Netflix’s Interactive Rom-Com ‘Choose Love’: The Choices Ranked From Bonkers To Empowering

Ever watched a romantic comedy and yelled at the screen as the leading lady chose the hot rich guy over her quirky best friend? (Here’s looking at you, Pretty in Pink.) Well now her choices are up to you. If you blinked, you might’ve missed the release of Netflix’s new interactive rom-com, Choose Love. You decide how Cami lives her life. Some choices are small and don’t seem to matter (like the advice she gives her niece when she sees her being bullied) while others are life-changing (like who of three hot men she should end up with.)

The crux of the plot happens in a dream. You get to choose between three beaus: Paul the current attorney boyfriend, Jack the Earth-conscious high school sweetheart, and Rex the rock star who could further her career. You have some choices to make, but some are much better than others. (And yes, there is a right answer.) Today I’m ranking the main choices from worst to best. Which one did you choose?

4. Rex, the rock star


Okay, we get the initial appeal of this British babe. The tattoos, the hair, the charisma, the accent–he’s got it all. Plus, if Cami chooses Rex, she also has the benefit of furthering her career. But is that enough? As she chooses the Brit, his sex appeal quickly steps over the line into cringe territory. (Stop caressing your chest! OMG!) Plus, she barely knows him. This is the guy you have a fling with before you settle down, not the one you turn your life upside down to end up with. This isn’t a long-term guy, and I think he’d be the first to admit it.

3. Jack, the high school sweetheart


My first instinct was to put Jack above Paul. If she’s this confused about who she should be with, she clearly doesn’t like Paul as much as he deserves, but is Jack, her ex from high school, that much better of a choice? Sure, the man is gorgeous. Like, wow. But so much has changed in the ten years since they’ve been apart. People change. She’s risking a lot on something that isn’t as much of a sure thing as it seems. Plus, Cami pretends to care about the things he loves just to fit in with him. If you choose him, you end up at a protest that she only feels lukewarm about. Never choose a man that you have to change for.

2. Paul, the current boyfriend


I feel so bad for Paul. How could you not? He’s ready to propose to his girlfriend of three years and suddenly she’s like, “Nope, there are two other guys I’m thinking about.” Sure, his job is questionable and his sex appeal isn’t as universal as the other two, but he also understands Cami. He likes her just as she is. He’s thoughtful and attentive and really believes that they have what it takes to last the long haul. Of the three guys, he seems like the best choice.

1. Cami chooses herself


There’s one choice that you might not realize you can even make, and that’s having Cami choose herself. For instance, if you go the Jack route, you’ll inevitably get to decide between him or her. Here’s why choosing Cami is the right choice: None of the other choices are good. Rex is a complete unknown, Jack is an idealized form of her past, and if she still can’t be sure about Paul after three years of dating, he deserves to be let go. Clearly Cami needs some time to herself to figure out what she wants. And judging by the casino scene if you choose her, it seems like the secret “Perfect” ending. May we all choose ourselves like Cami should.

Check out Choose Love on Netflix.

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