9 Dave Matthews Band Lyrics That Are Definitely About Going Down On Women

Dave Matthews Band
Dave Matthews Band

To casual listeners, Dave Matthews may seem like a happy-go-lucky songwriter that sticks to carpe diem, let’s-all-just-burn-one-down lyrical content. But a tour through the DMB catalogue reveals not only lines dripping in sexual innuendo, but a peculiar fascination with and celebration of cunnilingus. That’s right, ladies. Dave loves going down on y’all and he’s not afraid to say it. Here are his best 8 lines on the topic. This is not a comprehensive list.

Open wide. Oh so good I eat you. – “ Rapunzel”

I want to be your hunger
I want to see you open wide
I want to go down for you
I want to blow your mind – “Hunger For The Great Light”

I like my coffee with toast and jelly
But I’d rather be licking from your back to your belly – “Shake Me Like A Monkey”

You know how I love to go down on you
But the joy is steeped in sin – “Cornbread”

(This actually isn’t the most explicit lyric in the song. That honor goes to…)

See you there behind the Miller’s shed
That dirty little boy, you givin’ him head

I’m gonna take you up to
I’m gonna take you down on you
I’m gonna hold you like an angel, an angel – “When The World Ends”

Sour as my fingers
Dirty pick pocket
I can still taste you
I won’t wash my hands – “Seven”

I’m swimming in your seas and in your oceans
I can feel the wave come and crash into me – “Crash Into Me”

When the juice is dripping off your chin
One peach is not enough – “Belly Belly Nice”

Spread yourself across my lips
I will spoon you in
The sweetest thing in all the world – “Belly Full” Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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