One Of The Wildest And Most Disturbing Documentaries Is Now On Netflix

You might have heard people talking about this documentary on TikTok–now you can watch it on Netflix to see how wild it truly is.

By the name, you might think Tickled would be a silly little concept for a documentary. That was the assumption of David Farrier, too, the New Zealand TV reporter who started researching “competitive endurance tickling” videos as part of just a silly little section for his show. He found old videos of competitive tickling from the 1990s and figured a quick interview with the production company who released these videos could elicit a few laughs and that’s it. After all, the videos appeared to just be a couple buff guys getting tied down and tickled relentlessly until they gave up. Innocent, right? Oh, how wrong he was.

What starts lightheartedly enough soon becomes something else entirely. Little did Farrier know, his light research into tickling videos would take him from New Zealand to America as he comes across one twist after another, including a seedy underbelly no one would expect. I don’t want to spoil it for you, because this documentary gets insane by the end. You might just want to go watch it for yourself.

Speaking of which, Tickled is now on Netflix. If you’re in the mood for a wild and dark true story that keeps you on your toes (and makes you never want to get tickled ever again), check it out.

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