5 Countries With The Hottest Men In The World

Jason Bachman
Jason Bachman

I always get the same question from people — why do you travel continuously? Why did you chose the hard nomadic life, filled with uncertainties and instability? And the answer is always the same: I chose the life on the road because life is too short and the world is too beautiful, unexplored and waiting for me.

Travel opens our horizons and expands our minds for new cultures, new traditions, foods and new experiences. Traveling will turn unto a collection of stories, memories and experiences … And one day, you might find love while your personal journey develops.

You might find love at every port, or you might get into a serious relationship like I did, but love will come after a new set of experiences that will help you grow in every aspect of your being.


Can you remember that old video clip of Madonna “papa don’t preach” where she’s wearing a shirt saying: “Italians do it better!”? Well, dear Madonna, I think so too! Italy is not only one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, with the greatest food in the world, architecture, climate, but… the men are to die for!

It doesn’t matter if they are speaking Italian (Mama mia! What a sexy language) or English with that sensual accent, they’re incredibly hot. They’ll make you feel like you’re the queen of their castle, they’ll dedicate all their time and love with you…. even if only temporarily. Italians are hot blooded and the word inhibition is not part of their vocabulary. They’ll want to please you and make sure every moment is unique, sensual and filled with passion. For me, the Italians are great boyfried material and I’m still convinced my prince charming will be a sexy charming guy, from southern Italy.


They’re not only hot as hell, they’re also really sweet and romantic without getting cheesy.

And the Spanish hotties are so different in every region of Spain, that I can say there’s always a perfect Spanish for every women. You have the intelectual Catalans in the north west, the Sexy accents of the Canary boys in the Islands, the sensuality of the brunettes down in Andalucia and the roughness of the mountain guys in Pais Vasco.

Spanish talk loud and are natural born conquistadors. Tthey’ll conquer your heart when you lower down your guard and will never want to let you go. They’re givers, they like to make their girl feel like the center of the universe and will save no efforts to make sure they’re the best lover you ever had.
They’re really proud guys, and for them, you’ll always be the most beautiful girl in the world.
They represent the typical latino awesomeness and I simply love them!

The U.S.

Hmmmm the Americans. With so much diversity across the states, I think the Americans should be on the top of my list. I love the accents of the southern boys, the laid back attitude of the Californians, the forward thinking of the folks from Oregon, the awesome Hawaiian surfers, not to mention the tanned hotties from Florida, but the cool styled and heavily tatooed guys from Brooklyn are the ones who grabbed my heart!

They’re the greatest kissers in the world and I always left part of my heart there, every time I passed by. Unlike the dominant latinos, Americans will always treat you like a lady, a partner and an equal in every situation of life. They might bring you breakfast in bed and wake you up with kisses, cuddle with you on a cold rainy day and make sure every time you’re apart, your mind has no place for other thoughts than being together again. They might turn you on with their words and even though you might say “no” you’re whole body will be screaming “yes!”

The US could be a continent on its own and there’s simply no such thing as the typical American, they’re all so different it never gets boring!


Yes, Brazilians are the greatest lovers, we can’t deny that but… They’re such smooth talkers you never know when they actually like you, or they’re just trying to get into your pants.

Brazilians are amazing dancers, they have that swing no one else can copy, they are the flirt kings and they know how to charm the girls like no other. Brazil is the country where miscegenation of races created some of the most sexy, sensual and exotic guys on earth. They play the game of seduction like no one else and it might be fun for a while.

In bed they’re a tsunami and nothing is ever too wild or crazy for them. If you ever date a Brazilian, all your wishes will come true, because for them, imagination has no limits!
While being the best sensual lovers, they’re very hard to pin down and if you manage to do so, then fear no more, you really grabbed his heart!


Can’t resist the cool Australian surfers with their funny accents and their super confident attitude.
Australians are simply fun to be around and hot to look at! Every time I travel around and bump into an Aussie, they usually introduce themselves as: “hi, I’m —- and I’m a surfer from Australia”, so I guess that might be their pick up line when they’re on the road.

Well, I think they’re super hot. Their golden brown tanned skin and love for the outdoors makes them active buddies and their sense of humor will make you laugh every second you are together.

If you’re traveling through a coastal area, you’ll notice they’ll hardly ever put their t-shits on, and as much as you try to focus on everything else, you’re eyes will eventually make his way. He’ll be the center of your attention, because he’s just so much fun, but once the holidays are over, they’ll leave you broken hearted imagining how it would have been, if your story would have lasted. Nevertheless, they will stay in your memory forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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