10 Cute Movies To Watch With Mom This Mother’s Day (And Where To Stream Them)

After the flowers, the brunch, the gift basket of goodies, spend the tail end of Mother’s Day unwinding with mom by watching a movie together. While there are nearly an infinite number of movies you could choose from (as anyone who has sat paralyzed in front of their Netflix queue can attest to), you can always narrow it down with some cute, mom-friendly movies. These films show the bonds between moms and their kids. You get the awkward teen and kid years, as well as what it’s like when you’re all adults and you have to navigate this new mature relationship. Show your mom this streaming list and let her pick her favorite movies to watch for Mother’s Day:

Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022)


Evelyn Wang has a lot on her plate. Her laundromat is being audited, her dad’s in town, and her husband has some unfortunate divorce papers to hand off. Oh yeah, and a different version of her husband from a nearby dimension needs her help to save the universe. With everything going on, the root of all of it comes down to her relationship with her daughter, which makes it an Oscar-winning must-watch. Watch Everything Everywhere All at Once on Showtime.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting (2012)


Based on the book your mom no doubt read while she was pregnant with you, this heartwarming ensemble comedy follows a host of characters (played by Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, and more) as they navigate early parenthood. If your mom’s the type to reminisce about your birth, this is a great movie to put on. Just be prepared to hear the ups and downs of your birth story yet again. Watch What to Expect When You’re Expecting on Tubi.

Mamma Mia! (2008)

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This is for all the mom’s out there that love a good musical. Full of Abba’s greatest hits–and sung live by the cast as they filmed–this movie looks like it’s about a girl’s search for her father. But just below the surface, it’s really about a girl connecting with her mom in a deep way, all while on a beautiful Greek island surrounded by people who love them both. Watch Mamma Mia! on Prime Video.

Freaky Friday (2003)

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You can never really understand what a mom goes through until you walk in her shoes. And she might not get her daughter’s angst in the same way, either. Watch this Lindsay Lohan/Jamie Lee Curtis classic for some silly fun and good music. You’ll probably come away hoping you never swap bodies with your mom, but that’s totally understandable. Watch Freaky Friday on Disney+.

The Joy Luck Club (1993)

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Most of the movies on this list tackle the trials and tribulations of just one mother/daughter relationship, but not this made-for-TV classic. Based on a wonderful book by Amy Tan, it follows multiple generations of Chinese and first-generation Chinese American women as they deal with what it means to be both a daughter and a mother. Get your tissues ready. Watch The Joy Luck Club on Prime Video, Hulu, Peacock, Paramount+.

Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

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When Jonah’s dad still isn’t over the death of his wife, the boy calls a radio talk show to find someone for him–and by extension, a mom for himself. While there’s some questionable stalking involved, this is an absolute rom-com classic that your mom probably already loves with all her heart. Plus, you can’t go wrong with ’90s Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Watch Sleepless in Seattle on Netflix.

Lady Bird (2017)


All about a teenage girl and the strained relationship she has with her mother, this is much more about the daughter’s perspective. Let’s be real, the teen years are hard. Be prepared to listen to your mom list the ways you were just as angsty as Lady Bird. (And if you’re honest, she kind of has a point.) Watch Lady Bird on Showtime.

Turning Red (2022)

Walt Disney Pictures

Middle-schooler Mei can barely handle the pressure that her mom puts her under. So when puberty sets in and she learns of the family curse–to turn into a literal red panda any time she experiences strong emotions–she has to reckon with their strained relationship. This is a deceptively deep movie to watch with your mom only if you feel like discussing generational trauma afterward. Watch Turning Red on Disney+.

Mermaids (1990)

Orion Pictures

Speaking of generational trauma, there’s always Mermaids. This is a long-forgotten classic following an unconventional mother (played by Cher) and the affect she has on her daughters (played by Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci.) Like Lady Bird, the viewpoint is more focused on a daughter’s relationship with her mother than the other way around. It’s about the nitty-gritty of growing up, which isn’t always a pleasant experience. Watch Mermaids on HBO Max.

Mother’s Day (2016)

Open Road Films

Of course, the movie with literally the same name as the holiday you’re celebrating has to be on this list. Another ensemble comedy, it follows a host of interconnected characters as they deal with motherhood and what it means in the context of their own families. It shows just how different each mother’s experience can be. Rent Mother’s Day on Prime Video and Apple TV.

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