8 Types Of Friends You Might Not Realize Are Toxic (Who You’re Better Off Without)

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With more wisdom as we age, we realize that when it comes to friends, quality matters more than quantity. There comes a time when you take a hard look at the friendships you have to see which ones are worth hanging on to.

Here are 8 types of friendships you really need to purge from your life:

1. The Chronic Complainer

It’s normal to occasionally vent to our friends but the chronic complainer has made it into an art form. To hear them tell it, their lives are one long tragedy. Such negative people are draining to deal with and if you can’t fix the issue, your best course of action is to just avoid them.

2. The Moocher

This friend always takes and never gives. They will borrow anything from clothes to cash without ever reciprocating. Dealing with them can be as easy as setting firmer boundaries but if these are not respected, save yourself the headache and walk away.

3. The Flaky One

The flaky friend is an expert at bailing on you. You make plans and they always cancel at the last minute or even worse, never bother to tell you, so you’re left hanging. Realize that your time is precious and kick these callous people to the curb.

4. The Self-Centered One

Your self-centered pals are convinced that everything revolves around them. They are always talking about themselves and are rarely interested in you. You only exist to validate them. If you’ve brought up the issue and they don’t change, find yourself some empathetic friends instead. Relationships are way more satisfying when they go two ways.

5. The Competitive Friend

This type of friend makes it their mission to always one-up you. They have to get a better job, car, hairstyle or whatever else they think will prove their superiority. If you know how to deal with a competitive friendship, it can spur you to greater heights. Most times though, it just stresses you out.

6. The Critic

This is that friend who continuously brings you down. They are experts at belittling and invalidating you while masking seem as though it’s friendly concern or advice. If you’re always on edge around certain friends, do yourself a favor and remove them from your circle.

7. The Backstabber

Friends who talk about you behind your back are the ultimate fake friends. Chances are, they are gossips who don’t hesitate to tell you about others. Rest assured, they also tell others about you. It’s up to you to decide whether you want people you can’t trust around you.

8. The Clingy Friend

This friend can’t bear to be alone. They want to dominate your time and space and will get jealous if you spend time with others. Try to introduce them to some hobbies or new friends and see if they get off your back a little.

Eliminating toxic friendships from your life is never easy but I guarantee your life will get better as a result. Life is way too short to waste time and energy on people who don’t value you anyway. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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