30 Strange, Embarrassing Things Everyone Does But Nobody Wants To Talk About


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1. ununpentium89

Every time I go to a wedding all I can think of is “they’re going to have sex tonight”.

2. madagent

Sniff finger after putting it someplace bad.

3. Hunter88

I don’t know if it’s true, imagining yourselves performing live in front of a huge crowd when listening to songs.

4. DarkLightx19

Everybody changes the story just a tiny bit to make it a better story. Till one day you believe that’s how it happened.

5. IrrationalConsumer

Getting satisfaction from squeezing blackheads or big zits etc.


Hope for some sort of robbery/shoot out during school where you single-handedly beat the antagonist, all in front of your crush who will then fall in love with you.

7. structuralbiology

Going to the bathroom just to wipe.

8. dlhunter

very unfairly judging people at first glance

9. jellyfishin

For the women out there, pulling hair from your butt crack after a shower.

10. TWarn9

I fart myself awake at least once a month.

11. dasboot21

When a door is closing try to quickly squeeze in without touching it, in a Indiana Jones like manner.

12. mrwhite777

Cup your hand against your torso in the shower, let that cup fill with water, then let that shit splash on the floor.

13. fiplefip

Have imaginary conversations where you inexplicably win the argument.

14. SJKim

I think of embarrassing things I have done in my past and make a disgusted facial expression and hope no one saw it.

15. bakedNdelicious

Wish that I would get hit by a car on the way to work. Not enough to kill me or maim me, but to get a couple of weeks off……


Start a song over from the beginning if you mess up the words too badly.

17. KevInHouston

Verbally narrate your life when no one else is around.

18. thedarkknightcrisis

Run up the stairs on all fours like an animal

19. HoldingThunder

Consider what life would be like as the opposite sex. Example: If I was a girl, guys would be buying ME drinks. Etc.

20. thedanyon

Run up the last bit of stairs like something/someone is chasing you. “Not this time, asshole!”

21. Accountthree

Read books and imagine themselves starring in the movie adaptation.

22. b0ynamedcr0

Sniff their underwears to find a fresh pair.

23. dankasaurusflex

Verbally assault inanimate objects.

24. Bearctopused

If you don’t want to wash your hands, you run the water just in case someone is listening

25. ImThatGuy42

When I’m in bed I imagine a love scenario with me and my crush that will never happen.

26. beannet

flick your boogers

27. weavjo

think of something to put on social media then get a crisis of confidence on the funniness or coolness and delete it…

28. Ceretellum

Feeling like an impostor that’s in danger of being ‘found out’ by others (like in my personality and profession)

29. EveryoneElseIsWrong

Pee in the shower.

30. EveryoneElseIsWrong

everyone makes excuses for themselves. if someone else lies, they’re horrible. but if YOU lie it was for a legitimate purpose, etc. TC Mark

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