9 Things To Know Before Going To A Psychic Medium, As Told By Someone Who Works With One

Psychic mediums are people who are able to communicate with spirits in the afterlife, such as your deceased loved ones. When I started working with one, I learned it’s not as clear cut, easy, and simple as it seems. These are my nine tips I want to share if you’re considering to get a reading yourself!

1. Come With An Open Mind 

It’s best to come to the experience very open. Have in mind someone you’re hoping to connect to (i.e. your grandmother), but don’t be surprised if someone else comes through instead. I had someone whose coworker came through instead of his relatives. Turns out his coworker who passed away was like a mother figure to him, and she had an important message to deliver.

2. You Have The Power To Make The Session A Great Or Terrible Experience

Anything in the mystical arts is not for nonbelievers. Psychic mediums can be heavily affected a lot by your energy when they perform a session. I made the mistake of buying people sessions as a gift (something I learned later from a YouTube video not to do). As a result, it really drained the psychic medium because their energy wasn’t welcoming and they didn’t believe in the afterlife.

The more skeptical and analytical energy and expectations you have (ie. “You should be the psychic, so you should know what I’m holding in my hand right now”), the more it will pull the psychic medium back down to dense earth’s vibrational energy. You want to keep the psychic medium’s mental and physical lever to be in a lighter state so they can connect with the spirits and higher realm more easily.

3. There’s No Guarantee A Spirit Will Come Through

Some spirits don’t come through because it’s not the right time to deliver a message. There are also some spirits who don’t communicate as well. If they were naturally shy or reserved when they lived on earth, chances are they will be similar in the afterlife.

4. It’s Not Like The TV Show “Medium” Or The Movie “Sixth Sense”

Psychic mediums don’t get every single piece of information. Think of them as the middle man. They can only access info the spirits are willing to give. If the spirit doesn’t want to share or answer a question (because they can see it’s not for your highest good), they won’t say anything. For example, if someone killed my dad and I wanted to connect to him with a psychic medium to solve the crime case, he could see that I would plot revenge and kill that person. Therefore, he wouldn’t say anything.

Messages also don’t come through clearly, as the channel of communication is not perfect. Spirits don’t talk to the psychic medium as if they were standing right next to them. When spirits say something to a psychic medium (ie. words, numbers), most of it gets distorted or cut off as it travels from the higher realms to earth. As a result, spirits have to find an easier and effective way to communicate.

Images and videos are easier to travel to the psychic medium’s mind from the higher realm. Psychic mediumship is an interpretive art, and it takes a lot of effort to do. Imagine if someone showed you an image of a bird, a house, or a desk, and your body felt a physical sensation of sadness in the chest. How would you be able to interpret and translate that message to someone?

5. No, We Are Not Trying To Scam You With Our High Prices

At least the good and honest ones aren’t. Psychic mediums charge for their time and energy. It takes quite a lot of energy on the body to merely connect to the dead and to interpret the message. In addition, sometimes people forget psychic mediums also need to make a living.

Sadly, there are fake psychics out there who swindle money from innocent people. It’s a red flag if they ask you for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, saying there’s a curse on you and they can cast a spell to remove it. Listen to your gut if something feels off. We all are born with natural intuitive abilities, but in order for it to work well, you have to practice using it.

6. It’s Okay To Ease Into This First

The mystical art, especially talking to the dead, is a very weird and new concept to many people.

Not sure if a reading is right for you? One of the best ways to ease into it is to find a meetup or psychic night event. See if you can watch in on a friend’s reading and spectate if they allow it.

7. Not All Psychic Readings Are The Same

Not all mediums are the same, and they don’t all read the same way. If you meet with a one and you don’t seem to vibe well with their energy or personality, try a different reader. It’s like any other service you get, such as a massage. Some readers you will naturally mesh well with and some you won’t. Don’t let one experience ruin it for you.

8. This Line Of Work Is More Healing Than Scary Or Evil

We’ve seen the effects mediumship has on people with the guidance, healing, and closure they get afterwards. Once people pass on in the afterlife, they can see things differently from up there, and they want to share it with their loved ones. Quite a few clients come out in tears, seeing and knowing that they are always watching over them. That’s what makes our work so rewarding.

9. There’s Fate And Destiny, But You Ultimately Choose Which Path To Take

People are scared of getting a reading sometimes, since they think it will change or affect their fate. People and opportunities come into your life and cross your path. It’s up to you on what you wish to do with them. You can keep dating that awful person, continue to work endless hours that detriment your health, etc.

YOU are in charge of your fate and choices. We can only point out the possibilities if you go down a certain path. You can think of it like a warning before things can get worse.

All these tips apply to tarot card readings, palmistry, and any other services in the mystical arts. There’s nothing to be scared of! Hopefully these tips will give you a better understanding of what realistic expectations to have and how psychic mediumship works. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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