges during this New Moon (but not like the Cardinals) since it will force you to stay grounded. Choices will need to be made and action must be taken. Mutable Signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Geminis will have to find their footing this year and plan things out. The New Moon will push for you to continue to learn to budget and keep tabs on expenses. Virgo will continue to be more serious and put their social lives on hold until they feel more comfortable and have found solutions to their problems. However, the New Moon will give you clarity and will make you want to party and live a little. Appreciate the people around you and have fun. Sagittarius will have to learn the value of being practical when it comes to handling finances. The New Moon might even gift you with some surprises that might manifest. You might also get paid money you’ve been owed. Pisces will struggle with letting go of people, but the New Moon will give you the optics to make those tough choices but you might also meet some important people along the way, setting up your new theme for the year. After all, 2019 is about embracing your independence and being seeking your happiness. Of course, that last sentence applies to everyone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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