Reasons April Birthdays Are The Best Birthdays

If you were born in April you’re so lucky because you have the definitively best birthday month. November? More like Novemboring. July? Makes me want to cry. Wake me up when September ends am I right?

Here are some reasons April is the best month to have your birthday.

1. Spring

March and May have Spring I guess but April’s Spring feels like the best kind of Spring. Like step outside right now. If the weather isn’t great today step out tomorrow. If the weather isn’t great then either keep stepping outside until it’s perfect. That perfect day is how April is every day.

2. Emma Watson was born in April.

April 15th. Right in the middle. Perfect. When talking to people one thing they can always agree upon is how much they love symmetry. Butterflies are tops. Emma Watson is like April’s butterfly and and everyone born on any of the surrounding days are butterfly wings. If you were born in April you are butterfly wings and you are beautiful.

3. It’s the fourth month of the year.

Everyone knows “four” is a great number. For example today is 4/4 and you’re alive today so that must mean something.

4. April is a beautiful word

Everybody loves saying the word, “April.” When talking to people, after we all agree about butterflies we tend to start agreeing about the beauty of the word “April.” I was at a party recently and had this conversation with so many different people. Like Stella Artois, “April” is a thing of beauty that can make you drunk if you drink too much of it.

5. April Ludgate from Parks & Recreation is named after the month, April 

Parks & Recreation is a great show. April Ludgate is a great character who loves Jeff Mangum and not much else and that sounds about right. If you were born in April you’re probably as cool as April Ludgate so you’re pretty cool.

6. April Fool’s Day

April knows to get rid of all the trolls at the beginning so the rest of the month doesn’t have to do deal with all that drama. Nobody wants clowns messing up there day every day of the month. April is wise and burns all that annoying energy out right from the start and that’s really smart. April would definitely get into Harvard.

7. It has 30 days

It’s very unique. Like I know there are other months that have 30 days but I feel like April “wears it best” you know? Like you’d think February was going to be the first month to show up wearing 30 Days but it’s dumb and April ended up being the trend-setter. All other months with 30 days are a sham.

8. It doesn’t conflict with winter holidays and isn’t during the summer.

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