5 Relationship Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

5 Relationship Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

The start of every new relationship is all rainbows and butterflies. We get so caught up in all the overwhelming, lovey dovey emotions that sometimes the biggest warning signs fly past our heads. Even if we do feel like something is off, we normally don’t care enough to stop and reevaluate the relationship because we’re so tunnel visioned and focused on the euphoric feelings.

There are several red flags that will point to the fact that the relationship isn’t going to work out. Below are five glaring ones that you should watch out for.

1. Your core values are extremely different

You want kids, they don’t; you want to get married, they don’t believe in marriage. These are the examples of core values we rarely think about during the early stages of a relationship. However, these things should be discussed as soon as you realize the relationship is getting serious. These beliefs can’t easily be changed, so make sure that you and your partner communicate it. If you’re completely incompatible with the person, it’s better to acknowledge it early on and part ways while you’re still not too heavily emotionally involved.

2. They don’t care about your boundaries

Most of us have boundaries and there is nothing wrong with that. Boundaries are simply a way to make sure we always feel safe and in control over our own life. They are needed in order to have a safe, loving relationship. When your partner doesn’t make an effort to understand and respect what your needs and desires are, they don’t respect YOU as a person.

3. They have a different idea than you of what it means to be faithful

What if your partner thinks it’s okay to hook up with someone else as long as they aren’t emotionally invested in them? Or what if they think it’s fine to carry on intense emotional texts and conversations with someone else as long as they never physically cheat? Maybe one of you wants an open relationship and the other will never be okay with that idea. These are HUGE differences to catch before they cause heartbreak.

4. They have no work ethic

If a person is behind on life milestones or doesn’t quite have their shit together on the surface, what matters more than their situation is how they feel about it. Are they just unmotivated and lacking ambition or are they only behind because of a big sacrifice or setback in their life? We all move at different paces and that’s okay. Gowever, is this person working hard every day to build the kind of life they actually want for themselves if they don’t like their current reality? Attitude makes all the difference.

5. They have a hard time apologizing

One of the cornerstones of a good relationship is apologizing. Couples are going to get into fights or be wrong about things, and apologizing is a great way to hold accountability and help repair the problem the two of you face. However, if your partner won’t admit they were wrong or apologize for something they blatantly did, then this may be a sign of an unhealthy relationship. Some people have a hard time admitting fault, and this can make the future of your relationship more difficult. How can the two of you grow if one refuses to admit their flaws? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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