16 Strong Qualities We Should Really Teach Our Daughters To Aspire To Have

Josh Willink
Josh Willink

One of the most beautiful things about the modern age is the new set of opportunities and privileges enjoyed by women. Of course we still have a long way to go when it comes to treating our women with respect and equality, but it’s incredible that women are more free than ever to do and become anything they would like. As we parent our daughters, it’s important to keep in mind that they have unlimited potential, and not everything needs to be tied to future career choices.

1. Confident. Every girl deserves to achieve confidence that allows her to successfully interact with others and complete any goal to which she sets her mind.

2. Well-Read. Regardless of what she’s reading, every girl can and should aspire to read a variety of books and to continue reading throughout her entire life. Reading opens the door to new worlds.

3. Healthy. Without your health you have nothing! Every girl should work and look forward to becoming healthy and treating her physical/emotional/mental health as a priority.

4. Emotionally Aware. Many girls are told “you’re too emotional” or “calm down,” but it’s better for girls to develop a sense of emotional awareness. Girls should have the goal of understanding and identifying their emotions, rather than suppressing them.

5. A Good Friend.
Becoming a good friend is an integral part of becoming a well-rounded person and bringing good people into your life. Good friends attract good friends.

6. Physically Fit. Beyond just being healthy, every girl can set a goal to be physically fit. Weight and size are not important, but regular exercise, endurance and strength are important.

7. Compassionate. every girl can aspire to be the type of woman who cares deeply for others, providing love, support, and service when necessary. Compassionate women change the world.

8. A High School Graduate.
of course every girl can also aspire to be a college or trade school graduate as well, but it is essential that every girl aspire to graduate high school regardless of her circumstances. A high school degree instantly translates into more success, money, and confidence in life.

9. A Good Listener. Good listening skills are invaluable for every relationship and job she will ever have, so teaching your daughter to set the goal of becoming a good listener is worth it.

10. Financially Stable.
women are more financially independent than ever, and depending on a man is not the norm anymore. Every girl can and should aspire to become financially stable on her own.

11. A Supportive Partner.
eventually your daughter will become involved in a serious romantic relationship. Becoming the type of supportive partner that makes someone better is an excellent goal.

12. Talented.
It doesn’t matter exactly WHAT the talent is, but every girl should aspire to discover and develop their talents.

13. Trustworthy. Being the type of woman who can be trusted with responsibilities, information, and intimate details is a goal that every girl can set.

14. A Good Daughter.
a good daughter is a good sister, a good friend, a good aunt, a good mother, and a good person. Start with the goal of becoming a good daughter and see how positively it affects your life.

15. Successful. this word has different definitions for everyone, and that’s great! Every girl deserves to set her own definition of success and take strong steps toward it.

16. Generous.
Becoming a generous woman is a goal that benefits you and others, strengthening your relationships with those around you.

As we interact with our teen daughters, let us encourage them to pursue these characteristics and to aspire to become the kind of woman who can do and be anything she chooses. It’s not just about jobs and skills and careers. It’s about who she becomes as a person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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