50 Things Men Want Women To Know

I asked all my guy friends to tell me something they want women to know about them. I told them to give me the cold hard truth. These are the top 50 things. They actually argued over some of these. One would say that one isn’t that big of a deal and the other would say it was the most irritating thing in the world. Either way, this is what thirteen guys think women should know about them.

1. Stop dropping hints

“I have always found it stupid that someone can’t just come out and say what they’re wanting.” You have an important event planned for the 18th? Don’t circle a calendar date on the wall and say you’re going out to buy a dress, then expect him to know. I don’t know many people who actually look at a calendar. He could think you’re just buying a dress because you want a dress. He doesn’t know a dress is for a special occasion. If you want something or you want him to know something, just say “Hey, the event is on the 18th.” Being straightforward is nothing to be afraid of. As a side note, don’t assume he’s going with you and don’t tell him he’s going with you. He’s his own man, he can decide if he wants to go or not.

2. Don’t ask him questions if you don’t want the truth

“You can’t win with these things!” I don’t know how often this happens but I hear women on my campus crying that her boyfriend told her she looked a little chubby in that outfit when SHE ASKED HIM. Don’t ask a question you do not want the answer to. You’ll leave him if he lies about it and you go out looking horrible, but you’ll go insane about the truthful answer, cry, and then leave him, telling him he’s a jerk. Basic rule: Don’t ask the question, if you would not be able to handle the possible negative response.

3. Stop expecting him to know you

I see this issue a lot. “I’m not a ******* mind reader!” You can be with someone for years and not truly know them. Do you really want to be with someone, if you know every move they will make, every thought they will ever think, or every word they will say? That is what they mean by don’t expect them to know you. So when it comes time for an argument and he doesn’t know what he did wrong, don’t expect him to know just because he knows you. Nine times out of ten, once you explain what’s wrong, he’ll realize it and say he’s sorry. Don’t expect him to know that you’re tired and you want him to rub your feet. Don’t expect him to know that you need something in particular. If you need it then say it.


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