This Is What True Love REALLY Is, Because It’s Not Just Fairy-Tale Endings

This Is What True Love REALLY Is, Because It’s Not Just Fairy-Tale Endings

It’s not that easy turning love off. To be truthful, it is not supposed to be, nor is it ever going to be. Love was never meant to seem like a light switch or something hidden in the backyard, only to be dug up at proper times. No, that isn’t love.

As humans, I believe that somewhere along the lines we began to confuse love with infatuation. We began to “love” only on the surface, and we tagged stipulations to this type of love. As the years continued on, we created our own set of rules and regulations as to what love should be and how we were to be loved. And while knowing what we want in life and how we guard ourselves because we fear of being hurt is fine to an extent, this should not and is not the groundwork or the foundation of what true, genuine love actually is.

True love is, in truth, hard work. And while many will say that they already know this, I want to tack on that true love is perseverance within that hard work. When working with true love, one cannot quit at the first sign of trouble. Real love does not work like that.

True love is dedication and sacrifice. And this last part is a bit tricky. When working with genuine love, you will begin to give your all. Love will sometimes cause us to sacrifice something we are attached to. This isn’t always a bad thing, but you must have some discernment when it comes to this. True love will not ask you to give up everything that you are unless there is something better ahead. True love will only change you in the best way and keep you in the best way.

True love is discipline. And this can seriously be uncomfortable, but here is the best part: true love will never let you continue to hurt yourself. Why would it? When it comes to true love, it will only want what’s best for you, and if that means it has to chide you every now and again, so be it.

True love also listens. We now live in the type of society where many of us are eager and hurting to be heard. Many have been forced to keep silent in life, and I do know this to be a horrible feeling. But in order to be heard, so many of us must adopt the ability to listen. Listen and you will be heard.

And know this one last truth: you are too valuable to not be loved in the right way. Let us not let true love die within these coming days and weeks like last year’s outfits. Because truthfully, true love cannot be destroyed. True love will always be there waiting. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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