Where To Watch ‘Independence Day’ This 4th Of July

Whether you’re ranking disaster movies or alien invasions or movies where Jeff Goldblum inexplicably seduces the audience, 1996’s Independence Day always ranks near the top of the list. It’s full of the unforgettable scenes, emotional goodbyes, and memorable one-liners you’d expect from a movie that came out during the height of the 1990s epics.

Now that we’re having yet another Independence Day of our own with the 4th of July fast-approaching, why not set up this classic to play while you wave sparklers and munch of hot dogs and burgers fresh from the grill? This year, you can watch Independence Day on Hulu. If you don’t have a Hulu subscription, you can also rent it from your favorite streaming service. And when you do, don’t miss these classic moments that make the movie oh-so special:

Jeff Goldblum always being the smartest person in the room.

20th Century Fox

Honestly, without everyone’s favorite lilting-voiced tall man, the human race would be doomed. He figures out the aliens’ plans. He solves the ship security problem. He writes code to destroy the aliens. He’s basically a scientific superhero and we love him for it.

Vivica A. Fox showing that being an exotic dancer is nothing to be ashamed of.

20th Century Fox

During a time when feminism hadn’t yet widely included positive feelings toward sex work, it was a surprise to have Vivica A. Fox’s character working as an unapologetic stripper. Even when she meets the first lady, she has no problem admitting her line of work. That’s how we do it! And of course, her character is a total empathetic badass.

Bill Pullman being the best president in American history.

20th Century Fox

In a time when America has dire choices for president, we can look back at a good timeline when Bill Pullman was the warm, fatherly, handsome choice–the one who would get in a fighter jet just to save humanity after giving the literal best speech anyone has ever mustered. Bill Pullman for President 2024!

Will Smith punching an alien–a nod to his sordid future?

20th Century Fox

If you’re anything like my mom, you may have permanently boycotted every Will Smith movie after his assault of Chris Rock at the Oscars. If you’re willing to go back on that promise for one holiday, you can watch him punch an alien in the face (before, during, and after a series of one-liners.) This movie was at the height of Smith’s career. In my opinion, he hasn’t done anything this good since.

Randy Quaid sacrificing himself for humanity and his plucky teens.

20th Century Fox

Randy Quaid’s poor teenage kids have to continually cringe at his weird antics, but the pilot makes up for all of it for his huge sacrifice at the end of the movie. Thanks, Randy, for being the reason why we all survive.

You can watch Independence Day on Hulu for this year’s 4th of July celebrations.

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