September 23, 2016

25 Signs You Are Having What Is Called A ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’

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averie woodard
averie woodard

1. When you see people your age on Facebook that already have babies, and you immediately want to unfriend them.

2. You are obsessed with the idea of moving, but you have no idea where you want to go yet.

3. You still live with your parents. Meanwhile, all your friends have apartments.

4. You can’t move without gallons of coffee.

5. You don’t know whether you want to continue growing up, or if you want to just be a kid forever.

6. People have been starting to ask you when you are getting married.

7. You sometimes cry for no reason at all.

8. Taxes jut make you want to give up on life.

9. You are always wondering where the hell all your money keeps going.

10. You physically can’t stay out late anymore.

11. You constantly dream about your perfect future scenario.

12. You don’t connect anymore with your old friends from high school.

13. Sometimes, you want to drop everything just to travel the world.

14. When you get a cold, you immediately think you have a terminal illness.

15. You can’t commit to anything that’s more than a year long.

16. Turning 25 and over TERRIFIES you.

17. You’re really jealous of Taylor Swift.

18. Somedays you take on the world in your power blazer and your favorite high heels.

19. Other days, you stay in your pjs. Literally all day.

20. Happy hour is the only time you are going to get dressed up.

21. You feel like everyone is more successful than you are.

22. When you’re sick you immediately call up your mom.

23. Being hungover is your worst nightmare.

24. You constantly wonder when you’re going to stop thinking so much about where you are going to be in ten years.

25. You feel trapped that you don’t have any other options other than what society tells you to do. TC mark

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