I Met Someone At A Wedding And Had Sex With Her Two Hours Later

Based on a true story…

Wedding Crashers (Unrated Widescreen Edition)
Wedding Crashers (Unrated Widescreen Edition)

We were supposed to get there early. I didn’t know anyone after saying a quick hello to the groom, Bobby, so I stepped outside for some fresh air. A few minutes later, three women and a man — all about my age — came outside. I struck up a conversation and introduced myself. One of the ladies and the guy, Linda and Raymond, apparently remembered me. “You were at New Year’s Eve two years ago, right?” It was all coming back to me now. The other girls accompanying them were Linda’s younger sister Tania and her friend Danielle.

Linda and Raymond were friends with the bride and groom, while Tania was friends with the bride’s sister, Deanna. We all seemed to hit it off; so much so that they invited me to sit at their table during the reception. I didn’t recognize any of the names at my own table, so I figured that any familiar faces were better than none. Tania was polite, but quiet. I couldn’t really tell if she was shy or if she just didn’t want to be there. The table got thirsty and there were no waiters around, so I volunteered to get the table a pitcher from the bar. “Coke?” I asked. “Yeah, that’s great,” Raymond replied. “And a pitcher of diet, just in case.”

Tania and Danielle weren’t big soda drinkers, so they wanted a pitcher of Shirley Temple. It looked like they were fighting for who was going to go, so I playfully jabbed, “I could go and come back before you two girls sort this out.” I heard Danielle utter, “You. Go!” I really didn’t see what the big deal was, so, growing impatient, I said, “OK, well, I’m going. I’ll meet one of you in there?”

Once I got to the front of the line, Tania had already hopped next to me so she didn’t have to deal with the wait. “One pitcher of Coke,” I told the bartender. “And a pitcher of Shirley Temple.” I completely forgot about the Diet pitcher, but between that little back-and-forth at the table and the blaring music, my mind was all over the place.

We got our pitchers, then Tania asked, “Do you know where the bathroom is?” I responded, “Yeah, it’s down the hall, that way.” She looked puzzled. “Through those doors, first door on your right,” I said. “Can you show me?” she asked. I grabbed the drinks and escorted her. “I’ll just be a minute,” she said. Since she had such trouble finding the place, I didn’t trust her to make it back to the table alone, so I waited. And waited. And waited.

Two different women had come out of the restroom and Tania was still in there. My arms were getting tired from holding the pitchers so I put them down on the table next to me. I was sweating pretty heavily from all the dancing, so I figured I would use the mirror on top of the table to make sure I didn’t have any sweat stains on my shirt.

Eventually, the door creaked open. “Finally,” I said. Before I could reach to grab the drinks again, Tania pulled me by my tie and into the bathroom, then locking the door behind her. “Sorry, I had to make sure we were alone,” she said, kissing my neck. “I texted Deanna to keep everyone distracted. I told her we were stepping outside to talk.”

“Fuck it,” I sighed.

She pushed me against the wall and started unzipping my pants while falling to her knees. She reached through the hole in my boxers, grabbing my semi-erect cock. As she pulled it through and continued to stroke, her hand had a harder time fitting all the way around it. “It just keeps getting bigger,” she chuckled, leaning closer. “I don’t know if I can fit all of this in my mouth…” She licked her lips and grabbed the base of my cock, slowly massaging the tip with her tongue. After a couple of minutes, I helped her up to her feet. “Come here,” I said, slapping her ass and pulling her towards me. “Turn around.” I lifted her dress and pulled her lace underwear down to her knees. The tip of my dick was still glistening with the remnants of her and her pussy was so wet that I could feel it through her panties.

As soon as I rubbed my dick against her clit, she shook. I did it again; softer, longer. She began panting. “Put it in, please!” she breathed. I had never been with someone so tight. Once my dick was starting to go in, she immediately pushed it out. “A little slower,” she said. “I wasn’t expecting you to be so big.” So, I went to insert myself again, softer this time.

Just as I had never been with a girl who was so tight, I had never been with a girl who made these kind of sounds. She was so high-pitched in euphoria that it only made my cock harder. I didn’t want to stain my pants, so I undid my belt and pulled my pants down while I was still inside of her. It didn’t take long for Tania to get comfortable, so when she told me to go harder, I happily obliged.

“Oh… fuck me,” she moaned. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t fucking stop.” I was now sweating more than when I was on the dance floor. I was gripping the inside of her right thigh so hard that it was beginning to leave a mark. I unlatched from her leg to give her a smack on the ass. “Harder!” she demanded. “I don’t want anyone outside to hear,” I said, without breaking stride. She leaned over and slammed the hand dryer, which made a loud noise as it blew hot air from its vent. “Now — harder,” she said. I gripped the side of hip again before giving a slap that left a giant red handprint on her right butt cheek. “I’m going to cum,” I breathed, heavily. “Wait,” she said. “I want to taste myself, first.”

She went back down on her knees, admiring my cock, which was now drenched with her. She opened her mouth wide, fitting as much of me into her mouth as she could before slowly retreating her mouth back up the shaft of my cock. “T, I’m going to cum; I need to paper towel or something,” I said, trying not to bust. She released me from her mouth, then looked up at me. “Cum in my mouth,” she said, licking the bottom of my dick before the last syllable left her breath. I cupped the back of her neck and closed my eyes, my muscles tightening as I was starting to cum.

Just as I was about to cum, she gripped my ass with her fingers and dug her nails in. My body started to have spasms as I felt her tongue rolling along the base of my cock and I was cumming inside of her. When I was finished, she looked up at me with my cock still in her mouth, almost as if her eyes were saying, “All done?” She slowly pulled me out of her mouth, savoring every last lick in the process. Grabbing my cock, she looked into my eyes. “Deanna was right,” she said, “that was worth it.” Tania and I exchanged numbers without anyone seeing and went our separate ways. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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