This Is What Venus Retrograde Means For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

After a bunch of Retrograde periods and those that are finally over like Mercury, we enter a new phase and it’s with Venus. The Venus Retrograde’s shadow period began on September 3rd, 2018 in the sign of Libra and will enter Retrograde on October 6th, 2018 in Scorpio. How we value ourselves and what we consider to be of worth are the predominant themes of this period. Interpersonal relationships should not have a great impact on this time because it is more of us piecing ourselves apart to see where we need to heal or change.

When Venus is in Retrograde, our tolerance for love will fluctuate; we might adore or self-hate.

This is where I do agree with the relationship discussion because if you do not self-love, your new relationship will reflect that. Venus goes directly on November 16th, 2018 back in the sign of Libra and will finally exit the Shadow Period on December 17th, 2018 back in Scorpio. Take this period of time to fall in love with you first and then enter into something serious with someone else. Venus is the planet of beauty and gifts. This benefit will rarely harm you, but if you do not use that power of love to heal, how can you even grow or enter into a partnership? Below, I will discuss how Venus will impact each of the Houses/Signs during this period.

Aries: Like Taurus, you will experience some influx of financial help, or a lot more. Your relationship energy stabilizes after a storm from earlier this year. You will see some things in a new and clearer light. There may be moments where you want to dive away from the world to handle some necessary introspection, but Venus is filled with positivity, so do not fret.

Taurus: Partnerships might come in all shapes and forms. Friends, loved ones or new romances could be on the horizon. For those that are already with someone, you’ll see that your love can either grow or combust. Have patience, have faith and grow during this transit. Only greater and better things can come of it at the end. This is a time for abundance, so expect some steady flow of income.

Gemini: Your physical beauty might come to focus. You might put in more hours at the gym or spend more money at Sephora or even go shopping for clothes. You feel gorgeous, amazing and vibrant with this transit and if you have a significant other, you will want to show them how beautiful and radiant you are. Don’t worry, Gemini, we all know what a natural beauty and stunner you are, so make sure not to spend too much on things you do not need. In the work environment, you will find a peaceful time with co-workers which is what you need as the holiday seasons approach and the year comes to a nice close.

Cancer: A wonderful time to have fun, spend time with people, eat, be creative and enjoy the finer things in life. You might even get caught up in a whirlwind romance that will only happen in the movies. This is a time to enjoy what the world has to offer and feel at peace. Take things easy and go with the flow.

Leo: Home gets a nice change in this period. You will either feel compelled to spend more money on projects or do things from scratch using the tools at your disposal. Cancer excels at beautifying the Home because you can put a touch of love onto anything. There could also be a positive change in what you consider to be your “home,” this is not limited to work, school or your personal office. Embrace the things to come for the next couple months.

Virgo: Your creative juices are flowing as your House of communication is bright this period. This is the perfect time to get those projects moving and if you’re in school or work, you might even see a nice successful period if your job revolves around publishing or communications. Your words will be soothing and melodious to others, what you craft on paper will appear as a masterpiece. Put your talents to work.

Libra: Your finances come into view this period as you decide to put a hold on your spending habits. Virgo excels at planning and this will either make you dread the task or be super excited for this project. Consider what your financial goals will be for the next months and start to embark on your journey starting today. If your portfolio or bank account is healthy, just keep cruising and device a way to keep adding more saving power.

Scorpio: Focus on your goals and dreams. This was probably a rough time for you but now with this benefic planet going into Retrograde in your First House, you will truly experience what it means to feel love. The love of self, love of friends, partners and family will rejuvenate you. Trust in yourself and you’ll see those dreams coming true. Apply the principle of positivity and you’ll see how it will light your way.

Sagittarius: The restless energy that you may feeling right now, will be satiated with Venus transiting your 12th House. The world will take on a new outlook and you might feel the need to retreat from the everyday chaos. You will understand romance by learning about the collective, you will see and feel things through new eyes. If you are involved in charity work or helping others, you will feel inspired and dedicated. This will help you apply things to your current relationships. In this period, you will grow emotionally and spiritually.

Capricorn: Love of friends will take a new meaning with this transit. There will be a new sense of appreciation for those around you that have helped you. Parties, late night events, and travel will take a new theme for you. Sagittarius is not new to the traveling experience, be it physically or spiritually. Take the time to appreciate and love the world and people around you. You might even find new romance in one of your adventures.

Aquarius: If you are already in love with work, this transit will rekindle your romance with your job. With Venus blessing your tenth, this is a nice moment to be in the spotlight, to set goals for the next six months and to reach those dreams. There will be a romanticized version of you to everyone, so have fun and look splendid.

Pisces: Travel might be a thing for you this transit, but since you are a spiritual Pisces, there could be a new love for a higher being. You might throw yourself into reading, writing or philosophizing. School might take great importance for you in this transit and your mind will literally expand, tapped in with the beneficial qualities of Venus and you are going to be a great star to those around you. Your mind will be highly valued and your insight and intellect as well. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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