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The guy you end up with is going to remember all the little elements that make you who you are. He’ll call you in the middle of the day just to hear your voice. Whenever a sweet song plays in the car, he will always rub the top of your hand. He’ll know that it’s not only about the song, but it’s about being with you, it’s about the lyrics fitting exactly how he is feeling.

He loves to plan the dates. He’ll be so excited waiting for you to get out of work to take you out, even though you just saw him just a few hours ago. He will surprise you with more than just flowers; he’ll surprise you with a huge hug, or your favorite ice cream, or your favorite wine. The sweetest of it all is that it won’t have to be a special occasion. He will do it, because he enjoys seeing you smile.

The guy you end up will wake you up with a million kisses and say, “Good morning, beautiful.” He will never fail to tell you how much he loves seeing you smile. Little things like, him watching his favorite sports games will become incredibly attractive or him getting you take out will be insanely charming just because it’s him. The marvelous thing about him is he enjoys fancy dates as much as he loves down time with you.

The guy you end up with will be someone that you’d proudly introduce to your family. He will be someone that your parents love.

He will appreciate you.

The guy you end up with will make your stomach hurt from laughing so much. The cheesy jokes, the bad jokes, and the dirty jokes will make you laugh so much. You both will weird together, make faces at each other, and create little inside jokes that nobody would understand.

Where each of you lacks the other person will thrive. The guy you end up with will be the perfect balance. You’ll have your moments of worry and he will be perfectly calm. He will do what it takes to keep you as sane and tranquil as he can.

The guy you end up with will want to take care of you. He will want to rub your back or your feet. If it’s a long day or not, he will do it, because he knows it makes you happy. He will not only adore all your nervous habits, but he will also learn them, and know them like the back of his hand.

The guy you end up with will know when you need a break from reality. When you both are stressed and have had a busy week he will take you on a road trip or plan a day date. He’ll hold your hand and tell you how much he loves showing you off to the world.

With him, the little things in life will become so exciting. Trips to the grocery store, car rides, dinner dates, day dates, sunset walks, morning runs, pretty much anything will make you giddy. Sometimes, you’ll feel like a teenager all over again, the tingles, and sparks will take your breath away.

Fights are bound to happen, because you’re both human. You’ll know you’re with the right one when you never have a doubt about them even when times get tough. You trust him enough to know that he won’t just up and leave you. Both of you are able to reconnect after a fight; you know that the relationship is more important than the little things that set you off.

The guy you end up with will never stop trying to keep you. No matter what it takes, he will never let you down. He will motivate you, inspire you, and encourage you.

He’ll be your shrink, your teammate, and your soul mate. He will be someone you can cuddle with, be honest with, be blissful with, cry with, and be most proud with. He will love and cherish you just as much as you love and cherish him.

The guy you end up with will be someone you won’t want to live without. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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