‘The Mummy?’ ‘Dead Ringers?’–What Rachel Weisz Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The odds are good that if you’re a fan of movies in general, you’ve likely come across at least one Rachel Weisz movie and absolutely loved it. Whether it was the classic Brendan Fraser action-adventure The Mummy or the heartbreaking lesbian romance of Disobedience, you’re already likely a Weisz fan. With her new dual role as the Mantle Twins in the upcoming Amazon Prime series Dead Ringers (episodes debuting April 21, 2023) it’d be fun to see just which Rachel Weisz character speaks to your essence. Look for your zodiac sign below to find out if you’re a Beverly Mantle or an Evelyn Carnahan.


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You are Summer Hartley from Definitely, Maybe (2008).

You’re the one who makes rash decisions, goes for what they want, and is down to date a guy who might not be the right match–but only until it becomes boring. You act first and think later. While Summer Hartley might seem like an exciting person to date, her drive, ambition, and subtle Manic Pixie Dream Girl energy spells eventual romantic doom for Ryan Reynold’s character. After all, it only takes a special someone to get an Aries to finally settle down.


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You are Melina from Black Widow (2021)

You are always down to fight–hence the bull as Taurus’s animal–especially when it comes to the people you care about. But there’s always that pull to just enjoy home life and settle down. For matriarch and total badass Melina, she won’t hesitate to fight for her chosen daughters, even if it means setting aside her own safety.


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You are the Mantle Twins from Dead Ringers (2023).

Okay, we’re getting a little literal here, giving the twins of upcoming Dead Ringers to Gemini, the twins of the zodiac. In addition to being literal twins, The Mantles have some serious chaotic energy that speaks to the soul of a Gemini. If nothing else, people are always in for a surprise when it comes to you. You could never be accused of being boring, that’s for sure.


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You are Izzy from The Fountain (2006).

There’s something so romantic about the idea of a love that spans eons and multiple reincarnations. In The Fountain, Rachel Weisz play three different versions of Izzy, all of whom spend their lives accepting the full breadth and emotional chokehold that love has on their entire beings. And that’s all you really want, Cancer–a love that transcends everything.


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Your are Ronit Krushka from Disobedience (2017).

You’d like to see your life more as an epic drama than a standard, boring life. Something you could write a movie about. That’s why you’re Ronit from Disobedience, a woman who wants to throw away her entire role in her community and family to be with the woman she loves. Now if that isn’t dramatic–and heartbreaking–I don’t know what is.


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You are Evelyn Carnahan from The Mummy (1999).

You’re smart, organized, and don’t mind getting a little dirty to check off some things on your to-do list. You’re just like Evelyn Carnahan in The Mummy–a smarty-pants librarian/Egyptologist who doesn’t shy away from adventure when it finds her. Now if only you could find your Brendan Fraser to help you get out of your shell a little.


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You are Angela Dodson from Constantine (2005).

The Mantle Twins from Dead Ringers aren’t the only twins Rachel Weisz has played. In Constantine, she plays Angela Dodson, a detective who’s not afraid to pair up with an admittedly hot occultist played by Keanu Reeves to help solve her twin sister’s suicide. For you, you’ll do anything for your family, and don’t mind falling love with emotionally available people along the way.


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You are Evelyn O’Connell from The Mummy Returns (2001).

In the transition from the first Mummy movie to its sequel, Evelyn O’Connell is now married with a son. You thought she was a badass before? Now this smarty uses her love for her family to ascend to an entirely new level of badassery. This is your dark side put to film, Scorpio. You might not want to fight, but if given enough motivation, you’ll go absolutely feral.


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You are Petula from Beautiful Creatures (2000)

You’re known for being adventurous, but sometimes the adventure finds you whether you want it or not. For Petula, one argument with her lover starts a domino effect of intrigue, mystery, and running from the law. Considering the wild stories you have to tell about your own life, this doesn’t feel far off from some of your own tales.


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You are Lady Sarah from The Favourite (2018).

You’re a hard worker who isn’t afraid to use a tiny bit of manipulation to get what you want. At least, that’s the kind of character that speaks to you, like Lady Sarah from The Favourite. In this period piece, Rachel Weisz plays real-life companion to the Queen. She works her magic both behind the scenes and in front of the entire monarchy to get what she wants–something admirable in your eyes.


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You are Tessa Quayle from The Constant Gardener (2005).

You have an almost single-minded focus when it comes to the things you care about–and you’d do just about anything to do the right thing. In The Constant Gardener, Tessa Quayle realizes that a pharmaceutical company is lying about the safety of one of their drugs, but puts herself at risk to hopefully make others see the truth. It’s a calling you’d totally admire.



You are the Short-Sighted Woman from The Lobster (2015).

In a society where single people get turned into the animal of their choice if they don’t couple-up, the Short-Sighted Woman helps a resistance group known as The Loners to help stop them. She quickly falls in love with David based purely on the fact that they’re both short-sighted. Leave it up to you, Pisces, to find love even in a dystopian world where real love might not actually exist.

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