Exactly What You Need To Know About Each Astrological Moon

Exactly What You Need To Know About Each Astrological Moon

Moon in Mutable signs brings on nervous energy flowing.

In Pisces we experience the emotional roller coasters, in Gemini, our mind go at a speed we cannot catch up with, in Virgo we obsess over work or health matters and in Sagittarius, we want to break free and stop feeling controlled.

Moon in Pisces – The perfect time to work on a creative project and channel any inner turmoil onto paper. This is a good time to have some form of connections to the spiritual realm. Meditation soothes the soul when the transit happens.

Moon in Gemini – The mind is restless, our thoughts are running at a faster speed than our mouths, so we may be prone to error. This is also a great time to communicate with others, even if we may blunder here and there.

Moon in Virgo – A lovely time to bring out the planner and view what’s to happen in the next week. Here we get back on track, analyze some fallacies and try to repair them with much-needed patience. A great time to reconnect with others.

Moon in Sagittarius – Sagittarius lifts our spirits after a tough monthly cycle. Even if it’s located in the darkest of houses, you can still see the light at the end of the tunnel. A moment to be inspired and believing in yourself. Accept the small blessings and be thankful.

Moon in Fixed signs channels stability and restriction. Here we learn to control ourselves after we’ve let the mutable energy set us free.

In Taurus, we learn self-control, acceptance, and worth. In Leo, we take pride in ourselves and our efforts. When the Moon is in Scorpio we refrain from the world and connect with our power and in Aquarius, we become one with others.

Moon in Taurus – A wonderful time to pamper yourself and learn your worth. Creativity energy also flows with ease and the lovelier you feel the more beautiful your works of art. This is a great time to show the world your beauty and grace.

Moon in Leo – Self-esteem gets a well-deserved boost, even if it feels temporary. You will shine all around, especially in social events. There is fearlessness and joy surrounding you.

Moon in Scorpio – A solitary time where we may be dealing with some inner turmoil. Here we see the fighter awaken and our own power evolving. As long as we brace our potential and display our courage, we succeed and survive.

Moon in Aquarius – A wonderful time to connect with others, set goals for the future and to expand. Here we rid of the egotistical side and focus on the greater good. A great time for volunteering or helping others.

Moon in Cardinal energy is potent, especially during a New Moon.

Here we have the tools needed for beginning and taking on challenges. The pioneering spirit rises and we take charge. Moon in Aries starts the fire, Moon in Cancer pushes us to face the toughest emotional challenges, Moon in Libra allows us to coexist with others, to get rid of the childish side and to behave like adults. Finally, the Moon in Capricorn teaches us how to gain victory even when we see ourselves as failures. These are the Phoenix Moon Signs.

Moon in Aries – The awakening after the slumber of Pisces. The world seems like a board game and we are the victors. A New Moon in Aries awakens the inner warrior, it makes us want to fight for what we want. Here we have the visions for the dreams we seek and the energy needed to accomplish them unless time runs out…

Moon in Cancer – A traumatic time that can be shadowed in hardships and pain, but this will teach us how to become stronger, to act like soldiers. A New Moon in Cancer lets us cope with the pains of the past and to not let it consume us. This is the first step of our evolution that ends with harnessing the power of the Scorpio Lunar cycle.

Moon in Libra – A New Moon in this sign can teach us patience, values and respecting others. The diplomatic side arises and teaches us to get rid of the childish and greedy side that might plague us. We learn to coexist and to reach agreements with those we do not like. We learn what it means to behave like adults.

Moon in Capricorn – A powerhouse sign that acts like the engine needed to get you to the top. The energy here is constant, it does not easily burn out like Aries. Capricorn New Moon intentions can make your wildest dreams come true as long as you put in the hard work. Here is where Cardinal energy excels the most because Saturn tests and punishes but rewards just as much. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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