5 True (And Terrifying) Ghost Stories From The Bermuda Triangle

Martin Brigden
Martin Brigden

1. The disappearance of Flight 19.

Flight 19 is arguably the most notoriously terrifying story from the Bermuda Triangle. In 1945, Flight 19, a team of 5 U.S. Navy bombers, was sent over the Bermuda on a training mission.

Despite having an extremely experienced pilot – the entire plane vanished.

Now, over seventy years later, there is still no trace of the plane or any of the five crew-members aboard.

2. The eerie confessions in Christopher Columbus’ diary.

In one of Christopher Columbus’s memoirs, he writes about the craziness he experienced in the Triangle. At one point, his compass began to act crazy, spinning radically as they entered the area. He also writes about how he and one of his men witnessed a “glowing globe of light” that hovered over them in great expanse.

Whether or not the UFO ultimately assisted his discovery of America – we’ll never know, however, we can be certain our founding father is keen on the creepiness of the area.

3. Losing the Marie Celeste.

The Marie Celeste departed from a New York Harbor on November 5, 1872 to never be seen again.

The ship was led by Captain Benjamin Spooner Briggs along with his wife, two year-old daughter, and eight additional crew members. To make matters even more depressing – it was a huge cargo of alcohol!

While the actual ship and alcohol was found drifting outwards into the Atlantic Ocean, the entire crew was missing. How eerie is that?

4. The undiscovered Carroll A. Deering.

While a lightship keeper caught Deering’s ship missing its anchor weeks before, when it reappeared later – similarly to the previous ships – the entire crew was missing.

The most horrifying aspect of Deering’s story is that everything from the navigation equipment to the lifeboats were completely missing…but when a search team boarded her ship, there was food in the middle of being prepped in the depths of the empty galley.

5. A missing submarine.

Ships aren’t the only thing lost in the Bermuda Triangle! In 1968, the USS Scorpion completely vanished.

The submarine was nuclear powered and operated by the United States Navy. When even the Navy loses something in the Bermuda triangle – there’s no doubt that something ghoulish is lurking beneath those waters. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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