This Is The Kind Of Guy Every Girl Deserves

Priscilla Du Preez

You don’t deserve just every guy out there. You deserve one that will treat you right for who you are and will shower you with a copious amount of love because you deserve to be loved. You deserve a guy that will hold your hands as you walk together in the streets, a guy that will walk by the side of the road just so he can shield you from the harm of oncoming vehicles. You deserve a guy that is willing to die for you. You deserve a guy that will love your appearance and every time he beholds you can’t stop speaking about your pulchritudinous nature.

You deserve a guy that loves you with your make up on and without it that you begin to wonder if he notices the differences. You deserve a guy that will always notice a change in your appearance, appreciate the things you value like when you get a new hairdo, a new pair of shoes, and a different piece of jewelry.

You deserve a guy that will compliment you for everything about you, even for the things that you don’t like about yourself like the pimples on your face that you are trying to conceal with your foundation. You deserve a guy that will notice it and look straight in your eyes and declare to you that you are beautiful.

You deserve a guy that will make you believe that chivalry is not dead. A guy that will draw out the seat for you when you go on dates and ask you for what you want over and over again even if you say, anything is fine.

You deserve a guy that will call you to know if you arrived home safely. You deserve a guy that respects your body, a guy that respects the power of a woman. You deserve a guy that will fulfill your fairytale fantasies of the perfect guy. You deserve a guy that will call you just to hear your voice and will not end the call till he you say the last word. You deserve a guy that is aware of your flaws and mentions them to you often but still adores you regardless.

You deserve a guy that will listen to you when you start talking about how your day went and ramble off into blubbering beautiful nothings. You deserve a guy who would look into your eye enraptured by the way you speak, captivated by your voice. You deserve a guy that supports your goals and pushes you to be better in a very loving way because he doesn’t want you to get hurt in the slightest way.

Even if you don’t believe it, you deserve all of these and more, not because you are a keeper or a wife material but because you have a lovable heart and you are worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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