Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On The State Where You Grew Up

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couple in love Here's What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On The State Where You Grew Up


Growing up in Alabama, you’ve learned to trust in destiny and allow things to pan out as they should. You’ve been in and out of love but it has never shaken your faith. You are resilient when it comes to break ups but once you have picked yourself up. You’re the strong kind of girlfriend. You’re strong for the both of you. When your significant other is down, you’re there to pick them back up just as you have done for yourself time and time again.


Being isolated from the continental U.S., sometimes you can’t help but wonder “what else is there to do out there?” With that said, you have a very open mind, always willing to try new things. You won’t initiate action but you certainly won’t shoot an idea down. You’re significant other is the idea guy, and he loves the fact that you’ll try anything at least once. It opens new doors of discovery for you two, sexually, emotionally, spiritually, only helping you grow closer to one another.


Growing up in the dry heat, nothing excites you more than spending an evening in. This love for seclusion has made its way into your love life. Watching and Netflix with your significant other. But you enjoy taking it slow. At first, it was hard allowing yourself to fall in love, but once you got yourself there, you couldn’t be more content. It’s peaceful and tranquil and now you have someone to vent about Stranger Things with.


You were raised tough as nails, brushing situations off, and knowing when to take something to heart. Tough love is your mantra, you want what’s best for your significant other just as the people who taught you wanted the best. In turn you can be very honest. Sometimes your honesty comes off the wrong way but it’s always for the best. It’s exactly what he needs to hear.


Constantly living life to its fullest extent and independently creating your own happiness, having someone by your side gives a person to share that happiness with. There is so much to do for you in California and so you find comfort in interacting with life. You are the kind of girlfriend to drag your boyfriend on whatever crazy adventures you have planned. You seize the day and that’s what he loves about you. You’re an active apart of life, not an observer.


Your home state, is like no other. Growing up in the state that is open to new ideas, you, as well, are open to almost anything. Nothing is off limits for you, which can make it a little hard for you to settle down. It’s not that you can’t fall in love, it’s just that you want to experience many loves. You want a taste of all that life has to offer. There is too much uncharted territory to discover to become tied down.


An affluent state no doubt, that is nothing to be ashamed of. Growing up in such an environment has left your standards high. While there is nothing wrong with having expectations going into a relationship, your standards, at times, can be a little too high. Because of your selectiveness, sometimes you don’t give the right guys enough time to make the right impression on you. As a result, much of your time is wasted on someone who can’t be everything you want them to be.


You have been planning your wedding since childhood. Saving magazine clippings on occasion and visualizing what your perfect ceremony would entail. You’re the girlfriend who has always treated your significant other as the one. Always ready for that moment where he’s going to finally get down on one knee. As a matter of fact, you’ve considered posing the question yourself. Delaware, was the first official state, always early to the party and so in the tradition of that, you have a lot to accomplish in life and you don’t want to wait to get started.


What isn’t there to love about Florida. There’s the beach, Disney, Miami. Florida has always has us in awe of its beauty and excitement. So, showing off what you have to the world is an activity you know all too well. When you’re in a good relationship, you make sure that the rest of the world knows. You’re the type of girlfriend to constantly post photos of the two of you all over social media. In public settings, you’re always trying to find ways to discuss your fidelity regardless of the discussion at hand.


Not enough people acknowledge Georgia and it’s beauty. The landscape, the city, the people. Growing up here, you have the tendency to forget how beautiful and perfect you are. You constantly pester your boyfriend to reassure you that you’re attractive. Right before you two go out, when you’re buying clothes together. If you’re out getting dinner and the waitress is pretty, you ask him who looks better. He loves you, and if he didn’t find you beautiful, he wouldn’t be with you to begin with.


Much like Hawaii, you’re an island among yourself. There is so much to love about you but you have initially you are tough to crack. You seldom open up and avoid answering penetrating questions. You gave your significant other a challenge when getting to know you but that’s why he appreciates you more. You’re mysterious, there is more to you than what meets the eye.


Idaho, archaic in many ways and you have grown accustomed to this. In your world of dating and finding a compatible partner, chivalry is most certainly not dead. You appreciate a man who picks up the check, grabs the door, and treats you well. Nothing wrong with this. You’re very old fashioned so appearances are very important although sometimes you forget that aside from getting the door and looking like an aesthetically pleasing couple, compatibility is what matters most.


Hailing from such a geographical diverse state, your tastes and preferences are very broad. You are able to find beauty and excitement in almost any activity. You’re significant loves the fact that you’re you and you can be incredibly low-maintenance. As long as you’re with the right person that’s all you require. No need to stress over everything when there is so much that you already have.


You love, love. You’ve dreamt of it, of meeting the right guy and now that you finally have, you’re obsessed. A state that is all about coming together to have fun and live life, whether that be at a fair or sporting event. You enjoy coming together with friends, family, and your significant other. But you never neglect to give all of yourself to him, and you find sheer bliss in doing so


Iowa, one of the many “fly over” states and sometimes it feels like you’re overlooked in the same way. There is so much beauty, and creativity, and uniqueness to who you are but you don’t have to prove yourself. You’re the type of girlfriend who always feels like she has to constantly impress your boyfriend. He might forget about you or what he saw in you and move on. Know that you shouldn’t have go the distance for someone to notice you, if they didn’t see how fantastic you are to being with, that’s on them.


Growing up secluded from the rest of the country, you have yet to be exposed to a lot. You’re not a prude by any means but there is a lot that you haven’t done, there’s a lot you haven’t seen, and there’s a lot of people you haven’t met. You’re the inexperienced girlfriend. You have the intentions of exploring but sometimes it takes the right person the help you get there.


You are a very loving person through and through and you find the necessity in keeping everyone satisfied, including your partner. Let’s be honest, Kentucky is overlooked in so many ways so it can be hard for you at times. Your partner underestimates your abilities but because your goal is to always keep the peace, at times, you try to pretend like everything’s okay when things may or may not be. If your significant other does something wrong or says something wrong, you simply brush it off. In reality, without you realizing it, it can start to chip at you. Sometimes not everything between you and your boyfriend are okay and that’s fine. 


You’re exciting, you love being surrounded by fun, and being from Louisiana, everything is worth celebrating. You’re significant other may not be as extroverted and vivacious as you are but you love pushing him to new limits. You love dancing to the beat of life and having a dance partner makes it all the better.


Maine is a beautiful state so there was little reason for you to sit still with so much to discover. To many, you are ‘the one’. The one that got away. The one that is never really tied down but your charm and your charisma has the power to leave any man wanting more. However you seek more than what you have been given, Maine gave you a thirst for discovery, in not just nature but in your endeavors in love.


Home to the nation’s capital you are incredibly intelligent, rarely shying away from taking control. You’re the brain of the relationship, you keep the finances in check, you’re always thinking towards the future and about the long term plan and you know how to make the tough decisions. Your boyfriend can be absent minded at times but you compliment one another beautifully.


A cynic. Always looking at the world as glass half empty and searching for ways to correct it. This state is not shy to intelligence and reason, and the idea of ignorance is anything but bliss. Anyway, in your relationship you observations of the negative while at times can get dull and kill the mood with your significant other, they are what helps you identify issues. Since you already see the world in a bleaker way than the rest, if you see an issue in your relationship, you’re not afraid to speak out about it.


You love your relationships to be as simple as the state you grew up in. You spend every second that you can with your significant other. They are constantly on your mind day in and day out and he is all you talk about (to your friends dismay). And when the day finally comes to an end, you find content in laying in his arms, venting about the day you just had. Simple and to the point.


Living in a state that is known to show an immense amount of kindness to one another, you are an incredibly friendly person overall. Never shying away from conversation, or the opportunity to meet new people and so when people see you and your boyfriend together, they don’t see a couple, they see two friends (Despite the love you two actually share). Which is hysterical to you. You two aren’t always all over each other, you’re not holding hands constantly, and you love to laugh and goof off with him. You truly are his best friend


You love your significant other, you truly do, but the issues that you two have are something you fail to realize. You grew up learning to be good to everyone but it’s important to be able to recognize the bad as well. All couples fight, it’s inevitable but for you, you fail to recognize that some of your issues are rooted much deeper than leaving the toilet seat up or forgetting to text one another back. Sometimes you have to sync deeper than that.


Often, you are as fickle as the weather. It’s not uncommon for the girlfriend to have a tough time being decisive, but you take this to a whole new level. You have trouble deciding where to eat, what to do with, where to go, or if you’re even in the right relationship. You’re the kind of girlfriend who just can’t seem to make decisions very well. Especially not on the spot. It takes some time for you to ponder what you’re doing or what you need to be doing.


You are not a possessive girlfriend. Quite the contrary, you believe it’s important for the both of you to live your own lives, separate from one another. Encouraging his individualism. And because of that, you have trust for in him and you have trust in the love that you share. Montana was a lax state to live in, and so this has carried on with you into your love life.


You grew up to be humble but being away from home has made you shy in your ways. At first, you can be quiet, but once you open up, your charisma draws attention from around. You cling to your boyfriend in public settings but that’s why you love him so much, he gets you out into the world. Out of your comfort zone and you always come home with the best stories to tell. And for him, you teach your lover to listen and observe the world. To be thankful for the simple things.


Gambling is a past time in Nevada. And while yes, I may be referring to huge stereotype based on Las Vegas but that is not to say that you’re not afraid to take chances on love. You commit a hundred percent to your relationships right from the start. You know throughout it all that things may or may not work out, but that won’t stop you from trying. Because instead of wondering what if, you choose to find out what happens.

New Hampshire

You watch way too many romantic comedies for your own sake. To all our dismay, life is not at all as well orchestrated as it is in the movies. There is no man on the radio taking our breath away and there is no AOL instant messenger anymore so you can’t meet the one in a chat room. New Hampshire is rather small and so you figured if you can’t meet “the one” here, according to movie logic, you’ll meet him somewhere. When you do find the right guy, you’ll be the girlfriend who constantly compares your relationship to that of a movie. If he hasn’t seen a rom-com, he ought to so he can get it right.

New Jersey

Jersey has been home to very opinionated women, a girl with a mouth to her, what is more powerful than that? You’re incredibly opinionated and when someone says the wrong thing, you make sure they know this. Your commentary to the injustices around you speak volumes to your significant other. Every once in awhile, you find yourself in a mini quarrel with your lover but he loves your passion and a good debate never phases you two.

New Mexico

The mastermind if you will. You’re the girlfriend with the crazy ideas. You come from a proud state and this attitude has stuck with you. One second, you and your significant other are sitting on the couch, bored out of your minds, then the next you find yourself setting the world on fire. With no intentions of slowing down, your lover can either keep up or get lost because you know how fast life is and you plan to stay ahead.

New York

New York is an inspirational hub, where they sky is the limit. You love music, and poetry, and films, and photography, which means you look at the world around you with an artist’s appreciation. You love him. You love him so and there be no finer art than the love you share. When you look at him, you see the flaws, you see the mistakes but you know that’s what makes him so lovely to admire.

North Carolina

Everything is blown out of proportion, but for you, it all means something. North Carolina isn’t a state known to really shake things up. Therefore, you seek out drama in your relationships over everything, often resorting to forced tears to get what you want or to get your significant other to see it your way. But hey, if it works it works.

North Dakota

Nothing is worse than settling and all too often you do exactly that, you’re the kind’ve girlfriend who settles. No place is quite like home and the people outside aren’t the same but that doesn’t mean you have to settle with what you have. You deserve better and yet you waste your time with someone who doesn’t appreciate you for you. You give it your all, you really try to make it happen but if you’re working so hard for a relationship to last, maybe it isn’t the right relationship to be in. You’ve heard this a million times from those closest to you. You could do better.


Ohio, a toss up. The swing state, ideas differ from time to time. So, it’s easy for you to stress things and because of that, you can become a little overbearing in your relationships. It’s not that you don’t care for him and his happiness but sometimes you can care too much. You have to remind yourself not to try and control everything so much. Sometimes you’re going to have to swing in his favor. But in the end, your significant other appreciates how emotionally invested you are in his well being.


With a natural competitive nature, you’re always aware of what’s going on. Sleeping with one eye open, nothing gets passed you in terms of what your boyfriend is up to. You sniff out suspicion and inconsistency a mile away and it’s dangerous if he tries to get away with anything without telling you. It’s not that you don’t trust, it’s just that you can never be too careful.


Rain seems perpetual fall here, but rain is a good backdrop to contemplation. Time and time again you’ve let your heart be broken. You’re the type of girlfriend who forgives. Forgiveness isn’t a bad trait to have, but you start to the questionable excuse things that your significant other does. Ignoring the fact that things probably aren’t going to work out.


With such a rich background in American History, the idea that the pen is mightier than the sword is a highly perpetuated idea. You express your love and emotions through words. You’re the kind of girlfriend who finds inspiration in your significant other and your outlet is in the form of written word. Whether it be a poem or a letter, your lover will always find comfort in what you have to day. You have such a way with words.

Rhode Island

This is a small state and for the most part, you were always familiar with the town that you lived in. Ideas and rumors spread easily, so you stress out over every small infraction that occurs in life. Hoping it won’t ruin how you want to be perceived. In your relationship, it’s the same situation. Any small thing that goes south, will derail your entire day. What stresses you even more is when your boyfriend can’t understand why you are stressing over everything. He doesn’t get it and it just makes everything worse.

South Carolina

As humans, the first thing that we notice about someone is their physicality. What they look like. There is nothing wrong with that, and then from there we get to know the person. This is particularly prevalent in South Carolina, a state that is underestimated in the amount of attractive people. You however, tend to sometimes neglect that second part. You’re the type of girlfriend who is all up for appearances. “As long as he looks good, the rest is good, right?” This is seldom the case.

South Dakota

Although you are faithful to your love, you have a tendency to tell lies. If you moved from your home state, you’re hesitant to admit where you’re really from. And some of these seemingly small lies turn into bigger issues in the future. You lie about how you’re really feeling and issues aren’t solved due to lack of communication, sometimes you tell little lies about what you’re doing because you don’t want him worry. While your white lies have good intentions behind them, eventually it’s going to cause more issues.


Growing up constantly working for what you want, you are automatically the workaholic of the relationship. Sometimes he believes that you love your career more than you love him. This isn’t at all the case but you hold personal success very high on your list of priorities. You do your best to make time for him but it may or may not be enough at times.


Texas is a big state, in square miles, and in state pride, in… well bigger is better right? So, ladies, because Texas as a state is used to getting a lot of attention, you hate when your significant other lacks in giving it to you. It’s easy for you to get jealous of anything. If you’re not get his undivided attention, that’s a problem.


A person can only give so much of themselves to people. You want to be there for everyone as much as you can, but there is only so much of you. Because of this, you start to neglect your significant other. You grew up on the idea of being there for everyone but sometimes, you forget that your boyfriend deserves a special type of attention. That’s your lover and he knows that you care about him and you care about everyone else in your life, sometimes you need to prioritize your time to the right people.


Never being afraid of getting down and dirty. You were always the tom boy in all your friendships so you like a good challenge in your relationship. You love when your significant other pushes you in physical activities and different sports. You’re always roughing around, never able to sit still, but this has always been your way of showing that you like someone.


Your state is known for having a rich history, perhaps this is the source of your tendency to live in the past. In the beginning of your relationship, things were perfect. There was nothing but sheer euphoria between you and your significant other, but as time goes on, that may or may not be the same. Couples tend to get along less and less and instead of looking towards the future of you two, you’re constantly looking back at the way things used to be.


Often times, you underestimate your significant other. You are a “I’ll do it myself” kind’ve girl, you’re used to it, you were raised like this, and seldom allow him to give you a hand. You’ve been disappointed before so at this point, it feels like it’s just easier to keep your expectations lowered. It’s easier to be surprised that way.

West Virginia

You love experiences, you love non materialistic memories. While yes, gifts and other materialistic times aren’t the only way of showing appreciation, an extra pair of shoes never hurt. You love your significant other and you love when he shows how much he loves you, in the form of gifts.


Anyone can ask you anything and you will always give them an answer. Being the open book that you are, you are the type of girlfriend who wastes no time when it comes to letting guys in. You love faster than any other, leaving yourself vulnerable. It may not always be the best idea because not always will you find a guy you will be as open as you are so soon.


When you’re right, you’re right. In the case of arguments or disputes between you and your boyfriend, you’re always right. He sometimes forgets this, but eventually he is reminded of this truth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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