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January 5, 2016

15 People Share Their New Year’s Resolutions And How They Plan To Achieve Them

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Leo Hidalgo
Leo Hidalgo


“Didn’t really like committing to a grand goal that, a few months from now, I’d start slipping on. This year I decided to just keep it simple. I want to go for a long walk once a week. Not to lose weight or transform into some badass muscle machine. Just to take a break, breathe, think about life. I just want to feel better.”

— Katie, 27


“Admitting I care what people think. The DGAF attitude was always a front and didn’t really do me any good. Not gonna pretend anymore.”

— Kiara, 20


“Drink less. Not cut it out altogether, because I think that’s a foolish resolution (in my life at least). But instead of a beer every night, I’ll have them on weekends. It’ll be a good way to lose a little weight without having to drastically change anything.”

— Matt, 26


“I want to start treating myself the way I treat others: with kindness and compassion. And I know that doesn’t just blossom over night, but I think by cutting myself some slack when I mess up, working on my insecurities, remembering I’m an imperfect human, and trusting my heart, I might start to really embrace this whole self-love thing this year.”

— Jen, 24


“2016: the year of zero drunk texts. Putting that shit on airplane mode before a night out.”

— Max, 22


“Gym twice a week. And I’ll just look at a picture of my ex boyfriend’s insanely hot girlfriend when I need inspo.”

— Lily, 23


“I didn’t make any resolutions. I don’t believe in changing because of a stupid date on the calendar. If something needs adjusting, I’ll address those things as they come.”

— Chris, 28


“Not dating f*ckboys. Maybe not dating anyone, frankly.”

— Liza, 20


“Read more. My friends and I are creating a book club. It’s gonna be a cool way to hang out and feel inspired. But also we can hold each other accountable.”

— Kay, 24


“Let go of the past. When I feel sad about something I can’t change, I’ll try to remember I’m romanticizing a world that doesn’t even exist. Being in love with what’s already over is like expecting a movie you’ve seen 10000 times to change its ending. Not happening. So let go. Move forward.”

— Kenny, 25


“Way less Internet. I’m putting timers on my phone to cut off my connection. I probably won’t even read this article. Sorry.”

— Zoey, 25


“Call my parents more often. A friend of mine tragically lost her mom over holiday break. It was a jarring reminder of life’s fragility. We never know how long we’ve got with the people we love.”

— Duncan, 23


“See Justin Bieber in concert. Hey bank account, is it too late now to say sorry? (Don’t worry, I hate myself too)”

— Olivia, 20


“Only spending time with people who make me feel good about myself. I wasted so much of my youth being friends with people who made me feel terrible. Why? Why did I think that qualified someone as a friend? Only got room for love and support in 2016.”

— Becca, 29


“Not go to Coachella. I think it will be pretty easy to achieve this one.”

— Dave, 25 TC mark

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